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How to Break a Skateboard? Just Have Fun with It

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

how to break a skateboard

While all skateboard components are susceptible to damage, the wooden deck is the most prone to snapping. Replacing an old or damaged skateboard deck is one of the most enjoyable aspects of purchasing a new board. That is because your skateboard trucks, wheels, and shoes are all precisely installed when you receive a new deck.

Well, if you are here to have some fun learning how to break a skateboard to welcome a new one soon, read on!

Breaking Your Skateboard

1. Snap It Right in the Middle


Of course, the middle of your deck is the easiest part to break, so we just have to find a step to put it on. Now, turn the board downward, so its deck is facing the ground. You can aim right in the middle of it and jump on, using your whole strength. Think of something that makes you angry. That would do!

Now you crack the piece, and give it some more jumps for the whole deck to break entirely.

You can watch this video to see how to have some fun and stress relieving with breaking your board.

2. Make Some Fun Kickflips and Snap It

Well, before saying goodbye to your skateboard that already serves you right for some time, just have fun with it.

Remember how careful you have to be in using strength when kickflipping? Now, it is time to let it go. Just do some tricks as hard as possible; they will make you feel extra good and free.

Now, as the fun ceases, just put the skateboard down on a flat and hard surface, then jump on it multiple times with strong force.

And voila! It’s broken. I have to laugh out loud seeing this fellow skateboarder enjoying some tricks before breaking his old board:

3. Just Break It Your Way!

The precious skateboard and you already have a good journey together. Now, it is here for you to have some more joy before saying goodbye. Then, just do it your way. Be creative and relieve some stress while you are at it. Here are 25 hilarious ways to snap a skateboard that you might want to try:

What You Need to Know About Skateboard Break


Skateboarders have a reputation for breaking a lot of stuff. The board itself is frequently first on the list. Footwear blows out, and garments rip, leaving many to question if this is normal.

If you are here to avoid breaking your skate, then here are some suggestions and information for you along the way:

Keeping Your Skateboard In Optimal Condition

Moisture can also collect in your bearings. Dust might gather on your board and inside your bearings if you’re in a dry environment. You should also avoid putting it out in the sun. The sun heats the metal pieces and black grip tape, causing them to expand slightly before contracting when the temperature drops and this cycle repeats, wearing down your board faster. Basically, just keep it inside!

Deck Degradation

Your tail will begin to wear out as you ride. The tip will most likely follow suit at some point. The edge of your deck will chip as these locations wear thin and as you crash, bail, or simply lose your board and have it fly across the street into the light pole. It is especially dangerous to the nose and tail.

Splinters on the Board

Be careful to toss out any chips in the deck that aren’t in good shape. Splintered wood should be sanded down, sharp edges should be rounded down, and your tail should not become so thin that it resembles a blade! These can be painful, and they can even cause the board to fracture. The different conditions will eventually lead to a situation where it will become much easier to snap a skateboard.

Your skateboard will wear out as you skate. This is unavoidable. You get a new skateboard that is gleaming and lovely, and then you destroy it. You must replace the pieces that need to be replaced as these disasters occur. It’s usual for a skateboard to have different parts after a few months than when it was first purchased.


As a skateboarder, there are some ways to avoid breaking boards. Suppose you intend to keep it in good condition for a long time. When landing, practice landing with your feet over your trucks and bending your knees fully. The list of suggestions is endless. But what to do when your skateboard can no longer work right?

Then, it is time to have some more fun with the piece before throwing it away. Hopefully, our article shows you how to break a skateboard. Have fun!

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