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How to Change Longboard Bearings? 11 Steps to Remember

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

How to Change Longboard Bearings

Have you noticed a decline in your longboard performance? Well, it may be time to replace your longboard bearings.

When your longboard bearings are dirty or broken off, your riding speed will be affected. Hence, you will not have a great ride and at the same time, it is dangerous for you. In this article, we would like to share the easy steps on how to change longboard bearings.

Why Should You Change Your Longboard Bearings?

Primarily, the bearings of your longboard are responsible for making your board wheels roll. So, if there is something wrong with your bearings, you have to change them immediately.

If your board bearings are worn-off, their performance will slow down. You cannot ride at increased speed anymore even though you push it hard. Changing your longboard bearings can maintain your longboard and lessen friction. This results in a smooth and comfortable ride.

Also, if you do not change your bearings, they may pluck. This will make your wheels fall off and loosen the axle nut. It may pose a danger to you.

How Often Should You Change Your Longboard Bearings?


There are some factors that tell you when you should change your bearings. These include broken bearings, low-quality bearings, and a noticeable decline in your board speed.

On the other hand, if your bearings are of high quality, you may change them once a year or every two years. Also, if you want to upgrade your longboard speed, you must change your bearings.

11 Steps in Changing Longboard Bearings

If you have now decided to change your board bearings, you must know how to do it. Here are the eleven steps in changing longboard bearings.

1. Get a skate tool and new bearings

The materials that you will need for this task are a skate tool and new bearings. Be sure that your longboard bearings are standard and of high quality.

2. Prepare your longboard

Get your longboard and lay it on a stable surface. Turn it upside down so that the board trucks are facing up.

3. Unloosen the axle nut

Remove the nut to which the wheels are attached using the skate tool. Make sure that you are using the appropriate size of the skate tool.

4. Take out the wheels and spacer

Once the nut is unattached, you may take out the wheel and the spacer. You may set aside the spacer in a safe place.

5. Pry the bearings

Get the wheels and pry the bearing out using the small tool known as the Allen/hex key, which is one of the components of a skate tool. Once done, you may do the same on the other wheels. Also, take out the spacer that is in between the bearings and the wheel.

6. Insert the new bearings

Once the old bearings are removed, you may put one of the new bearings inside the wheel. Push it using your fingers or a tool until it is placed properly or it stops on the stopper in the wheel. Do the same process with the other wheel.

7. Return the spacer

Once the bearings are in the wheel already, return the spacer that is in between the bearings. It must be in an upright position.

8. Return the outside spacer and the wheel

Put the external spacer back on the board’s axle. Then, return the wheels. Be sure that they are put back properly.

9. Screw back the axle nut

Using the skate tool, screw and attach the nut on the axle. This will hold the wheel tight and in the proper place.

10. Repeat the process

You may repeat the process from steps 1 to 9 on the other truck. Once done, you may test the wheels.

11. Examine the wheels

Test all four wheels by spinning them. They must move freely. If they do not spin well, adjust the nut. It may be too tight so you must loosen it until the wheels spin freely.

On the other hand, if all the wheels spin well, then you will have a good speed ride.

The Bottom Line

Overall, I suggest that you replace your old bearings with high-quality bearings. And you may change them once a year or every two years. Also, maintain your bearings by cleaning them from time to time or once a month especially if you are always riding. Check your bearings to see if they are worn off.

Replacing and maintaining your bearings will result in greater speed and smooth rides. It will make you safe too. This article on how to change longboard bearings will give you the knowledge to maintain your longboard.

If you have any comments and questions, you may jot them down in the comment box. We are glad to answer all your queries and appreciate your comments.

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