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How to Clean Longboard Wheels and Other Parts

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how to clean longboard wheels

Longboards are a fun and versatile way to get up and down the streets. However, they also require some maintenance to stay in top condition and run smoothly. Knowing how to clean longboard wheels will ensure you have a smooth ride and prevent damage.

If you just got your first longboard, you are probably wondering what you should do to clean it. Longboard parts get dirty quickly and can be easily dinged or damaged by your surroundings while traveling.

To avoid getting your hands dirty, take a towel and rub it from top to bottom. If you don’t have any prior knowledge, fear not. This article will provide you with the details you need to prolong the cleanliness and overall life of your board.

Ways to Clean Longboard Wheels & Bearings

1. Making the Wheels Sparkly Clean


It is really disappointing to watch your beautiful new longboard wheels become smudged and grimy. Regular cleaning is a must to maintain their appearance and keep them looking new.

To clean longboard wheels, you need: A skate tool, wash cloth, dishwashing liquid, bucket, sponge and toothbrush, and cotton cloth or tissue.

Place the wheels on the board, then flip it over, and use a skate tool to remove the wheels carefully. When this has been done, place the wheel on the axle and pull the bearing out.

Use a washcloth to remove any dirt or pebbles caught in the tire.

Pour some dishwashing liquid into a full-sized bucket, then add warm water. Have the wheels in the bucket for 10 to 15 minutes.

Inspect the wheels for looseness and lacerations, and then wash and polish them with the soap and a sponge. In order to clean small areas, a toothbrush is highly recommended.

Cotton fabric or tissue paper can be used to thoroughly dry your wheels.

Next, re-install all the bearings in the wheels. The wheel needs to be pressed down until the bearings are placed securely.

Finally, set your new shining wheels on the longboard. Cleaning longboard wheels is essential to preserving their visual and functional aspects.

2. Maintaining Functional Bearings


Bearings are little spherical metallic objects that are located within each wheel. Your longboard bearings’ reliability and performance are critical for a smooth ride.

If you use your longboard in an area with dust and debris, the bearings can quickly corrode or get blocked by particles. Whenever you ride in the rain or on sandy roads, it is always wise to properly clean your bearings afterwards.

Before you remove the bearing, detach the wheel from the axle. When this has been done, place the wheel on the axle and draw the bearing out.

Often, there will be a cover of plastic or metal placed over the bearings. Make use of a screwdriver to gently remove this bearing cover. Push the screwdriver down and remove the cover out of the bearing.

The next step is to submerge the bearings in a solvent or liquid that loosens oil and grime, such as acetone. You may use acetone and rattle the bearings to remove the dirt.

Then, remove them from the solution and place them on a dry cloth. Use a hairdryer on the bearings to rid them of moisture.

It is critical to apply grease again to the bearings to extend their lifespan. To keep your longboard’s bearings lubricated, use lubricating oil particularly designed for longboard bearings.

Re-secure the bearings in place. The bearing must be tight to prevent dirt and dust from entering it. It is only proper to clean longboard wheels and bearings from time to time.

3. Ensure You Have a Clean Deck

The deck is the most vulnerable part of the longboard and is therefore subject to damage from heating, moisture, and grime. This can reduce its overall performance and even potentially cause it to fracture or shatter.

Always make sure your deck is completely dry when you finish riding and sailing. Ensure your board is protected from dust, humidity, and heat by keeping it indoors and out of the way.

To clean your deck, do the following:

Remove the trucks from the back of your longboard carefully.

Add water and a generous amount of soap to create a soapy mixture. To remove dirt and debris, use a stiff brush and clean the grip tape in a clockwise direction with the washing mixture. You can use a sturdy toothbrush rather than a nylon brush.

Dip a soap-free sponge into a clean cup of water. Use this sponge to clean all residues on your grip tape. To avoid bending and breaking, wipe your board dry when it becomes soaked.

Now, use a clean sponge to wipe the bottom side of the board.

Get rid of all the debris, but do not make the metal components beneath wet.

Dry the whole board with a cotton towel so that there is no moisture left on the board. After drying, store your deck in a dry location for three hours.

Use a wrench to place your trucks back into their respective holes when the longboard’s dry.


Longboards are great because you’ll be able to get around a lot faster on one than by walking or skating. They can also be convenient to store in a car trunk.

However, longboards are also prone to collecting dirt and grime if they’re not regularly cleaned. That is why I have provided you with tips and tricks for proper longboard care.

Fortunately, the process of cleaning a longboard isn’t that difficult, as proven in our guide on how to clean longboard wheels and other parts. You can ride and show off, knowing that you are a great caretaker of your longboard. Riding is fun, but it’s even better when you take good care of your board.

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