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How to Clean Skateboard Trucks? 8 Easy Steps Everyone Can Do

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how to clean skateboard trucks

We all know that well-conditioned components tend to last longer and serve us better. Some parts of skateboards need to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, and one of those is the trucks.

Although we will be talking about how to clean skateboard trucks, the info below is also worth the read if you own longboard trucks, since the cleaning procedure would almost be the same.


What Will You Need


Here are the necessary tools you will need :

  • Screwdriver

You’ll be using this to handle the bolts and nuts on your skateboard. We recommend using a #2 Phillips bit.

  • Slip-joint Pliers

This is a versatile plier because besides managing wires like usual pliers, it can also be used to tighten and loosen nuts.

  • WD-40

You can use this product to help with lubrication, keep corrosion and rust at bay, and clean most surfaces of dirt and grease.

  • Paper towel

Basically, use a paper towel for wiping, cleaning, and touch-ups as we go.

Waxing your board will help reduce friction, so you’ll be able to execute slides and grinds better.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Cleaning Skateboard Trucks


To ensure that your skateboard is safe to use, it is important that you clean and maintain skateboard integrity whenever possible. Having at hand the needed tools, we can now begin the job. The following is the step-by-step procedure:

Step 1: Disassemble Your Skateboard

The skateboard trucks are attached to the deck by eight bolts, so for an effective cleaning procedure, the very first step is to remove these fasteners. Using a screwdriver and pliers, you may begin loosening the nuts.

Remember to unscrew the nuts gently and take note of where you removed every nut and bolt so you can put them back later.

Tip: Put the nuts and bolts in a container to avoid losing them.

Step 2: Separating the Deck and Truck

In this step, adequate force is recommended to separate the truck and the deck effectively. At the same time, note that if too much force is applied, it may cause cracks or dents.

Step 3: Remove Risers (if applicable)

Skateboard trucks usually do have risers, although some don’t. If your trucks are firmly attached to the risers with bolts and nuts, it is necessary to detach them for a thorough cleaning.

Step 4: Remove other parts of the trucks

At this point, remove all the nuts and bolts, the hanger, and the bushings from the trucks. Leave the baseplate on the deck (the baseplate is made of metal and is the top part of the truck).

Step 5: Check for Damage on The Trucks and Clean Them

Check for damages or components that need to be repaired or replaced. Buy new parts for reassembling the trucks later.

If everything seems fine to you, then we are good to go! Spray some WD-40 on a paper towel and use it to remove dirt and grime from the components of your skateboard. This substance functions like a solvent, which is why it has cleaning abilities.

Step 6: Waxing

If you encounter unbearable noise with your skateboard, it’s often due to friction on the pivot cup. The best way to fix the problem is by putting wax in the cup, as it doesn’t only reduce friction but also protects from oxidation.

Step 7: Clean the Axles Again

The axles are commonly the dirtiest of all the components in a skateboard, which is why you should clean them a second time.

Get another piece of paper towel and remove any leftover dust from the axles. They are where your wheels are attached.

Step 8: Final Touch-Ups and Reassembly

Repeat the above steps for the other truck. Once both trucks are cleaned, you can put the parts of the truck back together and on the board. On the trucks, put back the hanger, followed by the kingpin, washers, and bushings. Then, reattach the trucks to the deck with a screwdriver.

Why Should You Maintain Your Skateboard Trucks

We all know how important having clean longboard trucks and well-maintained tools is for our different tasks. It sets us in a good mood and helps us perform well, particularly in our various leisure activities.

Cleaning your skateboard trucks will ensure maneuverability so you can execute those cool tricks with your skateboard. It is essential for you to follow the above steps to keep it in tip-top shape to make that happen.


It won’t take much time to clean your skateboard trucks as long as you follow our steps! They will guarantee the durability of your skateboard and have a significant influence on your whole skating experience.

Cleaning will also help you spot if there is something wrong with the gear, so you will be able to restore skateboard trucks if needed. This doesn’t only apply to regular skateboards but to longboard trucks as well.

We hope that this article helps you know how to clean skateboard trucks. These components are essential, so you really have to be meticulous with them!

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