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How to Display Skateboard Decks? – 3 Amazing Methods

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

how to display skateboard decks

Old or new decks, dented or not, we always have favorites. We love them maybe because they used to work perfectly or because of their shape. Many skateboarders feel so sentimental about these parts that they incorporate them into walls or any display area.

If you are like one of these users, it’s time to learn how to display skateboard decks. In this tutorial, I’ll teach you ways to store your skateboard decks aesthetically. That way, old decks won’t end up on garbage trucks or where dust resides.

What You Need


Before we head to our toolboxes or stores, let me emphasize that we’ll be doing three different methods to display skateboard on wall.

Method No. 1 – Hole-less wall

  • Plastic hooks

Some users don’t want to drill nails on their walls for possible deck relocation. In this case, the best tool to use to mount the skateboard will be a set of wall-mount hooks.

Note that these adhesive mounts come in various weight capacities. So, try to look for a pair of hook and adhesive tape that can load as much as 5lbs.

  • Fishing line

We are going to do this tutorial with the skateboard truck-less. That means we’ll need a fishing line to tie the deck from the bolt holes and hang it on the hook.

This tool is known for sustaining tension for a long time. For skateboards, you can have one as thick as 0.25mm.

Method No. 2 – Using a wall-mount

  • Screw and anchor

To apply this method, we’ll need to mount the skateboard with the help of some hardware like screws and anchors.

It’s ideal to have the screws at least 4″ in length to ensure it holds well inside the wall and is sufficient to carry the skateboard.

  • Power drill

Using a power drill is the most accurate way to put a hole in the wall. It also frees you from tiring manual drilling. However, if you don’t have this tool, you can also opt for other methods.

Method No. 3 – Using a screw and rope

  • Screw

Like the previous method, we’ll also need a piece of screw that will pierce through the wall and leave enough length to knot the rope.

Besides the length, the screw also needs to be thick enough to ensure the skateboard hangs firmly.

  • Rope

Specifically, we can use a 0.64cm-diameter rope. It can’t be too thick since we will route it into the bolt holes. Also, on average, you can cut this rope into 25″ lengths, depending on the number of decks you want to hang.

General Requirements

We need the appropriate measuring and cutting tools to ensure we’re using our resources well.

Find a ruler, scissors, and markers. You also have to prepare some hardware like screwdrivers and pliers.

Steps to Mount Skateboard to Wall


The most space-efficient way to create a skateboard display is by hanging it on the wall. Follow the steps for each method I shared.

Hole-less skateboard deck wall mount

  • Step 1: Cleaning the wall

Start by cleaning the wall to ensure that the adhesive hooks mount well against it. In this step, we can use some rubbing alcohol and a piece of clean cloth.

Pour an ample amount of the substance into the fabric and rub it against your desired location. Once done, let the wall dry and proceed to the next step.

  • Step 2: Installing the plastic hook

If you bought a separate adhesive with a better weight capacity, start mounting it to your desired location.

Next, pull off the adhesive tape on the plastic hook you bought. Stick it against the newly-installed adhesive tape and let it sit for around an hour.

  • Step 3: Hanging the skateboard

Cut a 12-inch fishing line to ensure the deck doesn’t get too tight against the hook. Next, remove the trucks to expose the mounting holes. Then, feed one end of the line through one hole. Do the same to the other end.

Tie both ends together and hang the deck as soon as the wall-mount hooks finish curing.

Using a Wall-mount

  • Step 1: Drilling holes in the wall

The best way to execute this step is by plotting the holes you need to drill.

First, place the deck vertically against your desired location on the wall. Grab your pen or marker and mark the wall part aligning with the two outer bolt holes on the deck.

Next, do the same for the outer bolt holes of the deck’s other end. Then, you can drill the four points you marked and insert their anchors.

  • Step 2: Fixing the deck on the wall

After inserting the anchors, start fixing the skateboard deck from the top.

Align the bolt holes with your drill marks. Insert one screw, but don’t tighten it yet. Wait until you plot all the four screws and tighten them all using your screwdriver.

Using a screw and rope

  • Step 1: Drilling a hole

Unlike the previous skateboard wall display method, we’ll only need to drill one hole for the screw. What’s better is we have more freedom regarding where to put it.

But remember, this hole will serve as the middle point of the skateboard deck display. So, provide enough space per deck should you want to wall-mount two or more boards.

After drilling the hole, fix the screw firmly.

  • Step 2: Hanging the skateboard deck

For a more precise illustration, we’ll label the nose of the deck as Side A and the tail as side B.

With your skateboard horizontally placed, put one end of the 25-inch rope through one side A outer bolt hole. Route it down to the parallel bolt hole (still on the same side) and pull it out.

Repeat the same process on the other pair of outer bolt holes. Knot the middle portion of the rope and hang it on the screw fixed on the wall.


There are several ways to display skate decks. And what’s good about them is that they can exempt us from drilling too many holes or damaging our walls.

Now that you know how to display skateboard decks, it’s time to give your old skateboards the appreciation they deserve after service. Remember to be creative and precise with your measurements to ensure quality outcomes.

How do you find this tutorial? Share with us what you think in the comments section.

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