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How to Get a Free Skateboard? – 5 Ways Not Everybody Knows!

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how to get a free skateboard

Can’t get enough of skateboards? For sure, you’ve wanted to get some upgrades for your board, but unfortunately, you currently don’t have the means to do so. Worry less! In this article, we will be giving you tips on how to get a free skateboard through various possible sources.

May it be online, sponsorships, or even by simply taking pictures or videos of yourself while you are rolling. We can’t guarantee that you’ll get an entire board or even a few parts, but it sure is worth a try. Ready? Let’s go scouting for skateboarding!


What Will You Need?


In this article, for you to have a free skateboard, the means are in your hand. Everything now runs on the internet, so you’ll need to stay in touch with your social media accounts and other streams on websites and the latest updates on many platforms. Here’s what you need to acquire a free skateboard in various ways:

1. Skateboard and Gears

A board has two small wheels mounted to the bottom of each end. A person may ride in a crouching or standing posture, moving oneself by sometimes putting one foot against the ground. A set of skateboard gear such as a helmet and pads will surely help you protect yourself. It will be helpful for you to join some contests.

2. Gadgets

Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, and Computers, among those, help keep you updated with the latest stream. These platforms feed your following accounts on social media and various websites that offer a free skateboard. Also, stay in touch with your co-skaters for the latest updates near your neighborhood.

Ways to Get a Free Skateboard


Now that we have everything we will need at hand, we can start our skateboard quest! Here are six (6) ways to get free skateboarding stuff. You can try them whenever or however order you like.

1. Freecycle Groups: look for used skateboards.

Look for an active Freecycle organization. Members of these groups offer skateboards for free and other goods. They could also help you scout for certain parts you might be looking for. Joining a good community is the key!

2. Social Media Giveaways

Stay updated! Are you eyeing a brand in particular? Go check out their social media pages for skateboarding giveaways. We suggest following their Instagram accounts because it is a very dynamic platform, as we all know.

To widen your coverage, follow their Twitter account and update new posts on their Facebook page. Enter free skateboard giveaways! There’s nothing to lose anyway.

3. Sponsorship

In sports, securing sponsorships is an important priority, and it also applies to skateboarding.

Though non-professional skateboarders don’t get compensated for making appearances or winning cash prizes, instead, they receive perks such as travel, contest fees, or other reimbursements by the company.

Showcase your talent! Just like what we said, having a good community will help you build a strong support system in this career.

You can practice independently or with your newfound people to enhance your skateboarding abilities. Make videos! These will help you catch the attention of companies you are eyeing.

Tip: Wear shirts that have a business logo of a skateboarding brand. You’ll surely stand out.

4. Contests

Just like our last tip, showcase your talent in skateboarding! After strenuous practice, you surely want to exhibit those skills in a contest. Joining these is one of the easiest methods to get a skateboard for free or gears.

Don’t forget to sign up early for competitions without an entrance fee. Although not all contests promise certain cash prizes, some give away goodies upon admission. Better than nothing, right?

If Lady Luck smiled upon you, or simply your efforts paid off, winning these contests will undoubtedly give you exposure and valuable experience.

Winning a free skateboard is possible, but the prizes still vary on the different winning tiers. Anyhow, you can utilize your earnings so you can purchase other stuff you have in mind.

5. Local Garage or Backyard Sales in Your Neighborhood

This is where you’ll do most of our scout skateboarding. If you don’t mind asking for some hand-me-downs from friends and relatives or going to a garage sale around your neighborhood, then what are the chances? You might be surprised you have already found yourself on the board or the part you are looking for!

Tight Budget? Don’t Quit Skateboarding.

Beginning skateboarders face several setbacks before they can ride down the street or even do a simple trick.

When one accepts and gives time to the process of learning, progress is achieved, and the realization that failing isn’t as bad as not trying at all occurs. Skateboarding teaches us long-term life skills like responsibility.

You should always have room for self-improvement and problem-solving abilities, all of which are critical foundations for building our own personal strength.

The time will come; using those methods eventually, you’ll be able to get free skateboard decks or a complete set of skateboards without having to spend much money. Listed above are the basics you’ll need to understand.

Suppose you want to have in-depth knowledge about it. In that case, you may require further research and inquiries with your friends or co-skaters to have the latest updates on giveaways, contests, and sponsorship.

There are a lot of things ahead in your career on skateboarding; it has beneficial effects on you eventually. So, don’t give up. If there’s a will, then there’s a way.


Safety is still our priority, especially in a sport like skateboarding. Although high-quality skateboards are pricey and are mostly the number one choice if we are talking safety, they don’t always have to be new.

The level of your performance lies primarily with your skills. You can still find secondhand items that are still good to use! Keep in mind to check them first for possible repairs or if they are still decent.

We hope this article helped you about how to get a free skateboard or parts for it. Don’t be afraid to follow the tips above! It might be worth a try.

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