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How to Get Bearings Out of Skateboard Wheels?

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How to Get Bearings Out of Skateboard Wheels

Do you want to clean the bearings of your wheels, fix, or replace them, but don’t know how? Well, dirty or broken bearings can indeed affect your skateboard ride. Removing them from your wheels requires some techniques but it is not very hard.

To help you learn how to get bearings out of skateboard wheels, we have rounded up some steps below for you to get it done easily and fast. We also provide some information on why it is important to clean, fix, or replace your bearings.


Why Do You Need to Clean, Fix, Or Replace the Bearings?

So, how do bearings function in your board wheels? Primarily, the bearings make your wheels move or roll. A board wheel has two bearings so there are a total of eight bearings for the four wheels of your skateboard.

These bearings can get dirty and you need to clean them. Or the bearings do not spin much. These may get mud, dust, or dirt as they go on rolling on the roads. In these cases, you need to take off the bearings of the wheels and clean, fix, or replace them.

It is important to clean and fix your wheel because if you don’t, your skateboard wheels will not roll properly. Thus, you will not enjoy your skateboarding.

It is advisable that you do your bearing maintenance once a month. Or if you think you’re not having a good ride then check your bearings right away.

What You Need in Removing the Wheel Bearings


Some skateboard shops have special tools to remove bearings. On the other hand, if you want to do this task by yourself, you will need your own stuff.

To get this job done easily you will need tools that can remove the wheel bearings. These include the skate tool, wrenches or a set of screwdrivers. Then, there are just techniques that you can apply. You may read further below to know the steps in removing the wheel bearings.

How to Remove the Bearings Out of Skateboard Wheels

1. Get a wrench to remove the nuts and washer

Using the socket wrench, remove first the nuts on your board wheel. Set aside the nuts including the washer carefully. Do not lose them or else you cannot reinstall the wheels properly and are obliged to buy new ones.

Also, you may soak the nut and washer in a solvent for five minutes to remove the grease. Then, dry them with soft cloth or paper towels.

2. Remove the skateboard wheel

Once you remove the nuts and washer, you may remove the wheel. You can see the bearings on both the top and bottom side of the wheel.

3. Place the skateboard wheel on the tip of the axle of the truck

Hook the wheel on the axle of the truck. But, just slightly hook it. The tip of the axle must touch the board bearing and not the board wheels.

4. Gently pry the board wheel

Once the tip of the axle touches the bearing, you gently pry or extract the wheel slowly at a downward angle. Do not pry hard or you may disfigure the bearing or harm the shield of the bearing. Once extracted slowly, the bearing will then pop out. Turn on the other side and do the process again till the other bearing pops out.

5. Repeat the steps with the other bearings

You may do the same steps for the other 6 bearings in the remaining 3 wheels. Keep in mind to be careful when removing the bearings.

6. Clean, fix, or replace the bearings

As you remove the wheels from the truck you may set them aside for cleaning. Also, scrutinize your bearings, if they are dirty or have accumulated dust, you may clean them.

Or if you see the bearings damage you may fix or replace them. Once done, you may return or install the bearings on the wheels.

For a quick and easy demonstration on how to remove bearings on the board wheels, you may watch the video below:

The Bottom Line

The bearings of your skateboard wheels are responsible for providing you with a good ride. Hopefully, you maintain your bearings from time to time. Hence, you must know how to install and how to get bearings out of skateboard wheels. Simply, follow the steps above and you are ready to roll anytime.

If you have a difficult time removing the bearings from the board wheels, you may go to a skateboard shop and ask them to remove the bearings for you. But, I’m pretty certain you will get it done; just try it again.

Feel free to jot down your suggestions in the comment section below. If you have any questions, we are glad to reply to them. To a wonderful skateboarding experience!

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