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How to Measure Skateboard Trucks? Step by Step Guide

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

Have you seen skateboard trucks bulging out from the board and looking awkward? Well, this could be the result of not choosing the appropriate size of skateboard trucks.

How to Measure Skateboard Trucks

The size of your skateboard trucks matters because choosing the wrong size can ruin your ride. Besides, it does not look right.

To help you measure the trucks accurately, you may read the steps below on how to measure skateboard trucks. Meanwhile, let’s begin first with the size of width and height of your skateboard trucks that you need.


Knowing the Size You Need

The following are the factors that you need to consider in measuring skateboard trucks.

1. Width

The trucks must be proportioned to the width of the deck. As much as possible, the trucks must not be bigger than the size of the deck.

If the truck is bigger than the width of the deck, the core of gravity will move to the side of the deck and will cause lopsidedness and imbalance. If the trucks are too narrow then you will not see your wheels and your ride might be affected.

To give you an idea, here are some of the recommendations of experts:

  • An axle width or the outer width of the truck of around 194mm may fit a deck’s width size of 7.5” to 7.75”.
  • An axle width of 203mm may fit the 7.875” to 8.125” size of a deck
  • An axle width of 209mm may fit the 8.125” to 8.375” size of a deck
  • An axle width of 216 mm may fit the 8.375” to 8.625” size of a deck
  • An axle width of 222mm may fit the 8.625” to 8.875” size of a deck
  • An axle width of 232mm may fit the 9” to 9.25” size of a deck
  • An axle width of 254mm may fit the 9.75” to 10.25” size of a deck

2. Height

The height of the skateboard trucks may be low, medium, or high. The low trucks have a height that ranges from 46mm to 49mm. Meanwhile, mid trucks are about 50 to 53mm. And high trucks are around 53.5 mm to 58m.

If you want to do more kickflips then you may choose low trucks with small wheels. Meanwhile, if you want to ride at greater speed and cruise often you must choose big wheels with high trucks.

Measuring Skateboard Trucks in Easy Steps


Now, after knowing the size that you need, you must ensure the correct size of your skateboard trucks by measuring them accurately. To help you out you may check out the following easy steps in measuring your trucks.

1. Get a ruler or a measuring tape

You will be needing a ruler and measuring tape to get the appropriate size of your trucks. Using any of these tools will provide you with an accurate measurement.

2. Measure the length of the skateboard truck

You may begin by measuring the length of the truck using a ruler or measuring tape. Typically, a lightweight 5.0 truck is about seven and a half inches.

3. Flip your board and put the truck on the deck

Get your skateboard and put the truck on the skateboard deck. Lay them side by side horizontally and determine if the truck fits on the width of your deck. You must put the truck at the center of the deck.

It must not be too narrow or wide compared with the width of the board. Also, you may project the truck vertically and check if the truck is in proportion to the size of the board.

4. Place the wheels on the truck

Put the wheels on the truck and check if the truck is too wide or narrow. Viewing on top, if you see the wheels then the truck might be too wide.

Consider the recommended size of truck for a certain size of deck as mentioned above. To make it more accurate, measure the width of your deck. For example, if the width of your deck is 8.125 inches, then you must have at least a truck with an axle width that measures around 203 mm.

5. Consider the truck height

After measuring the width of the truck, determine your truck’s height preference. These could be low, medium, and high heights. If you choose a low truck height, then you can flip more easily as it is for technical flat ground skating.

Meanwhile, the medium truck height is appropriate for streets, bowls/ramps, and parks, though it’s not excellent for any of these. Your wheels for medium trucks are about 53 mm to 56mm.

If you want to do more carving and cruising, then you must choose the high trucks. This is also best for bowls, ramps, and transitions.

Likewise, you must measure the height of your truck using a ruler or measuring tape. Or you may simply look at the brand’s specifications.

6. Measure the other truck

After measuring the first truck, you must also gauge the second truck. They must be of the same length and height. Or else, they will create an imbalance.


Choosing the right and proper size of your skateboard truck is very important and necessary. Keep in mind that it must be right with the size of the deck, although, some riders don’t mind if their trucks and deck do not match perfectly.

For them, using a narrow truck can enhance their flip speed. And wider trucks offer ride stability. On the other hand, in general, you still must match your trucks and deck for the best ride. Hopefully, the above steps on how to measure skateboard trucks can be of help to you.

If you have any opinions or suggestions, you may write them in the comment box. We appreciate them and would like to reply to your queries. To an exciting skateboard ride!

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