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How to Power Slide on a Skateboard: The Absolute Easiest Way

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how to power slide on a skateboard

Riding a skateboard is never a dull moment. You can do it to keep yourself physically fit, for commuting, and going on summer-long adventures with your friends. What makes skateboarding consistently exciting is mastering more tricks along your journey.

So, let me teach you how to power slide on a skateboard to equip you better as you practice more skateboarding tricks.

Take note of the following fundamentals to keep yourself guided throughout.

  • Proper foot positioning
  • Obtaining enough speed
  • Turning your front foot on the skateboard followed by your back foot
  • Power sliding on the skateboard


What You Will Need


Before you hit the road and do a skateboard powerslide, you have to accomplish these things to ensure your safety and growth along the process.

1. Safety gears

For every extreme sport you do, there will always be a safety checklist that includes a complete set of safety gears. One of these pieces of equipment is a helmet. Your head is one of the most fragile parts of your body, and using a helmet will protect you from the effects of high impact.

Another skateboarding accessory you should also wear is a pair of wrist guards. By instinct, skateboarders will initially use their hands when falling on a skateboard. These hand protectors will not only prevent cuts on your palm but will also help you land on your hands more comfortably.

To complete your safety tools, be sure to have elbow and knee supports. Your elbows and knees have ligaments you need to protect in skateboard accidents. And to help yourself, it’s best to wear these elbow and knee gears to reduce the risk of injury to your arms and legs.

2. Your skateboard

Most skateboarders commit mistakes in this aspect. When learning the skating powerslide skill, you also have to consider the quality of your skateboard.

A good quality powerslide skateboard has quality trucks. The best skateboard trucks usually come with aluminum alloy for better maneuverability and durability. Before riding your skateboard, your trucks should be at an ideal tightness suited for your purpose.

Your wheels will also be a factor in skateboard power sliding since you will have to put more pressure on them. Soft wheels grab the ground better than hard wheels, but harder wheels will make sliding easier due to their lower traction.

Power sliding is like playing with gravity as well. Thus, make sure your deck has quality grip tapes that can support you when leaning in any direction.

3. A plane wide open space

Your first few attempts to power slide can drag you in any direction. Thus, you should secure enough space around you should you accidentally slide in the wrong direction.

The best venue for practicing skateboard power sliding is an open space, like a vacant parking lot. Most parking lots have asphalt layers on top. This material makes riding smoother and is even safer because of its high skid resistance.

You can also opt for a long street with fewer cars passing by.

Before perfecting the skateboarding powerslide, you should also be able to obtain enough speed.

Step-by-Step Instructions


You must be excited by now to try a skill as challenging as skateboard power sliding. Thus, keep these steps in mind to make sure you are doing the entire trick correctly.

Step 1. Know where to start

If you are on a long street, you should start pushing from a point that will give you enough space to increase speed. That means you have to begin at the sides and try to go where trajectory could be at its longest. Momentum will be vital in skateboard power sliding since it will keep you moving once you lift your back foot to the deck.

Step 2. Proper foot positioning

Start with your front foot. Take note that your front foot need not necessarily be your right. You can try to position both feet and decide which one makes you more comfortable.

Your shoe’s tip should be somewhere near the bolts of the front trucks. Make sure your foot points towards the direction of your skateboard’s nose. That way, it will be easy for you to control the skateboard once you begin pushing it. Your back foot should be on the ground near the rear trucks of the board.

Step 3. Pushing your skateboard

Begin to push your skateboard in a straight direction. Remain consistent and try to build up some speed. Be sure you give enough force on your back foot when kicking. Also, refrain from leaning too forward as it may cause you to stumble over.

A pro tip: pushing on a skateboard requires efficient timing to maintain speed.

Step 4. Putting your back foot up

As soon as you feel like your skateboard’s going to run a little longer without you pushing it, it’s time to place your back foot up. To do this, rotate your front foot’s heel outwards at a 90° angle. That means you rotate counterclockwise when using your right heel.

Simultaneously, place your back foot on top of your deck. Be sure your feet arch face each other on the board. Both of your feet should be perpendicular to the length of the skateboard.

Step 5. Power sliding

By this part, your body is already facing either side of the board and perpendicular to its direction. Using your back foot, drag the back portion of the skateboard forward to a 90° angle. It’s like pivoting on your skateboard, only that you should rotate enough to let your body face your board’s direction.

A pro tip: bend your knees a bit when power sliding on a skateboard. Shift some of your weight back, and the trucks will flex a bit behind. This step will keep you from falling off the board due to a sudden loss of momentum.

Pro tips

  • Power sliding can be a mode of braking or transition. Stopping after a skateboard power slide does not mean you failed on this skill. You can either go for a brake or revert your rotation and push your skateboard again.
  • Bring a T-tool with you. This will help you make adjustments should you feel uncomfortable about your wheels’ and trucks’ tightness.


Did you enjoy this article? A skateboarder’s dream is to ride a skateboard no matter the location. With some challenging tricks, skateboarding can be everyone’s ultimate hobby. Learning how to power slide on a skateboard is only one of the many tricks you can master.

Thus, always consider the things we discussed, and be sure to prioritize your safety above all. Enjoy more new skills and be the best skateboarder you can be.

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