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How to Pump on a Skateboard – The Simple, Quick and Easy Way

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

how to pump on a skateboard

A skateboarder’s journey does not end on knowing how to turn or drop in on a skateboard. If you have witnessed skateboarding tournaments, the best riders who end up victorious are the ones who perform skateboarding fundamentals perfectly.

One way to perform safe and flawless skateboard tricks is through learning how to pump on a skateboard.

Consider the following steps below as I open a more detailed discussion for the rest of this article.

  • Drop-in on your skateboard
  • Aim for the other side of the bowl ramp
  • Pump your legs upon riding on the ramps
  • Experience increasing speed

What You Will Need


Pumping skateboard is a progress marker for you. Thus, be sure to complete the list below to make your execution perfect.

Your skateboard

Performing more complicated skateboarding tricks entails using a skateboard designed for these. That means you have to consider its durability, flexibility, and capacity to withstand rapidly changing motions.

The best skateboard for pumping usually comes with 8-9 layers of Canadian maple deck wood, aluminum alloy trucks, and smooth PU wheels. Scratch-proof grip tapes will also keep you from falling off your skateboard, especially when riding a ramp.

You need not necessarily buy a new skateboard kit, but it’s best to check your skateboard to know if it needs repairs or part replacements.

Complete safety gears

The more you do skateboard tricks, the better your protection should be. A complete set of safety gears consists of a helmet, elbow support, a wrist guard, and a pair of knee support. Using shatterproof glasses is optional.

These pieces of body equipment are not mere accessories. By having these, you protect yourself from possible injuries, cuts, and other potential casualties. This set of armor also makes you more confident and resilient should you encounter mishaps during your rides.

A bowl-type skateboarding ramp

Pumping on a skateboard is not a one-time execution. You would have to do it over and over again to master it. Eventually, learning the related tricks will be easier since you already feel comfortable pumping on a skateboard.

A pro tip: find a skateboard park that’s not only convenient but also has a bowl-type ramp that’s not too steep. That way, it will not be too hard for you to gain momentum once you start pumping. Also, ensure that the middle part of the bowl is never too spacious so that you can maintain enough speed before reaching each ramp side.

Steps to Pump on a Skateboard


Now it’s time to do the actual skateboard pumping. Be sure to follow the steps below, and you’ll have flawless executions by then.

Step 1: Drop in on your skateboard


The best way to start your pumping practice is by starting with enough downward momentum. Dropping in on a skateboard is the easiest way to store energy enough to let you glide up to the ramp on the other side of the bowl.

To do this, step on the tail of your skateboard at the ramp edge with the board wheels hanging. Press on the front bolts of your skateboard using your front foot.

Step 2: Gliding


As soon as you drop in on your skateboard, aim for your core. Keep a sideward-oriented body when going for the ramp parallel with your board’s direction.

Maintain your balance by leaning a bit towards your direction enough to keep you steady on the board. Let your drop-in momentum do the work by reaching for the ramp next to you. Be sure you don’t end up being thrown off by the board.

Step 3: Pumping


Timing plays a significant role in this part. As soon as your skateboard reaches its highest point on the opposing ramp, bend your knees. Push the skateboard down and unbend your knees again. You will begin to gain some speed as you get down the ramp reaching for the other one.

Remember the bend-and-push routine and be sensitive when your board strikes its highest point on the ramp every time.

Step 4: Head in the middle

Like dropping in on a skateboard, you also have to do some leaning positions for pumping. The trick is, aim for the middle part of the bowl using your upper body every time you get up each ramp. That means you cannot keep a stiff body, whether going up or down the ramp.

So, if you’re heading up on your right side, you should lean sideways to your left. Make sure not to overdo this step. Otherwise, you’ll fall off the board. Also, maintain your balance when riding the middle part of the bowl.

Step 5: Stopping the momentum

You cannot jump off your skateboard if the speed is getting dangerous for you. To slow down your skateboard when pumping, stop pushing your skateboard down. Keep your knees compressed, and your momentum will begin to subside.

Maintain the appropriate leaning positions even when slowing down on your skateboard.

Pro tips

  • Remain patient throughout the learning process. It’s not only for fun that you do skateboard pumping but also for upskilling. Thus, make every practice your learning curve.
  • Aim for a straight path every time. This step will make the acceleration process easier for you.
  • Deal more with proper timing because it will be a factor for your speed gain.


Did you enjoy this tutorial? Knowing how to pump on a skateboard is a milestone for all skateboarders. Whether for commuting, racing, or tricks, pumping on a skateboard is an essential aspect of skateboarding. Thus, keep the things I have shared with you to keep you guided throughout your skateboard pumping practice.

Always look after your safety and enjoy the whole process. Did you like reading this article? Don’t hesitate to share with us what you think.

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