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How to Revert Skateboard Properly for Complete Beginners?

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how to revert skateboard

The best thing to do after mastering a skateboarding skill is to learn a new one. Learning skateboarding tricks does not only create a competitive advantage. It’s also a defensive approach in case of danger on the road.

And since reverting is a popular trick among skateboarders, let me show you how to revert skateboard.

Below are the fundamental steps to reverting a skateboard.

  • Position your feet apart comfortably
  • Rotate your shoulders towards your desired direction
  • Complete the rotation using your hips with your shoulders counter-rotating

Keep reading this article as we dig into further details.


What You Will Need


Right before getting on the road and practicing skateboard reverting, let me remind you of the things you should have by now.

Your skateboard

Let me emphasize the skateboard’s physical aspects that matter the most with this trick. Since you are dragging a skateboard through its wheels, make sure you have a set of wide wheels. Not only should these rollers be wide but also durable. Wheel sizes of around 60mm will help you feel more stable during the pivoting process.

Your skateboard trucks will also matter when reverting. Be sure to adjust them right in between the tightest and most loose. An overly loosened or fixed set of trucks imposes danger.

Lastly, your deck should be as light but durable as possible. You don’t want to miss reverting because your deck cracked or is not flexible enough. You can always choose a thick deck but make sure it’s not too heavy to drag.

Safety equipment

A set of safety gear helps you do any skateboarding trick with confidence. But having these body accessories may not be enough. Make sure these pieces of equipment are as durable as your skateboard’s parts.

Another skateboarding safety tool needing emphasis is your grip tape. Some skateboard grip tapes do not have enough grit to hold the rider, causing him to lose some balance at times. The best grip tapes are scratch-proof and are not easily tampered with.

You might also consider preparing a pair of shoes fit for skateboarding. And while there is no specific shoe brand or model skateboarders prefer, what matters the most is the comfort and capacity to hold onto your board’s deck.

A silent skateboarding area

You need not practice reverting at places where many cars pass by. Try to find a road that’s far from busy. That way, you will be safe from vehicles roaming around.

A skateboarding park will always be an open avenue for practicing skateboard tricks. But the best place to practice reverting is on the street, where you will be doing more commuting. If you master reverting, you won’t be tired of pushing your skateboard.

Guide on Reverting Skateboard


Some users on Reddit have shared how they managed to revert on a skateboard. Let’s take a look at the detailed procedures below.

Step 1: Position your feet

Suppose you are gliding on your skateboard now. Your front foot should be right before the part where the nose of the board rises. Your other foot should be on the opposing pocket of the skateboard, where the tail begins to elevate.


You need to create enough space between your feet to be ready when you do pivot. This process keeps your feet from making contact with each other when reverting and also lets you control the board more conveniently.

Step 2: Move your shoulders first.

While facing a direction perpendicular to your board’s trajectory, open your arms wide. Rotate your shoulders in the direction you want. Be sure you get enough momentum before following with your hips and completing the reverting process.


A pro tip: try to bend your knees a bit. This step will help you establish your core and control the board better.

Step 3: Follow with your hips.

Rotate your hips in the direction of your shoulders. Drag the back part of your skateboard simultaneously using your back foot. Be careful that you do not fall out of balance while performing this step. Now you have the rear wheels moving to the front as your hips twist following your shoulders’ first rotation.


By this part, you should notice your back foot pivoting around your front foot. Thus, try to keep your initial front foot as stable as possible.

Step 4: Complete the reverting process.

As soon as you move your hips towards your shoulders’ initial rotation, counter-rotate your shoulders. This step completes the reverting process, and you will begin to notice the change in your direction if you revert above or below 180°.

Make sure to let the skateboard move a few meters before pushing it again. This aspect is to ensure you are heading in the direction you want.

Pro tips

  • Try to practice pivoting on a slippery surface. This step will help you obtain balance once you revert.
  • Avoid looking down when reverting since you are increasing your chances of falling off your board.
  • Try to keep your arms open because they will also help you balance on your skateboard.


Are you having fun with this tutorial? Master how to revert skateboard and make your rides easier. This trick could be hard during your first few tries, but with proper execution of the fundamentals, you will be able to overcome it. Always consider the things I have shared with you and experience convenient and less draining rides ahead.

Also, never forget your safety as well as your board’s. That way, you can prepare to learn more new tricks soon. Did you like this article? Drop your thoughts in the comments section.

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