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How to Skateboard Uphill With These 4 Great Methods

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how to skateboard uphill

Skateboarders often enjoy cruising on flatlands and smooth surfaces. But there are other skateboarders who find thrills and excitement in skating uphill or downhill.

Can you skate uphill? Yes, definitely you can. There are several steps and guidelines that you need to know and follow before you will be able to do s0. These guidelines are crucial because they will determine your skills and strengths as a skateboarder.

Here is how to skateboard uphill.


What You Need

Before skating, wear protective gear like a helmet, knee pads, arm pads, and wrist pads. They will protect you from severe injuries.

How to Skate Uphill?


You can skateboard uphill with the Pushing, Pumping, Skogging, and Switch Pushing methods. These methods were used depending on the uphill type you are facing, the kind of skateboard setup you have, and the skills you possess as a skateboarder.

1. Pushing Uphill

Pushing uphill is the most common method that every skateboarder uses to climb uphill. Just like skating on a flat surface, you kick-push the deck to move forward.

This method is only recommended when you practice skating on a small uphill section.

The higher the hill, the harder it gets to climb up, so physical strength and stamina will be needed. This skating uphill technique is best for beginners, while the next technique is recommended for more experienced and physically fit skateboarders.

2. Pumping Uphill

Pumping is another method used in longboarding uphill and so far is the best method as well. This perfect technique makes use of a zigzag pattern that can create stable momentum.

In this method, you put more weight on the front trucks of your board and do shorter or more powerful rotations.

The pumping method is by far the easiest way to cover more height with less effort. Pumping may require you to exert more energy, but it will also provide you with better power and control over your ride.

It may take you some time to be able to learn and master this method, but once you are able to do so, it will make your uphill experience great and with so much ease. The pumping method provides you with an intense full-body workout.

  • In tight quick pumps, you make short pumps and tight carves with your hips. A short pump may be better than a powerful pump on very steep surfaces, as the latter can cause riders to lose speed. With your front foot above the bolt, you can try doing short quick pumps.
  • In deep and powerful pumps and carves, you forcefully put the nose of your board in after every carve you make and at the same time, drag in your front foot while pushing the back foot outwards.

3. Skogging Uphill

Skogging is the term used for pushing alternately with both feet. This is a substitute technique for pushing uphill.

There are two ways that you can apply skogging while skateboarding uphill.

  • The first technique is the normal push wherein you kick with your back foot while your front foot is on the deck.
  • The second technique is the mongo-push wherein you kick using your front foot while your back foot is on the deck.

If you are able to master these two techniques, they will allow you to longboard uphill with the endurance and strength that you need.

4. Switch Pushing Uphill

Switch pushing involves stance switching. You do the stance switching by going to a goofy stance from a regular stance and vice versa. A goofy stance is when your right foot is in front while a regular stance is when your left foot is in front.

This method will require you to engage more muscles and requires a lot of practice to execute.

As you are forced to place your weight better using this method, it is also a form of good workout and exercise for skateboarders. As you switch your legs while going uphill, you learn to balance with the weak and less natural side of your leg.

If you do not feel like doing any of the methods discussed above, you can just jump off your board and do walking uphill. It will be a lot faster, and will not require any skateboarding skills. However, walking won’t allow you to develop the skills you will need in the future.

Important Tips


Arm Motion

Mastering arm motions will be an advantage while you do your skating in an uphill area. It will not only maintain your balance but will also allow you to take full control of your board and accelerate a little faster. Circling the back arm or making a shadow boxing motion is beneficial.

While Skating Uphill

  • Observe proper skateboarding etiquette (skate to the right and let people in front know before you move past them).
  • Be careful with your speed and control.
  • Check your board’s condition before doing uphill skating.


How to skateboard uphill? You can choose from the four methods mentioned above–pushing, pumping, skogging, or switch pushing. But always remember that the technique you will follow should depend on the type of hill you are facing and your skills as a skateboarder.

The pushing method is for beginners and smaller hills while pumping is for more stamina-driven skaters and steeper hills. All these methods require practice, so master them first to avoid any accidents that may cause you serious injuries.

What is your uphill skating technique? We’d love to hear from you. Comment down below and share your thoughts.

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