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How to Slow Down on a Skateboard? 5 Incredible Ways!

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How to Slow Down on a Skateboard

The rolling of skateboards tends to speed up hastily sometimes whether you are skating down the hill, on a flat surface, or even on windy days. Hence, as a skater, especially a beginner, you must know how to slow down your skateboard to prevent falls or severe injuries.

So, how can you control the speed of your board? In line with our goal to provide you information about skateboarding, we would like to share some of the ways on how to slow down on a skateboard.


Things You Need to Know About the Speed of Skateboarding


The way you push will tell your skateboard speed (more details on how to push on a skateboard here). Having a strong pushing skill can also increase the speed of your board. On the other hand, if you are adept at balancing and know the techniques to slow down or stop your skateboard you will be in safe mode. You are going to enjoy your ride with your board as well.

The average speed of the skateboard is about 9 miles per hour (mph). And the typical skateboarder speed is around 5 to 12 mph. The skilled skateboarder’s speed could go at an average of 7 to 8 mph on 1 to 2 miles trips on flat terrain. If you go beyond these average speeds, indeed you are already in fast mode.

What are the things that affect the speed of your skateboard? Besides your pushing skills, other things can affect the speed of your board. These include the surface you ride on and the wheels of your skateboard.

Your average speed will tend to slow down as you ride on urban sidewalks, around cracks, bumps, or holes. Bad roads, stairs, and curbs can also slow down your board speed.

Meanwhile, boards with bigger wheels can roll faster than those with smaller wheels. Also, softer wheels can slow your rolling. Besides, they clasp more and absorb shocks from the cracks and uneven grounds.

5 Effective Ways to Slow Down Your Skateboard


Skateboarding speed is influenced by gravity. On the other hand, it’s in the power of your feet to control it and slow it down. Here are some techniques to slow down your skateboard when its speed gets rough or you think you are riding too fast.

1. Skid your back foot on the ground

If you are rolling down the hill or skating on windy days, expect your board speed to be higher than the average speed. You will notice that you are riding fast as you roll on the roads.

The first way to slow your board is to take your back foot off your board. Then, skid or drag it on the ground from time to time. Also, add pressure to your foot for quick stops. And use your front foot to balance and lead your board to where you are moving.

2. Put your back foot or both feet on the board’s tail

Another way to reduce the speed of your board is to put your back foot on the board’s tail. To make it more effective, you can have both feet on the tail. The front of your board will rise to the surface and take the edge off your board speed.

3. Do the front powerslide

Most expert skateboarders think that doing the powerslide is the best way to slow down your board. In powerslides, you have to turn the skateboard from a vertical to a horizontal position.

Then, slide and let your back foot return to its vertical position by putting pressure on your toes and stepping on the board’s tail. Also, maintain the balance of your body at the core of the board.

Meanwhile, use your front foot to turn the axis. Then, push the board’s tail forward using the toes of your back foot.

4. Make a curving when you notice high speed on your board

The simplest way to slow down your board is to make turns or do a curving. Having movement in a straight direction can accelerate your skateboard’s speed. By making loops, it reduces the speed of your board because your board turns sideways.

5. Jump off when you feel you are unsafe

If in case you cannot do any techniques to slow down your board because of the board’s high speed, then it is time to get off your board. In this manner, you are pretty certain to be safe. You may do this whenever you feel danger already.

Not knowing how to reduce the speed of your skateboard may put you in jeopardy. Also, your skateboard experience will not be enjoyable. It may result in accidents and even deaths in case you skate on busy streets.

Of course, we do not want these things to happen to you. Simply, follow the above ways on how to slow down on a skateboard, and pretty likely you will have memorable skateboarding time. You will be certain that you are safe and having fun.

If you have comments and suggestions, you may state them below in our comment box. We are open to any opinions that may help our readers gather information about skateboarding. Happy skateboarding!

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