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How to Make a Skateboard Out of Cardboard – A DIY Series

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how to make a skateboard out of cardboard

The skateboard was originally made as a mode of transportation. It allows you to have a feeling akin to surfing. Back in the day, skateboards were made of flat and sturdy wood pieces, but it only let the skater do balancing and rolling tricks. Do you believe that you can now make a skateboard with paper?

Nowadays, skateboarding is a thrilling yet fun sport. But before you can join in the fun, a skateboard with a steady deck is necessary. If you’re seeking a way to learn how to make a skateboard out of cardboard, read along! You’ve come to the right place.

Things You’ll Need

This article aims to guide you to make a skateboard at home using cardboard. It requires some effort but only takes a few materials that you may find at your local hardware store. Most importantly, it’s eco-friendly.

Below are the materials and tools you need to make your cardboard skateboard. Cardboard may appear flimsy as a skateboard base. Still, these materials will guarantee you a sturdy board as these are heavy-duty materials.

  • Gorilla Glue
  • Cardboard — A single cardboard is not enough to make a sturdy board! You need lots of them. Make sure to look for large unbent pieces.
  • Plexiglass — Plexiglass is the trade name for acrylic. It can be used as an impact-resistant substitute for glass.
  • Skateboard Trucks, Wheels, and Hardware
  • Jigsaw — When cutting shapes and curves, the jigsaw is the most preferable because of its narrow blade.
  • Wood Clamps — This will help you keep the layers of cardboard in place when you glue them all together.
  • Sander or Grinder — To achieve a smooth edge or surface, you must use a sander or grinder.
  • Drill
  • A permanent marker

Step-by-Step Guide


One of the good things about making your skateboard is that you get to make it however you want.

Here’re the steps to make a sturdy cardboard skateboard that will last long.

Step 1: Make the Base

  • From your cardboard, cut seven (7) identical rectangles, which should be a bit larger than the size of the base that you want to make.
  • Dampen your cardboard pieces with a bit of water to improve the Gorilla Glue’s adhesion before stacking them. Do this one layer at a time.
  • To add more strength, stack each cardboard in a pattern similar to cross-hatching. For example, if the first layer was laid vertically, then the second layer would be laid horizontally, and so on.
  • Once done, use your wood clamps to hold the layers of cardboard while the glue starts drying. This drying process takes a day, so you have to leave it overnight.

Step 2: Make the boat shape 

Use your jigsaw to cut out your desired shape carefully.

For a basic skateboard shape, we recommend using a curved object to trace the nose of the board as well as the tail, and a straight object to trace the side rails.

Step 3: Add the Plexiglass

Now, you need to cut the Plexiglass as the core of your cardboard. First, place the cardboard onto the glass and trace its shape with a permanent marker.

Cut the glass into the deck shape using your cardboard bases as the reference.

Stick the cardboard with the glass together. Dampen the cardboard surface again before applying Gorilla Glue for more adhesion. Do this for both the top and bottom.

During this process, drill holes for the bolts:

  • One on the nose
  • One on each side of the rail
  • One on the tail.

The bolts that will be placed in these holes will help hold the board together.

After the previous step, use your wood clamps again to hold the cardboard base and the Plexiglass together.

Wait for another day for the glue to stick all the board layers together.

Step 4: Install Hardware onto the board

Once the glue is dried, smooth the board’s edges using your sander or grinder.

Lay the tracks on the board and place them as close to the center. Use a straight object to guide you in aligning the wheels. Using a marker, mark the areas where the four (4) holes to place the trucks will be settled. Use a ¼ bit to create holes through your board with your drill.

Secure all of your bolts in their place, and your cardboard skateboard is ready!

Helpful Tips


  • Make your board more sturdy. Adding a fiberglass layer in between the cardboard layers will make your board stronger. Fiberglass is made from extremely fine fibers of glass that can be used as a reinforcing material.
  • Substitute epoxy resin for Gorilla Glue. There are more materials that epoxy resin can adhere to than Gorilla Glue. In terms of strength, epoxy resin has higher shear strength.
  • Customize your skateboard. A plain cardboard skateboard may look bland to some. To make your board stand out, customize it with some DIY cool skateboard designs. There are many ways to incorporate your aesthetic on your board through customization, be it paints or stickers.


Some of us might not be willing to spend time learning how to make a skateboard out of cardboard and would instead buy a set that was already made and ready to use. Also, not everyone owns the tools needed to make a DIY cardboard skateboard.

Still, by making your skateboard, you can customize its size, shape, and design freely based on your taste. You can recycle in this project as well, which encourages eco-friendliness.

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