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How to Make Skateboard Wheels Spin Longer With These Tips

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how to make skateboard wheels spin longer

How to make skateboard wheels spin longer? There are various reasons why your skateboard wheels are not able to spin well. And there are several factors to consider to make your skateboard wheels spin longer.

Your spinning skateboard will tell you if there is something wrong with the speed of your skateboard and longboard wheels. Determining wheel problems earlier will prevent a bigger problem from happening. If you notice even a little change in the speed of your wheels compared to their previous performances, take some action immediately.

What You’ll Need


There are several reasons why your board wheels suddenly spin slowly. Below are the things you’ll need, grouped by cause.

  • Dirty wheels and bearings
  • A cleaning agent
  • Water
  • A razor blade to remove the bearing shields
  • A socket to remove the wheels
  • A silicone lubricant
  • Tight axle nuts: A wrench
  • Bad wheels or trucks: You’ll need a new set of wheels or trucks, depending on which component is faulty.
  • Bad skating skills: Protective gear (helmet, elbow pads, knee pads)

How to Make Longboard Wheels Spin Longer


To make skateboard wheels faster, read on to see which problem you have and its solution.

1. Dirty skateboard and longboard wheels and bearings

Check your board wheels and bearings to see if they are already in need of some cleaning. Dirt may start to pile up in your bearings if you are not able to clean them on a regular basis. This may be the reason why your wheels spin a little slower than before.

Clean your board wheels and bearings every now and then to prevent this thing from happening. Remove them from the board; clean them with a proper cleaning agent, and remember to dry them completely before putting them back on the board or else, rusts might start to build up soon.

Lubricate the bearings with silicone-based lubricants after cleaning.

2. Overly tight axle nuts

If you tighten up your axle nuts too much, this will cause your wheels to spin slower. Check your axle nuts to determine if they need some loosening up. Too tight axle nuts and trucks bring too much pressure on bearings and prevent the wheels from spinning freely.

Using a wrench, loosen up your axle nuts a bit, and then observe your wheel’s motion by spinning them several times. You will notice that your skateboard wheels spin longer now.

3. Subpar wheels

If cleaning your skateboard and longboard wheels and bearings, as well as loosening up your axle nuts doesn’t change anything, it’s probably time to buy new wheels.

Quality wheels offer quality performance. Before purchasing a new set, make sure that you know what skateboard wheel diameter and durometer suit you, as well as your skating style to find the perfect wheels according to your preference.

4. Damaged or worn out skateboard trucks

Damaged and worn-out skateboard trucks will affect the skateboard wheel’s overall performance. Make it a habit to check your trucks once in a while to examine their condition. They may be one of the reasons why your skateboard wheels are not able to function well and spin longer.

If your trucks are broken, you’ll need to replace them. Check out the top-rated skateboard trucks for street and skateboard trucks for cruising reviews to make the best choice.

5. Lack of skateboarding skills

Do not just learn skateboarding skills; master them.

The way you move and the way you push your skateboard will determine the speed of it. Crouching down a little bit while riding on your board will increase your pace. Avoid shifting from one side to another and learn to skate in a straight manner.

Practice riding and learn to speed up bit by bit. Just make sure to always wear protective gear. Also, learn how you can fall defensively to avoid serious injuries.

More Tips to Make Skateboard Wheels Spin Faster

1. Quality over quantity

Skateboard wheels made of high-quality materials spin faster compared to low-quality wheels.

2. Bigger wheels are better

Change your small wheels into a bigger one. Smaller wheels have less speed than bigger wheels.

3. The harder the wheels, the better

Buy skateboard wheels with a high durometer. The higher the durometer, the harder the wheels. Harder wheels spin and roll faster than softer wheels.

4. Choose smoother and plain tracks

A smoother road is a better place to skate, for it will increase your speed. Rough roads will tend to reduce your speed as you bump on uneven areas.

5. Take out the spacers

Removing the spacers you placed between the skateboard bearings will make your wheels spin faster. Quality bearings do not need spacers at all, for they are already hard to break.

How to Make Bearings Spin Longer

Dry bearings can spin faster, but not lubricating your bearings will cause them to wear out sooner than expected. The bearing’s maximum speed can be achieved by using a high-speed lubricant and a high-speed retainer.

Bearings of high precision have the ability to run at a higher motion compared to low-precision bearings. This is because high precision bearings possess superior roundness.

The choice of lubricant can affect the bearing’s speed. Grease has the tendency to become hotter as the bearing spins faster. High-speed greases have the ability to reduce heat because of lower viscosity base oils. They also contain a thickener that keeps the base oil more functional at a higher speed.

To make your skateboard bearings spin longer and faster, avoid putting WD40 on them. Soaking them in a paint thinner and rinsing them with hot water will also help to make bearings spin longer.


Wheels affect the skateboard’s speed. Wheel bearings also play an important role in the wheel’s overall performance.

So how to make skateboard wheels spin longer? Using wheels made of high-quality materials is not enough. Your wheel choices also matter; bigger and harder wheels can make your board spin faster. How you maintain your wheels has a great impact on your skateboard’s capabilities.

I hope this article was able to give you guides and tips to make your skateboard wheel spin longer. Take good care of your skateboard wheels, and they will take good care of you.

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