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How to Make your Skateboard Turn Better? – 2 Methods

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

how to make your skateboard turn better

When doing a skateboard skill, we often blame ourselves for not perfecting it as fast as others did. We spend hours thinking about what’s wrong with our execution and feeling frustrated as a result.

Since turning can affect many tricks, let me teach you how to make your skateboard turn better.

What to Prepare to Make Your Skateboard Turn Better

Let’s face it: most of the time, cleaning and re-adjustment are necessary to improve your board’s performance. If not, a gear replacement is in order. Here’s what to prepare.

  • An adjustment tool – The most appropriate tightener tool for this tutorial is a skate or T-tool. If you find yourself without a skate tool, use an adjustable wrench. Our only goal is to obtain a firm grip on the truck’s hardware.
  • Wheels – One possible reason for a skateboard not turning well is old wheels. In such a case, we should prepare a new set of rollers based on our skateboard type and skating style.

How to Make a Skateboard Turn Easier

Suppose you already have enough muscle memory to turn your board correctly. So, given the appropriate posture and movement, the board won’t turn well only when issues with its components persist. Here are a few ways to improve your steering.

Method 1: Adjusting the trucks’ tightness


When we adjust skateboard trucks, we should go either left or right in quarter-turn increments. This way, we don’t over-adjust them and find it hard to get the perfect mix of tightness and looseness. Take note of these steps.

  • Grab your skateboard and T-tool.
  • Lay the skateboard on a flat surface with the trucks facing up.
  • Align the T-tool or wrench on the kingpin nut to turn it.

If you are experiencing stiff skateboard trucks, you should turn the tool counterclockwise. Don’t worry. You can still turn it in the opposite direction once you feel you’ve loosened too much.

Test your newly-adjusted trucks on the street. Perform the usual turns you make, or you can try sharper ones.


Friendly note: Take your tool when you ride immediately after a skateboard adjustment. You may need to adjust trucks now and then to suit your preference better.

Method 2: Changing skateboard wheels


Our wheels have to stay responsive no matter our skate move. Here’s how to replace them with new ones.

Let’s assume you have already removed the old wheels off your truck axles. Begin by installing bearings on each of the wheels.

Turn the skateboard sideways so that two axles face up. Put one bearing onto the axle pin. Lock it by sliding and pressing a urethane roller against it.

Repeat the same process on the other side. If you use spacers, remember to put them on top of the second bearing. Do the same thing with the remaining three axles.

Now that you have your bearings, it’s time to assemble the wheels. The first to slide into the axle would be a speed washer, followed by the wheel and another washer. Finally, lock the roller with an axle nut.

For the best results, never over-tighten the axle nuts when locking the wheels. Otherwise, you will need to go back and readjust them.

Other Methods to Help the Skateboard Turn Better


If the methods above seem too technical, consider these alternatives.

1. Use riser pads

Wheel bite can cause skateboards to stop turning. If you’re experiencing this problem, increase the distance between the trucks and the board by adding riser pads. These pads will prevent the wheels from rubbing against the deck and moving erratically.

2. Apply appropriate turning posture

For beginners, remember these tips when turning: front foot on the front truck bolt and back foot on the deck’s tail. Bend your legs slightly, and keep your core centered.

3. Loosen the bushings

Tight and loose bushings both have their advantages, but only the latter makes carving and turning better.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is it hard to turn on my skateboard?

Skaters who tighten skateboard trucks excessively often experience difficulties turning. But as mentioned, adjusting the kingpin nut will solve the issue.

Another problem you may have is a set of old or damaged wheels. Wheels that receive uneven pressure distribution will end up flat-spotting or wearing out. So, changing these wheels is necessary.

Is it better to have loose or tight trucks?

When should you tighten or loosen trucks?

Tight skateboard trucks are for longboard speed skating, especially downhill. When moving at a high velocity, tightened trucks prevent a wobbly skateboard. They will not only make skating feel smoother but also keep you safer.

On the other hand, loosening your trucks will make the skateboard easier to steer. Additionally, it will help the skater dodge obstacles and land on the skateboard better.


A skateboard needs the appropriate parts and configuration to work within or beyond expectations. Having premium components alone might not yield quality rides. Plus, it can be a waste of resources if we don’t learn how to work with our gear.

Knowing how to make your skateboard turn better may involve learning how to adjust your trucks or replace your old wheels. While these tasks may seem troublesome, they will help you skate better.

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