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Penny Board vs Skateboard: Which One Should You Choose

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

Penny Board or Skateboard

Are you wondering which board to use for your skateboarding? A penny board or a skateboard? This is certainly a good question. Both boards are indeed good and have advantages, but they do have differences.

To enlighten you more about this topic of penny board vs skateboard, we have rounded up some points for you to know before you get one for your exciting skateboarding experience.


The Physical Differences of Penny Board And Skateboard


1. Deck Material

Penny boards came from the Australian based company known as Penny Skateboards, which was established by Ben Mackay in 2010. This type of board is also used for skateboarding. On the other hand, it is of a better use for a certain purpose, which we will discuss later.

So, what makes it different from a skateboard? Well, it’s the material. The decks of the penny boards are constructed from hard plastic. This plastic is quite different because it flexes. It can be run down, and it will return to its original form.

Meanwhile, most of the skateboards’ decks are made from maple plywood with about 7-ply. It is covered with polyurethane to make the deck smooth and durable.

2. Wheels

The wheels of the penny boards are built from polyurethane that has a plastic core. Polyurethane is also a plastic material that is strong, safe, and flexible.

Also, the penny board’s wheels are softer and bigger than the skateboards. As you can see, they mostly bulge out of the board’s deck. These wheels can overcome rougher surfaces, pebbles, and cracks.

The skateboard wheels have various variants and may range from small, medium, to large sizes. There are soft and hard skateboard wheels.

Like penny boards’ wheels, the skateboard wheels are fashioned from polyurethane, which is a synthetic rubber polymer.

In addition, they come with a width of about 1.9 inches to 2.9 inches. These wheels are best for doing skateboard tricks and can stand at a greater speed.

3. Trucks

The trucks of penny boards are made from cast aluminum. Meanwhile, skateboards trucks are also built from aluminum or metals such as alloy, steel, or brass. Some are fashioned from nylon too.

Both of their trucks have two components, namely the hanger and the baseplate. The bearings and wheels are securely connected to the trucks.

There are two sizes of penny board trucks. They come in 3 inches and 4 inches in size. The 3 inches may fit the 22 inches penny board model. Meanwhile, the 4 inches size is equipped for a big 27 inches penny board.

This huge penny board is also known as the nickel board. The skateboard trucks may range from 6.3 inches to 9.35 inches.

The Characteristics of Penny Board And Skateboard

As you can see, the penny boards are smaller than most of the skateboards. And since they are made of plastic, they are lighter than the skateboards.

Also, penny boards have various colors. You can choose the color you want, and you can easily customize it since penny boards are made of plastic. Overall, a penny board is portable because you can carry it easily and can even put it in your bag because of its small size.

Unlike the penny board, a skateboard has a tough material that is made of wood. Besides, most of the skateboards are longer with big trucks. It also comes in different designs and colors.

What Are Penny Board And Skateboard Best For

Because of the size and light weight of penny boards, they are good for commuting because they are very handy. You can use them for going to school or just strolling in the park or cruising on your terrace or the streets.

Also, since they are lighter, you can easily do some regular tricks and maneuvers too.

Meanwhile, the skateboards are good for performing challenging tricks. They are good for racing and cruising on downhill surfaces. Also, if you want to speed up intensely, the skateboard is ideal to use.

The Advantages And Disadvantages of Penny Board And Skateboard


Both skateboard and penny board are good boards for having an exciting skateboarding experience. However, they do have advantages and disadvantages.

Penny Boards


  • They are compact; therefore, they are easily carried and very portable. You can even fit the board in your bag or carry it easily with your hands.
  • These boards are very convenient to use because they are small and lightweight.
  • You can learn how to push and turn easily. Because of this, they are perfect for a beginner.
  • They can manage cracks and curbs because of their softer and bigger wheels.
  • Penny boards are excellent for cruising, thanks to their axle angle and gravity center.


  • Because penny boards are smaller in size, their capability to do tricks is limited.
  • The penny boards are not ideal for an increased speed.
  • They are not quite stable because of their smaller size. On the other hand, you can tighten the trucks for better stability.



  • Skateboards promote stability and durability because of their material.
  • Learning tricks is easy when you use a skateboard.
  • You can choose from a wide variety that comes in different sizes and colors.
  • You can perform advanced tricks.
  • Skateboards can travel at greater speed and manage downhill riding efficiently.


  • There are more dangers if you are not careful. This is because you can perform many extreme tricks using skateboards.
  • Your shoes might tear up because of performing advanced tricks.

When to Get a Penny Board Or Skateboard?

A penny board is most suitable for smaller people because of its compact size. On the other hand, if you have big feet you can choose the penny nickel board.

Also, if you are a beginner and do not know the do’s and don’ts in skateboarding you may opt for a penny board. This is because it is easy to control and manage. After all, it is lighter.

Penny boards are also best for cruising in flat terrain, street, and parks. If you are learning the regular tricks of skateboarding, the penny board is perfect for you. It is best for commuting as well. This is because penny boards are portable.

Meanwhile, the skateboard is a good option for professional skateboarders, racers, or more experienced users that have knowledge about the fundamentals of how to ride a skateboard.

This board is excellent for learning advanced tricks. In addition, if you want to ride at high speed, the skateboard is for you.

If you are still not sure which one is for you, you may go over the points above about penny board vs skateboard. Overall, in choosing a skateboard or a penny board you must still opt for a high-quality board. Thus, you will enjoy your ride having a suitable and quality board for yourself.

Feel free to write down your suggestions and opinions in the comment box. Indeed, our skateboarders will appreciate them. To an adventurous skateboarding experience!

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