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RipStik vs Skateboard: Which One to Ride?

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

ripstik vs skateboard

When given options, we always check for what makes one better than the others. And that idea applies to almost anything, whether clothes, devices, or sporting equipment. This way, we can be sure about spending on the best choice.

Suppose you have a skateboard and a RipStik, and you tried neither of them. RipStik vs skateboard — which suits you more? You might feel confused because both are fun and enjoyable to ride with.

But don’t worry because we are here to enlighten you on both ends. So, keep reading as we dig deeper into both of these boards.

Skateboard vs RipStik: Definition

Is a RipStik a skateboard? How different is a skateboard from it? Perhaps, these are the questions you would want to ask an expert. So, let’s define them.

Skateboards have a more steady profile versus RipStik, which requires intensive balance training to acquire proficiency.

Skateboarding also became popular 50 years ahead of RipStiks, which surfaced in 2007.

Generally, individuals into board sports affirm they ride skateboards for recreation. And I think we can agree that the same applies to RipStiks.

But for transportation purposes, skateboards have the upper hand because these are boards purposely designed to carry a person from one point to another. However, RipStiks yield more flowy motions, making them more fun for many skaters.

Caster board vs skateboard: Differences


1. Design

Skateboards have a recognizable design, whether in outdoor activities or sporting events. Each skateboard has a single-piece deck that is often wooden, four pieces of urethane wheels, and a pair of trucks to complete its significant parts.

What does a RipStick look like? It has two smaller decks joined by a piece of pivoting metal known as the Torsion bar. While a RipStik with four wheels exists, most only have two wheels and casters to hold the rollers. Additionally, this board type has a shorter wheelbase than a skateboard.

2. Shape

Regular skateboards look like rectangular wooden concave pieces. But the front and back of a skateboard have a rounded profile, like a popsicle stick. There are also skateboards shaped like surfboards, but these are cruiser board fit for a different riding style.

Unlike skateboards, the RipStik’s pair of decks narrow towards the middle or center of the Torsion bar.

3. Place of usage


Skateboards come in various styles to suit different riding locations.

There are skateboards made for the streets, parks, or long roads. And there are also boards suited for speed racing or downhill skating.

Where do Pro RipSticks fit? Anywhere. That said, skateboards are more maneuverable in that you can use your feet to push them and get around obstacles more easily.

4. Propulsion

The mechanical work on skateboarding focuses on pushing against the ground to move forward and keep the board running.

On the other hand, RipStiks mainly require your feet to stay on the deck. If you master pressing the left and right sides of the RipStik using your heels and toes, there will be no need to push frequently.

All you need is to twist the decks to and fro with the help of your hips and shoulders. Then, you will see yourself moving continually.

5. Learning curve

Ask RipStik and skateboard users, and many will agree that RipStiks take more time to master than skateboards. RipStik safety relies on balance. And by only seeing two wheels on each deck, it will be enough to conclude that balance may be hard to achieve on a RipStik.

Besides that, riding a waveboard also means you should maneuver through swiveling motions on the decks. And these moves require more focus, practice, and mastery.

Though coming in various sizes, skateboards offer better stability. While they do not have a perfectly flat stepping surface, these boards do not pivot in half like RipStik decks.

6. Pros and cons


Apart from the mentioned advantages of one board over the other, here are more points you may want to consider.

  • Skateboards

First, skateboards are more stable. Besides the broader surfskate deck size, the wheels feel like four poles under the deck that keep it from overly inclining from side to side.

If there’s one thing you wouldn’t like about the skateboard, it’s how it scratches your sneakers or any spot coming in contact with its grip tape.

  • RipStik

Once you master riding a RipStik longboard, insane turns are finally possible because of its 360° casters. Another thing you may love about this board is it has a bolder variety of designs and shapes.

However, RipStiks do not have the best roller build. Skateboard bearings are still more precise in performance.

7. Cost

Several factors affect the pricing of skateboards and RipStiks. These aspects consist of their build, brand, durability, and more.

So, how much is a RipStik? There are different types of RipStiks. But on average, they cost around $40 to $100. Some high-end RipStiks may have higher prices, and those at the lower figures can be as good as the expensive ones.

Similar to a RipStik, you may also be able to get a decent skateboard for $100, but the numbers can double up in the case of premium quality skateboards.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is riding a RipStik good exercise?

How your legs, hips, and shoulders coordinate when riding RipStik makes it good exercise. Riding a RipStik develops your body muscles as you keep moving now and then.

While it may be tiring, it can make users feel better after the pain and tiredness are over.

Does a Ripstik help lose weight?

One of the most salient benefits of RipStik exercise is losing weight, which many people on Reddit want. RipStik skating can help a person lose as many calories as skateboarding.

How fast can a RipStik go?

A RipStik max speed goes around ten miles per hour. Fast enough, right? The numbers may change depending on your riding environment and how you control the RipStik.


All in all, skateboards and RipStiks both yield more good than bad. While riding them has a few drawbacks like potential falls, they should never hinder us from becoming better skaters. In the end, we learn from the mistakes and milestones we make.

So, RipStik vs skateboard? RipStiks will challenge you to balance and maneuver better through your body. On the other hand, skateboards will provide more stability when riding on the streets or in parks.

Be optimistic about the benefits of riding these boards. You can try out either one or both of them if you don’t feel like picking.

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