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Scooter vs Skateboard: Which One Suits You Better

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

Scooter Vs Skateboard

Do you want an exciting ride or a safer cruise? If yes, then try riding a scooter and skateboard. But, which one is safer or more exciting? Let’s find out what these kick-powered devices offer you.

Also, determine which of the two vehicles you prefer or suit. First, it is significant that you know some points about scooter vs skateboard. To begin with, you may start reading about the differences between scooters and skateboards.


The Main Differences Between Scooter And Skateboards


Scooters and skateboards can both provide you with a great ride. Indeed, they have differences that you should know. Among them are the following:

1. Features

A scooter is also known as a kick scooter or push scooter. It has two wheels and a footboard. It also has a steering handle which is quite long. There are also electric scooters, but I will talk about the kick scooters in this article.

Most kick scooters are constructed from steel, titanium, and aluminum. A scooter is driven by a foot pushing against the ground and one foot resting on the footboard or deck.

Meanwhile, the skateboard has no handlebar but it also has a deck. It also consists of four wheels, two trucks, and grip tape.

Most skateboards are built from 7 plies maple wood and their wheels are made of polyurethane. A skateboard is also propelled using one foot pushing on the ground and another foot on the deck. Both vehicles are propelled in the same manner.

2. Rolling

Since the scooter has a handlebar, you can ride or roll more easily than a skateboard. This is because you can create more balance on a scooter. After all, it has a handlebar.

Meanwhile, you have to balance yourself first on a skateboard before you can roll on the roads. And you have to maintain your balance too without holding anything such as the handlebar.

3. Steering

It is quite difficult to steer using a skateboard. You have to press the rail with your heel or toes and then tilt forward or backward. On the other hand, it is easier to turn using the scooter because you just have to move the handlebar for steer.

4. Kick pushing

The handlebar of the scooter makes kicking more efficient. You have a good push since you are holding the handlebar. Meanwhile, you cannot push hard on the skateboard because you cannot hold any bar and you need to maintain balance.

5. Stopping

Most scooters have a foot brake, which makes it easier to stop easily. With the skateboard, you must use some tricks to stop it or simply drag your foot on the ground. Also, you need to balance yourself doing those tricks so it’s quite difficult to stop.

6. Convenience

Since the skateboard is portable, it is more convenient than a scooter. You can hold the skateboard by your hand or put it inside your bag. The scooter is quite big because of the handlebar. So, a skateboard is better for traveling a short distance or for commuting than a scooter.

Which Provides More Safety?


Primarily, scooter is safer than skateboards. This is because of its features and components such as the footbrake. You can easily balance on a scooter, thus preventing yourself from falling or crashing.

On skateboarding, you need to have balance skills to have a good ride and perform advanced tricks. Also, at greater speed, the skateboard may shake or vibrate. Unlike a skateboard, a scooter does not shake because it has two wheels and rigid axles. Besides, it is also equipped with a footbrake that makes it safer than the skateboard.

Which Is More Exciting?

I think the more exciting between the two boards is the skateboard. This is because of the many tricks it can do including sliding on the rail or kick flipping of the board, among others.

Scooters can also do tricks in skate parks. But, the skateboard can perform advanced tricks in the skatepark and you can cruise downhill at increased speed. Also, maintaining a balance while rolling is exciting and challenging too.

Which Of Them Is Easier to Learn?

I think everyone will agree that a scooter is easier to learn than a skateboard. With the scooter, you can balance easily because of the handlebar. It may only take a short time to balance the scooter.

Meanwhile, on the skateboard, you need to learn how to balance yourself on the deck. Then, do the pushing and rolling. This may take a period especially for creating balance on the board.

The pushing or propelling on a scooter is easier too as it has two wheels only. You can maintain the speed at minimal while learning how to propel. On the skateboard, if you can not propel and balance well, your skateboard might fly.

Which Is Suitable for You?

Choosing a skateboard or scooter may depend on the age bracket of the rider. Most parents opt for a scooter for their kids. This is because they know that a scooter is safer than a skateboard. Besides, they can easily create balance and learn to skate fast and safely.

Meanwhile, teenagers prefer skateboards. They can manage the skateboards well and are excited to cruise on the roads and in skate parks. Also, they can do many easy and advanced tricks with skateboards. Besides, a skateboard is cooler for them than a scooter.

So, if you are a rider who is a beginner in skating and rolling, you should choose a scooter. Also, this device is suitable for younger kids. On the other hand, as of these times, many adults are now using the scooter for their commutes. This is because some of the scooters are now foldable and they can bring them anywhere.

If in case you want an exciting and cool ride, then a skateboard is ideal for you. You just need to learn the basics and know how to skateboard. Indeed, you will have a great time cruising the road with this board.

Which Is More Expensive?

I think that many scooters are less expensive than skateboards. You can buy a decent scooter for around $50. Meanwhile, a decent skateboard may cost around $70. That said, you can buy them both at around $25. But, I’m not sure of the quality they provide.

The Bottom Line

Both skateboards and scooters are fun means of transportation. They can also aid in commuting or traveling. They can also be a form of good exercise.

They are challenging too, especially when you learn and perform tricks and stunts. The scooter and the skateboard are both great for this. On the other hand, you can speed off greatly using the skateboard. This makes riding more exciting and cool.

I hope that before you choose any of them, you determine first their differences and best uses which are all noted in this article on scooter vs skateboard. Still, whatever board you land on, surely you will have a great and awesome cruise and ride.

We are open to any suggestions. If you have any recommendations or advice about this topic, you may jot them down in the comment box. We are pleased to consider all your suggestions.

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