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The Best Skate Shoes for Flat Feet to Move and Be More Comfortable

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

best skate shoes for flat feet

We are all born with flat feet. But as we get older, an area on our foot gets a lift, which we often call an arch. You may not know this, but foot arch heights vary from one person to another.

And if you are a skateboarder with flat feet, you’d better be aware that your footwear needs more features than a regular skate shoe. This condition calls for the best skate shoes for flat feet. Take note of the following primary specifications.

  • Insoles – The inner pads are the most critical components of skate shoes. These components cater to the entire palm of your feet, whether you are flat-footed or not.
  • So, when skateboarding, use a pair of supportive insoles. The great news is manufacturers today create insoles for different purposes. They can be for impact absorption, pressure reduction, optimum foot alignment, and more. Specifically, we can find these in brands like Nike, Adidas, Shock Doctor, and FitzSole.
  • Stability – Over-pronation is a common issue among people with flat feet. This condition happens when the ankle bends overly inward, potentially causing various injuries.
  • With such an issue, you need a pair like the Adidas Tyshawn on feet, which are characterized by EVA midsoles and medium-high cuts. The sole will absorb impact, protecting the foot with every step. Furthermore, the shoes are low-top.
  • Shape – In almost any instance, the shape of the skateboarding shoes determines whether they fit the user or not. And since this aspect varies from one pair to another, we should find one that suits flat feet best.

To be specific, use a pair of sneakers with big toe areas. Narrow-shaped shoes for a flat-footed skateboarder won’t be of service since they will only cause tightness and discomfort.

We’ll get into more of these aspects in the buying guide section of this article. Be sure to keep reading to get all the information you need. Meanwhile, let us understand each component that makes up a good pair of skating shoes for flat-footed people with the following products.

Top 1

WHITIN Men’s Cross-Trainer

– No-tie design

– Zero-drop insoles 

– Rubber soles 

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Top 2

Vans Men’s Sneakers

– Canvas finish

– Classic waffle sole

– Comfortable

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Top 3

Etnies Barge LS Skate Shoe

– Double stitching

– A slim shape

– Comfortable but not bulky

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Top 5 Skate Shoes for Flat Feet Reviews

1. WHITIN Men’s Cross-Trainer

Out of multiple pairs displayed in the store I visited, the WHITIN Men’s Cross-Trainer is a unique pick.

These shoes come in an unusual shape that conforms to the structure of the rider’s foot. The brand intends to design its shoes anatomical, ensuring to secure all the areas of the feet. I like it because it’s naturally comfortable and it fits snugly.

These skateboard shoes also offer convenience for wearers. Each shoe comes with a no-tie design, which frees the rider from fiddling with shoelaces every time. Those who are always in a hurry would love this feature because all they have to do is press on the lock and pull the laces on either end to adjust the shoes’ tightness.

I think rubber soles of this brand’s quality are rare. Besides looking unique, these soles are ready to take on almost any activity. They are slip-resistant and grip well on the skateboard’s surface. Also, these shoes have a perfect balance of flexibility. And with that, any rider would have optimum control of the skateboard.

Essentially, these sneakers have the best insoles for flat-footed people. Inside each shoe is a flat zero-drop sole, which gives the feet a neutral position. This aspect reduces stress on the rider’s joints and helps improve the skateboarder’s posture.

On the downside, these sneakers don’t seem to be well-ventilated. And for someone who often gets sweaty feet, this could be a primary concern.
  • A naturally comfortable anatomical shape that fits snugly
  • A no-tie design that makes adjustments quick and easy
  • Rubber soles that are perfectly flexible and slip-resistant
  • Zero-drop insoles that make the shoe ideal for flat-footed riders
  • Not well-ventilated
Overall, I love how the brand made these shoes suit flat-footed skateboarders. They’re convenient to use and are flexible skate shoes for stunts and tricks.

2. Vans Men’s Low-Top Sneakers

What most skateboarders love about the Vans Men’s Low-Top Sneakers is their canvas exterior. Canvas makes a shoe feel light and easy to wear.

Even though this pair does not have thick paddings from any corner, it still provides excellent comfort. And while I thought the design was flimsy at first, using it for months proved otherwise.

Actually, I find these sneakers unique because of their shoelaces. I used to wear a classic Vans slip-on in the past. But after having these, I realized shoes could be much more adjustable. Furthermore, these shoes have plenty of space. And for someone with big flat feet, these features will help.

Besides being a perfectly adjustable pair, these shoes are also protective. They supported my feet well when I was recovering from injuries. Few shoes I own can do the same.

A fraction of skateboarders opt for these shoes because of their outer soles. These are waffle soles that yield optimum grip against the gritty surface of the skateboard. And as a fan of gum soles, I find these components perfectly elastic to match the rider’s movements on the skateboard.

However, the color of the shoes might look different from the photos. For example, the light caramel brown shade may look more like dark coffee.
  • Canvas finish that keeps the shoe light and easy to wear
  • Comfortable, can last months without problems
  • Shoelaces that allow for tightness adjustments and spacious design for big feet
  • Supports injured feet with its protective design
  • Comes in a classic waffle sole that offers enough grip and flexibility
  • Photos may not reflect the shoe color well
Vans does not disappoint me with its footwear. I love how this pair makes things easy, from adjustments to doing tricks.

3. Etnies Barge LS Skate Shoe

The Etnies Barge LS Skate Shoe offers sufficient comfort. With its tongue and collar paddings, this option ensures I get a soft feeling on all corners of my foot. What I like more about these parts is they are moderately thin. So, they’re not bulky, and they remain light to use.

These sneakers work well in solving flat feet issues. Each shoe uses a Foam Lite 1 insole that gives feet a snug feeling. These inserts also aim to support the user’s posture and movements. And whether they’re standing, cruising, or doing tricks on the skateboard, these insoles can sustain flat-footed skateboarders.

Note that being flat-footed does not necessarily lead to having a wide foot. And with this pair, I think narrow-footed people would greatly benefit from its design because of its slim shape. I didn’t even need to break them in, as they felt comfortable right from first use.

While only a few people notice this aspect, I love the double stitching used on these shoes. These stitches help keep the sneakers durable, especially when one’s active on the skateboard. And even with all these stitches, the overall look of the shoes remains clean.

If there’s one thing I didn’t like about these shoes, it’s the shoelaces that came with them. They were a bit short.
  • Moderately thin paddings that make the shoes comfortable but not bulky
  • Foam Lite 1 insole for snug fit, easy movements, and posture support
  • A slim shape that makes it fit narrow-footed skateboarders
  • Doesn’t need to be broken in
  • Double stitching that adds durability without compromising the shoes’ looks
  • The shoelaces are a bit short
These shoes may not be the widest, but I love how they cater to arch-less feet. The insides are of top-tier quality, and they are comfortable.

4. Emerica Wino Cruiser Skate Shoe

Not everyone likes extravagantly designed footwear. Looking at the Emerica Wino Cruiser Skate Shoe, it doesn’t have those fancy details and cuts. But what made me love it was its simple design. And while it may look a bit minimalist, I’m happy about it being decent with lace-up closure and a rubber toe protector in front.

I never knew how good textile was until I tried these sneakers. Emerica uses 100% textile material on these sneakers, which offers several benefits. The first is it keeps the footwear light. Second, the shoes feel soft and breathable, thus keeping my feet dry all day. I love how this simplicity runs from the design to the feel of the sneakers.

I think these shoes also do well in terms of impact absorption. Each shoe comes with a full-length midsole primarily responsible for containing shocks that penetrate the feet. And since it’s a full-size cushion, flat-footed skateboarders will always feel painless after landing from tricks or stunts.

One more aspect I like about these sneakers is their durability. They may look flimsy for some, but these shoes come with a vulcanized structure. That means this footwear has enough wear resistance. Also, the soles are perfectly flexible, so they’re able to match a skateboarder’s movements.

Unfortunately, the black dye on the textile faded a bit too early. Nonetheless, I still got great support from these sneakers.
  • Simple, decent skate shoes with lace-up closure and rubber toe protector
  • 100% textile that makes the shoe light, soft, and breathable
  • Full-length midsole responsible for absorbing ground impacts
  • Vulcanized structure for added durability and flexibility
  • The black dye faded a bit too early
These shoes are not the fanciest skater sneakers. But in terms of overall performance, I think they do well with all their components.

5. Vans Unisex Old Skool MTE Zapatillas

One of the things I love about the Vans Unisex Old Skool MTE Zapatillas is its vulcanized construction.

These sneakers come with the patented waffle sole that grips well on the skateboard. But what made me love them more is the reinforcement on the toe areas. This feature makes the shoes more durable.

Skate shoes may not always need to be fully padded, especially for riders who don’t find comfort in such a style. Regarding these sneakers, they only come with paddings on the collar. But despite that, several users on Reddit find they have the right level of comfort. Plus, these parts help secure the shoes well on the ankles.

Besides their sturdy sole construction, these sneakers are also durable on the upper side. The fabrics come in top grade. And what I like most about this area is they all have quality stitching. I have walked with these shoes on many surfaces, and there has been no tearing. From the seams to the lace eyelets, all the threads hold firmly.

Furthermore, this is one of the pairs with the broadest area for tightness adjustments. Each shoe comes with a pair of 7 lace eyelets from the toe box to near the ankles. And for flat-footed people, I think these parts will help achieve the perfect fit for them.

It’s not about the performance aspect of these shoes, but I find this pair a bit expensive. Nonetheless, everyone seems to be enjoying these sneakers.
  • Vulcanized waffle sole with toe reinforcement for superior durability
  • Comfortable padded collars that support and lock on the ankles well
  • Quality stitches all over the upper side for a sturdy finish
  • 7 pairs of lace eyelets on each shoe for maximum tightness adjustment
  • The shoes are a bit pricey
Despite that minor drawback, I am glad to own these skate shoes with support. They have more than a couple of durable components, and all these features suit flat feet well.

What to Look for When Buying Skate Shoes for Flat Feet?


Skateboarding with flat feet can cause severe injuries without the right equipment. Below are a few things we should know about skate shoes flat feet people use.


The outer layers of your shoes speak a lot about their overall durability and comfort. And whether flat-footed or not, the standard for skate shoe exteriors remains the same. Take note of the following examples:

  • Suede

Suede is one of the most common fabrics skater shoe manufacturers use. This material has optimum wear resistance, strong enough to slide against the skateboard’s gritty surface. And despite being a tough shoe exterior, suede remains visually soft, giving the sneakers a classic and clean look. Often, we can find this composition in brands like Nike.

  • Leather

This material doesn’t vary a lot from suede. One of the few differences is that leather is the outer-facing material of the hide, while suede is the inner one. Another distinction between these is that leather has a smoother finish and is slightly more durable than suede.

  • Canvas

If you want something light and a bit more breathable than solid shoe fabric, canvas shoes can be a good option. Like Vans skate shoes, sneakers made from this material have moderate durability but are good enough to suit skateboarding activities. Besides that, these shoes are a bit cheaper than the leather ones.


It is necessary to keep the shoes in place for injury-prone conditions, like being flat-footed. And to address this concern, using quality shoelaces will ease the job.

Specifically, the best shoelaces to use are those made with cotton or polyester. Cotton laces remain tight when tied, and they are also durable enough to hold the tension on the shoes. On the other hand, polyester laces are a more durable class, and unlike cotton, they don’t fray quickly.

In addition to the attributes above, it’s important to consider the characteristics of flat feet to pick the right shoes.

Flat Feet-specific Features


One of the factors that trigger injuries on flat-footed people is impact. When landing from a trick, the palm of the foot receives the most force, thus making things risky. So, let’s get into more details about this aspect.

  • Insoles

The insoles are your last line of defense against shocks. But besides being a defensive layer, quality insoles do most of the work in making the shoes suitable to flat-footed skateboarders. Hence, we’d better pay attention to this component.

If we check on the market, we’d see brands like Dr. Scholl’s, Walk Hero, FitzSole, and a lot more manufacturers centered on selling insoles separately. These soles aim to be a supportive layer on the arch, catering to the foot’s shape and preventing a condition called over-pronation. Having these reduces the risks of joint and ligament injuries and ankle issues.

  • Outer soles

The outsoles receive the most impact from the ground. Thus, having outsoles with poor quality will yield no good. To ensure that your shoes have decent outer soles, look for those made with gum bases.

Gum soles are the best protectors against slips and accidental falls. They offer an ideal level of flexibility, thus allowing for better movement on the skateboard.


Since flat feet may not be a typical form for many, we need to be more particular with the shoe shapes we use. Some shoes come with a narrow area in the toes, which is not friendly with flat-footed people because tight toe boxes create too much pressure on their feet.

So, the safest pair to use is one with a wide shape. These sneakers allow for a more comfortable space for the foot, thus keeping it from congestion. Also, such sneakers add some balance to the rider.


Like the grip tape on your skateboard, your shoes should also help improve your stability. And as a flat-footed rider, this aspect is best achieved with a cushioned sole and ankle support.

Specifically, soles aim to move with your feet, thus giving you a supportive stepping platform. And to attain ideal ankle support, using a pair of mid-high cut shoes may be the best option. Supportive skate shoes with this design will prevent your ankles from overly moving in and out, thus reducing strains on them.

Ventilation holes

I find this relevant because flat-footed people don’t have enough arch height to allow air movement. And when riding under humid conditions, a vent-less shoe more often leads to a sweaty foot. By then, the sneakers become less comfortable and a bit risky.

With that, try to look for shoes with an average of three vent holes. Whether flat-footed or not, these will allow air to move in and out, thus keeping the shoe dry.

Can I Skate With Flat Feet?


Generally, skateboarding excludes no one, unless you’re injured. However, skateboarding with flat feet can be risky without taking the necessary preparations. Consider the following tips.

  • Use appropriate footwear – Flat-footed people need to be more aware of their shoes and footwear because skateboarding is an agile sport. With that, check for the sneakers’ insoles, outsoles, paddings, shape, and width. That way, you’ll have a complete view of the shoes you need. While style may be relevant, these areas are general skateboard sneaker considerations.
  • Take precautionary measures – Most skateboarders fail because they lack sufficient knowledge. Skateboarding is not only about the tricks and skills. It’s also about making yourself comfortable, especially if you are a flat-footed rider.
  • Flat feet may often lead to over-pronation, which can injure the ankles for a long time. So, train your ankles in a way that they won’t bend in or out excessively. That way, you’ll also get to manage your posture well, especially when you get on the board.
  • Act normal-footed – I think skateboarding with flat feet can also be mentally challenging. And the more flat-footed people think of this issue, the more they attract mishaps on the board. So, if you know you have all the knowledge and equipment you need, then it’s time to act like a regular skateboarder.

Are Vans Good for Flat Feet?

Vans sneakers are quality skateboarding footwear. However, they are not the top-tier skate shoes with arch support for flat feet issues. These sneakers don’t have the luxury of paddings and supportive insoles.

But the good news is you can now buy these parts separately in several stores. What’s better is that you can choose what footbed fits you best. And since Vans are known for their spacious interiors, you won’t find it hard searching for inner soles that will fit these shoes.

Should Flat Feet Wear Wide Skate Shoes?

As a general rule, flat-footed people should wear big skateboarding shoes. Using narrow-shaped sneakers can be possible, but only for flat-footed riders with small feet, which are only a few.

Wide shoes provide enough room for flat feet to move and be more comfortable. Specifically, flat-footed people should look for wide toe box skate shoes. This aspect lets the toes move comfortably and prevents possible injuries.

Additionally, skateboard shoes for flat feet should also be broad on the arch side. That way, the sneakers won’t cause tightness and pressure to the arches.


Skateboarding shoes have already evolved to suit the needs of almost anyone who wants to try the sport. Being flat-footed is no big deal. As long as you know enough about the pieces of equipment and skills you need, you can be a great skateboarder.

Now with the best skate shoes for flat feet, not only will you get to ride your skateboards, but you also get to do it with comfort and less risk. Keep the tips I have shared to guide you in this journey.

Should you have some inquiries, leave them in the comments section, and we’ll gladly respond to them.

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