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Skateboard Bushings Hard vs Soft: Which is Right for You?

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skateboard bushings hard vs soft

Do you ever wonder why your friend’s skateboard rides better than yours? The skateboard truck bushings he has probably made the difference. We know choosing between skateboard bushings hard vs soft can be an arduous process.

Bushings come in a variety of durometers and shapes with each designed specifically for a purpose. Choosing to get hard or soft bushings depends on your weight, riding style, and the type of skateboard you ride.

In general, heavy riders who like stability and stunts should go for hard bushings. Soft bushings, on the other hand, suit light skaters who value flexibility when turning. Check out this skateboard bushings guide for more:


What are Skateboard Bushings

Installed around the kingpins of your trucks, skateboard bushings are responsible for controlling the responsiveness of your board and can be considered its suspension system.

Furthermore, bushings allow you to maneuver when you lean towards a direction and give you the ability to pivot and turn smoothly. Bushings come in a wide selection of sizes, shapes, and hardness, and can significantly alter how your skateboard performs.

Are Skateboard Truck Bushings Important


Your skateboard bushings are extremely important in achieving a safe, responsive, and stable setup. They also dictate how well your board responds and turns. Your bushings are also responsible for absorbing pressure and impact for a comfortable riding experience.

All trucks have pre-installed stock or standard bushings when you buy them; however, you can always consider getting replacements if you think they don’t perform satisfactorily. Every truck comes with two bushings – the top bushing, and the bottom bushing. These can be modified to meet your riding style, weight, and other preferences.

What to Look for When Buying Skateboard Bushing


If you’re into pulling off stunts, consider installing hard bushings for tight trucks. Having hard bushings installed increases the tightness of trucks and results in a rigid and more stable ride. This setup is recommended for pros and beginners alike looking to improve their stance and balancing skills.

On the other hand, soft skateboard bushings work best for lighter riders who need added flexibility and freedom of movement when turning and carving in. These bushings are also designed to compress easily for faster rebounds and extra energetic rides.

Bear in mind that the heavier you are, the harder the bushings installed on your trucks should be. Soft bushings are more appropriate for lighter riders who skate with loose trucks since these provide ease when turning and compress the easiest.

Not all brands categorize their skateboard truck bushings the same way, so it’s still important to choose your bushings based on your weight and how tight or loose you want your skateboard trucks to be.

Skateboard Bushings Hard vs. Soft: Which is Right for You

Brands classify skateboard bushings as soft or hard using a durometer scale. Start by looking at a bushing hardness chart to make a well-informed decision before locking in that purchase. Checking verified reviews, videos, and forums online is also highly recommended.

Generally, soft bushings have a durometer rating below 70B or 90A and offer enhanced flexibility when turning or carving in. Hard bushings are usually categorized within 96A and up. These bushings give you unmatched stability but are far less responsive for turning.

How Often Should I Replace My Bushings

Bushings are made of polyurethane, and this material can break, lose its resilience and shape, and deteriorate over time. Splits, cracks, crumbling, and noise are some indicators that your bushings need to be replaced immediately.

Replacement bushings may also be installed if you want to alter the way your board rides and performs. Generally, high-quality bushings don’t need to be replaced that often, but this still depends on how often you ride and how aggressive you are when you skate.

To help make your bushings last longer, avoid exposing them to water and high temperatures as these elements will cause them to break down. Over-tightening will also result in them wearing out easily. Keeping your bushings well-lubricated as needed is also highly advised.

Check out this video to learn more tips about choosing the right set of bushings for you:


If you want to alter the way your skateboard rides for optimum performance, replacing your stock bushings is a good place to start. When choosing between skateboard bushings hard vs soft here are some points to consider:

  • Your weight
  • Your riding style
  • Durometer Rating

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