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What Size Skateboard Should a Girl Get? – Skateboard Size Guide

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what size skateboard should a girl get

Skateboards that are designed for girls are incredibly unique. Certain brands manufacture artistic designs specially made for girls. But of course, skateboard design is just one of the several factors that a girl skateboarder should consider.

Skateboard size also plays an important role in making your skateboarding journey fun and exciting. So, what size skateboard should a girl get?

A variety of sizes is built purposely for different types of riders. Take a look at the chart below to decide.


Skateboard Size Guide for Girls


The best skateboard size for a girl will depend on her age, shoe size, skating style, and style or design preference. To help you choose the best skateboard size for you, you have to be familiar with the skateboard size chart.

Having enough information and knowledge about skateboard size guides, picking and choosing your skateboard deck will be a lot easier.

Skateboard size chart shoe size

  Deck’s Size Skateboarder’s
  Width Length Age Height Shoe Size
Micro Deck 6.5”-6.75” 27.2”-27.6” 5 years old & below 3’4” & below 3 and smaller
Mini Deck 7.0” 28” 6-8 years old 3’5”-4’4” 4 to 5
Mid-Size Deck 7.5” 29” 9-12 years old 4’5”-5’2” 6 to 8
Full-Size Deck 7.5” or wider 29” and above 13 years and up 5’3” and taller 9 and up

7.75 Skateboard Size

The standard deck size of 7.5 to 8.0 is the best size for most girl skateboarders, with a shoe size of 11 or less. These are the type of riders who are fond of street skating and are doing more technical stunts. This size allows them to perform stunts and tricks a lot easier.

Is a 7.75 Skateboard a Good Size?

Yes, any skateboard deck size between 7.75 to 8.25 is the best option for many skating styles. This deck size is also a good size to start up with for girls ages eight and above, as they are purposely made for smaller riders.

7.75 deck size is a good option, but again, your choice of skateboard size still depends on your preferences and needs.

What Size Skateboard for Beginner Girls?


As young as 3 to 5 years old, you can start teaching your little ones the basics of skateboarding. At these ages, they can already learn simple riding techniques and find enjoyment and excitement while riding on a skateboard for the first time.

An ideal deck size for a beginner should be long enough for performing tricks and wide enough for a safe landing. Hence, the skateboard size best recommended for girls who are just beginners in skateboarding is 7.0. These mini-skateboard decks are ideal for girls ages 6 to 8 years old as girls more often have smaller feet compared to boys.

For grown-up girls who are beginners in skateboarding, the ideal size recommended for them is between 7.75 to 8.0. You can later change it to wider decks as your experience and skills develop.

Choosing the best skateboard that fits the girls’ and all other skateboarder’s needs, in general, will allow them to learn faster and develop their skating skills more. But always remember that after purchasing the perfect skateboard size, your skateboard journey should never begin without buying the appropriate protective gear for safety purposes.


What size skateboard should a girl get? The skateboard size that a girl should get will be based on their age, height, and shoe size. Although it is also a choice of colors, styles, and designs, choosing the right deck based on their skating style and techniques is advisable.

Follow the above guidelines in choosing the right size for you, and you will never go wrong. I hope this article helps. Have fun and ride safely!

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