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Skateboard vs Snowboard Boardslides: A Quick Comparison

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

skateboard vs snowboard

Skateboarding is a sport that knows no time of the day. However, we might consider changing plans once it’s winter and the roads get slippery. And we know there is no better way to glide in snowy places than with a snowboard.

So, skateboard vs snowboard — how is snowboarding similar to skateboarding? Many will answer that skateboards suit concrete surfaces while snowboards are for icy hills. That is true, but let’s keep reading to know more about the technical differences between the two.

Skateboards and Snowboards: Defined

Is skateboarding like snowboarding? Besides their designed skating locations, skateboards and snowboards also differ in physical aspects. Let’s distinguish them both.

1. What is a snowboard?


A snowboard is a relatively flat piece of board shaped like a popsicle, but its longitude has inward curves. No, we won’t see a snowboard on wheels, as the board itself uses a hardwood body wrapped between fiberglass layers to glide on snowy surfaces.

This equipment may be thought of as a skateboard for snowboarders, and just like a skateboard, it has a bottom called the base.

The base of a snowboard usually has a layer of Polyethylene plastic. Meanwhile, some manufacturers also incorporate more materials like carbon fiber, piezo dampers, or aluminum.

And if skateboards also vary in riding style, snowboards also have the following variants.

  • Freestyle
  • Splitboard
  • All-mountain
  • Freeride
  • Powder
  • Racing
  • Park

2. What is a skateboard?


A skateboard is equipment that consists of a deck, trucks, and bottom wheels. There are other small components as well, such as bearings, but generally, these are the main parts of a skateboard.

Compared to snowboards, skateboards can be more technical about components, especially if they have electric components.

If a skateboard has a width ranging from 7″ to 10″, snowboards are broader, ranging from 6″ to 12″. In terms of construction, skateboards use the famous maple wood added with bamboo or other materials for durability.

Differences Between a Skateboard and a Snowboard

Now that we know how both pieces of skating equipment differ in suitable places and structure, it’s time to learn their differences in skill sets required, performance, and overall riding experience.

1. Stance and balance

Snowboard VS ski? Skiing and skateboarding? There is a significant difference between a ski and a snowboard in balance and stance. So, how does the latter differ from a skateboard in this aspect?

If skis let the rider face his direction forward, skateboards and snowboards make the body approach it sideways. The distance between the two feet is also the same for both boards.

Regarding their salient differences, skateboarding has the skater’s feet in parallel positions, unlike the duck stance on snowboards.

For balance or stability purposes, I think snowboards have the upper hand because of their bindings. These are boot-like accessories that lock the feet against the board and are non-existent on a skateboard.

2. Basic riding skills

Snowboarding VS skateboarding? Here are a few skills comparable between a snowboard and a longboard.

  • Carving – Both boards require upper body movements to turn.
  • Slides – Snowboard sliding is somewhat similar to longboarding downhill.
  • Leaning – Skateboards make the rider turn on the wheels, whereas snowboards use the board’s edges.
  • Braking – Foot brakes are possible for skateboards. But when snowboarding, the rider has to shift their weight back like a power slider on a skateboard does.

Comparing skateboarding vs snowboarding vs surfing? Watch this video to learn more about surfing.

3. Learning curve

What makes snowboarding easier than skateboarding or skateboarding more challenging to master?

In skateboarding, one of the things many will focus on is how not to fall off it. And since we’re not snowboarding on concrete, falling off a snowboard will have your body hit ice or snow. Clearly, soft snow is a lot more gentle on your bones than hard ground.

What’s more, skateboards have wheels that may roll uncontrollably under your feet. So, we can say that snowboards are on the safer end for beginners.

In terms of advancement, however, they are quite similar. Let’s say you have already learned balancing and fundamental skills for both types of boards. Upskilling with both skateboards and snowboards imposes an increased level of difficulty.

In snowboarding, we will deal with steeper hills. Intermediate to advanced skateboarding will get us playing around ramps and rails. These are facts Reddit users will affirm.

4. Costs

Do snowboards and skateboards cost the same? Let’s find out the expenses of doing both sports in different areas.

  • Equipment – Skateboards have a price range of around $90 to $250. On the other hand, snowboards are more costly at $450 to $600.
  • Accessories – Skateboards do not have bindings. Besides the cost of materials on a snowboard that makes it pricey, bindings may also be an added budget challenge.
  • Gears – Not to say that skateboarding needs no protective gear like a helmet, but snowboarding requires more appropriate clothing to fight the cold.

5. Hazards

It may sound discouraging, but skateboarding can leave more bruises on your body than snowboarding. This is because of riding on skate parks and other concrete surfaces.

But don’t worry. These are all part of the learning process. Instead, we must protect ourselves with safety gear to reduce impact and injuries.

Snowboarding can also be dangerous at extreme levels, like riding on very tall and steep hills.

6. Tricks

Does skateboarding help with snowboarding? In many aspects, snowboarding and skateboarding are similar in tricks. Whether you’re doing an ollie, taking on rails, or performing a 360°, the steps remain the same for both boards.

The only deviation both sports have in this aspect is the snowboard stays fastened against the feet because of its bindings. Additionally, snowboarding tricks take less time to master than skateboards.

7. Skill transfer

As mentioned, skateboarding and snowboarding tricks are closely similar. But even if they’re challenging to master, skateboards are an ideal beginning avenue for learning snowboarding.

Perfecting balance on a wheeled board can guarantee an easier transition to snowboarding. The only thing the skater has to work on is riding the edge of a snowboard and maneuvering on the front foot.

Pros and Cons of a Snowboard


Now that we know what we can experience from a snowboard, it’s time to narrow down some of its best and not-so-good aspects.

  • Lets your land on the snow, which is less painful
  • Fewer shocks felt than skateboards
  • Unsafe for places crowded with skiers
  • The feet are attached to the board, making bailing on tricks impossible

Pros and Cons of a Skateboard


Of course, we can’t count out many good things about skateboards.

  • Safe landing for unsure trick executions
  • Less costly than snowboards
  • Leaves more shocks from landing on the skateboard deck
  • Moves more slowly than snowboards

Frequently Asked Questions


Is skateboarding harder than snowboarding?

Yes. But constant practice and patience are still keys. The only thing that could stop a skater from mastering skateboards is an irreparable injury.

Once you master balancing on a skateboard, doing the same on a snowboard would be a seamless task. However, as mentioned, both sports would be challenging at some point, specifically when working on advanced skills.

Can I snowboard if I can skateboard?

Is it easy to snowboard if you skateboard? Based on our analysis, there is a high chance that snowboards can be a skateboarder’s friend. This is because snowboarding takes the same route in terms of fundamentals and basic tricks as skateboarding.

Is it harder skiing or snowboarding?

Both sports have their own learning curves. Specifically, skiing is straightforward and is easy to learn. But once the rider works to master difficult skills, that’s where it becomes challenging.

Conversely, snowboarding may give you frustration at first, but once you see progress, advanced tricks are relatively easier.


A skater’s improvement doesn’t stop, even with a new type of board under his feet. The truth is working with different boards becomes easier as we transfer our fundamental skills from one sport to another.

So, Skateboard vs Snowboard Boardslides? Balance is the key for both, but learning first with skateboards guarantees better results. Nonetheless, both equipment have sides to adore and areas to consider. What’s important is that we master riding them to avoid injuries and other casualties.

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