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What is a Skateboard With Handle Called? Things to Know!

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

what is a skateboard with handle called

Perhaps, the difference between board sports and other events is that the former uses various pieces of equipment. As skateboarders, we don’t just have skateboards to pick from. There are longboards, e-skates, and wave boards roaming around.

But these boards do not come with handy supports, so what is a skateboard with handle called? You might have already heard of a Scooterboard. So, if you want to know more, keep reading as we share its unique aspects and the wonders it can pull off on trails.

Scooterboard: a Skateboard With a Handle


At first glance, a Scooterboard is like a typical skateboard with a removable handle installed on top of the front truck. But don’t feel confused. In reality, it’s less like a regular skateboard because it uses electricity and motors to work.

1. What a Scooterboard is for

Most people using Scooterboards ride them to get from one point to another. This board is not for doing tricks or taking on the skate park. Looking at its build, it’s more of a skateboard for wholesome rides.

What’s good about this electric skateboard with handles is even kids will find it safe to ride because of its assistive profile and other safety features.

2. Structure of a Scooterboard

A Scooterboard has features that make it an appealing choice when choosing boards or scooters.

Its skateboard handle attachment doesn’t only help the user drive the vehicle conveniently. It also makes storage easier because most Scooterboards have foldable handles, thus not requiring large storage spaces.

Second, Scooterboards have a straightforward build. We only have to get on the stepping surface and ride it the way the instruction tells us. No one has to be an expert when initially trying this equipment, as it has a handle to help users balance and control movements better.

How much do Scooterboards and skateboards differ in structure? Nothing seems different if we compare the features of Scooterboards versus the individual scooters and e-skateboards. Electric boards use wiring and batteries to work, so the two are similar.

However, if we pay more attention to details, we’ll find Scooterboard motors and batteries more powerful than a typical motorized skateboard. They also have a lengthier handle and a broader deck size.

Differences Between Scooterboards and Skateboards

Let’s discover more differences between Scooterboards and skateboards.

1. External force applied

Skateboards are more likely to strain your legs because of the mechanical work they need. On the other hand, Scooterboards operate by only requiring the user to lean forward. Then, the Scooterboard moves without making you tired. These advantages come from its powerful battery and motor system.

2. Functioning

As mentioned, batteries and motors make e-skates and Scooterboards work. These electronic features free the skater from using physical strength to make the equipment function.

What many love about a Scooterboard is users of any age can use it easily. It doesn’t need strenuous work, so there’s not much to make you tired.

3. Braking system

Earlier, we called this board a safe piece of equipment. Besides having a handle to assist the user, Scooterboards have responsive brakes, which add to their overall safety.

4. Ergonomics in handling

The reality that skateboards have no handy support already sets a Scooterboard apart. Other than being your balancing stick, a scooter handle for skateboard offers more benefits.

It lets you hold the skateboard handlebars with either one or two hands without compromising comfort. This way, it’s straightforward to maintain an upright posture, and if you have weak arm strength, that still won’t prevent you from using the board.

5. Stability

What’s good about this electric skateboard scooter is it doesn’t require challenging movements to work, unlike skateboards. Specifically, the user doesn’t have to learn how to stand or even push the deck with their feet, things they must do on regular skateboards and may cause them to fall as a result.

6. Steering

Another difference between a skateboard and Scooterboard is their turning abilities. You’ll have to lean your body to initiate a turn on the skateboards.

Whereas with a Scooterboard, there’s no need to angle your body in a certain direction. Straightforwardly, turn that skateboard scooter handle to your desired point, and the rest follows.

For more details, please take a look at this article: Skateboard vs Scooter.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are regular skateboards called?

The wooden boards on the roads and skate parks are both regular skateboards.

Specifically, longboards are for skaters who love speed racing or downhill skating. On the other hand, shorter boards, commonly called skateboards, are for tackling the ramps and doing tricks.

Besides the length, these boards have more differences in their trucks and wheels. Nonetheless, these two are the most popular boards we’ll ever see.

Are electric scooters safer than skateboards?

Yes. I see two aspects that make e-scooters safer than skateboards: the handle and brakes.

None of these two features are present on a skateboard. It’s not to put the latter down, but for adults or kids exploring board sports, there’s more safety guarantee with Scooterboards.

Thus, the high scooter skateboard prices don’t deter many people from buying them.


If, as skateboarders, we find ways to improve our skills, skateboard manufacturers also innovate on these pieces of equipment for various benefits. That way, everyone can enjoy the sport and have thrilling rides.

So, what is a skateboard with handle called? It’s a Scooterboard that helps the user get from one point to another and allows us to cruise safely and tirelessly.

Whether you use a skateboard or a Scooterboard, it won’t matter that much as both are enjoyable. What’s significant is you know how both of these work and what will suit your needs best.

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