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The Best Skateboards Under 100 (Best P/P)

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

best skateboard under 100

One common misconception about picking a skateboard is that the top-tier skateboards are the most expensive. The truth is, a skateboard’s performance is not solely dependent on its price. Several factors make up a good skateboard, like its mix of components, maintenance, and more.

Do you want to know what kind of skateboard your $100 can make? Let me introduce some options for the best skateboard under 100. But before that, let’s get into some important buying factors first.

  • Deck: Included in the list of famous decks used are cruisers, longboards, and popsicle boards. All these shapes serve a specific purpose, so be sure to check what suits your style.
  • Wheels: The wheels of your skateboard dictate the quality of your ride. Here are a few aspects you need to check.
  • Diameter – Wheel sizes range from 50mm to 62mm. The speed of these rollers improves as the size increases.
  • Hardness – Skateboard wheels commonly use the durometer A scale in identifying hardness. Soft rollers are those at the lower scale and are suitable for rough surfaces. Harder wheels come with better speed and are ideal for professional skateboarders.
  • Trucks: These components vary in terms of height and material composition. Lowered trucks provide more stability. Higher trucks, on the other hand, make your board more maneuverable. These also allow you to make sharp turns with your skateboard.

One more aspect you have to check is whether the trucks are of aluminum alloy. This metal is a common material for skateboard trucks due to its durability.

There are more exciting aspects we will discuss in the buying guide of this article. Be sure not to miss any of them, and we’ll help you land on the most appropriate skateboard under $100. But for now, let me introduce ideal options for a cheap skateboard.


Top 1

WhiteFang Skateboard

– Lightweight

– Uses a thermal transfer

– Quality wheels and bearings

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Top 2

Beleev Skateboard

– 31″ x 8″ deck size

– Weighs only 4.7lbs

– Waterproof grip tape

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Top 3

KPC Complete Skateboard

– 7-ply maple board

– 52mm 99a wheels

– 80-grit grip tape 

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Top 10 Skateboard Under 100 Reviews

1. WhiteFang Skateboard for Beginners

Designed for new skateboarders, the WhiteFang Skateboard for Beginners ensures that riders of all levels can learn skateboarding tricks smoothly. It comes with a dissymmetric shape that makes the board more maneuverable. What’s more, it has emery sandpaper that gives my feet a secure feeling when riding.

Besides its shape, one more aspect I love about this brand’s deck is its composition. WhiteFang uses seven layers of Canadian maple wood that offer the right balance of weight and toughness. It can load someone as heavy as 330lbs, making it an all-age skateboard. Plus, its 5.07 lbs weight makes it light and easy to carry.

I think this skateboard has a perfect mix of smoothness and versatility, thanks to its 95a hard wheels and ABEC 9 bearings. Wheel cores at this ABEC rating make my rides smooth, while the PU wheels give a quick response to my movements. These aspects make the rollers fit for almost any type of ride. They work for commutes, skate parks, ramps, and even rough surfaces.

This skateboard brand impresses with its classic aesthetics as well. I like how WhiteFang came up with a classic black and white graphic design at the bottom of the deck. What’s notable is that the brand used a thermal transfer printing method, which makes the design long-lasting. So, not only does this skateboard come with pleasing designs but durable ones as well.

However, I think the trucks need risers. I once tried leaning on one side of the skateboard, and the wheels scratched the bottom side of the deck.
  • Dissymmetric board shape with emery sandpaper on top for better control
  • Comes with durable 7-layer Canadian maple wood with enough weight capacity
  • Lightweight and easy-to-bring skateboard at only 5.07lbs
  • Quality wheels and bearings for versatility and smooth rides
  • Uses a thermal transfer for long-lasting attractive deck designs
  • The board needs risers
This option is a go-to skateboard for me. It works almost anywhere, and I always get a comfortable and smooth ride. It also looks good and is easy to bring with me.

2. Beleev Skateboard

For purposes of versatility, this Beleev Skateboard uses a pair of 5″ heavy-duty aluminum trucks. These components are tough and versatile, making the entire skateboard fit for experts and beginners. Not only that, these trucks also make the skateboard suitable for simple commutes, freestyling, and tricks.

I also love this skateboard because it’s comfortable and easy to bring on trips. It comes with dimensions 31″ x 8″ that creates ample space for my feet. Plus, it only weighs 4.7lbs, which does not seem to be a problem for any skateboarder. These features help me ride this skateboard confidently and take it anywhere.

I think the deck shape of this skateboard is also an advantage. It has a double kick symmetric concave design, adding maneuverability to the skateboard. With that, I get to stop riding smoothly and control the board better with my heels and toes.

One more feature I love about this skateboard is its unique stepping surface. Besides providing enough space for mobility, the deck also comes with waterproof non-slip emery grip tape on the top. This layer allows for better traction against my sneakers, keeping me safe all the time.

This doesn’t seem to affect my ride, but I would be happier if the product made less noise when I skate.
  • Features sturdy trucks that make the skateboard reliable for experts & novices
  • For commuting, freestyling, and tricks
  • 31″ x 8″ deck size that provides a comfortable stepping surface
  • Weighs only 4.7lbs, making it easy to bring anywhere
  • Double kick symmetric concave shape for easy control and braking
  • Comes with a waterproof, non-slip emery grip tape to keep the rider safe
  • Makes noise when skating
Overall, this option can be an ideal starter board because of its comfort and maneuverability. Many buyers consider it the most favorite cruiser skateboard, and I love taking it anywhere.

3. KPC Complete Skateboard

Coming fully assembled and ready to use, the KPC Complete Skateboard made my life more convenient. I was happy about not setting up anything when I got the kit. All I had to do was making a few adjustments to the tightness of the trucks. With that, I think this brand can be a perfect skateboard for beginner riders.

Besides arriving complete, this pre-assembled complete skateboard has a durable deck as well. It has a 7-ply maple deck that’s strong enough even for pro skateboarders. It also comes with a perfect balance of flex and stiffness. So, it’s a reliable board, and I think these aspects help me with my stability.

The next best thing about this skateboard is the smoothness of my ride. With its 52mm 99a high rebound rollers, I get to ride both rough and smooth surfaces. Not only that, inside these wheels are ABEC 7 precision speed bearings that work for almost any riding style. Matched with the PU wheels, I love how they make my rides comfortable.

I think this brand values safety the way quality brands do, as well. This option comes with an 80-grit level grip tape that provides enough traction between my sneakers and the deck. I also love this sheet because it’s what most advanced riders use, and it has the perfect degree of coarseness.

On the downside, there were a few scratches on the deck when I received the board. Good thing they didn’t affect my ride at all.
  • Complete skateboard arriving assembled, ready to use, and is fit for beginners
  • 7-ply maple board offering durability and an ideal mix of flex and stiffness
  • 52mm 99a wheels with ABEC 7 bearings for smooth rides
  • 80-grit grip tape for better traction and safety on the board
  • Trucks’ tightness may need adjustment
  • Arrived with a few scratches on the deck
Overall, I love how smooth my rides get using this skateboard for beginners adults. I can control it well, and I always feel stable riding it. Its parts are also pretty decent.

4. Minority 32” Maple Skateboard

The Minority 32” Maple Skateboard is one of the few choices I prefer in terms of speed. It features a set of ABEC 9 precision chrome bearings paired with hard 52mm 102a PU wheels. These components do not only make my rides sharp and speedy, but they also allow me to perform some tricks.

This skateboard isn’t only speedy but is also smooth-running. The Minority skateboard passed a maneuverability test, proving its controllability for street skating and parks. With that, I get to glide on corners and dodge ramps without losing balance or control of the skateboard.

Another feature that makes this skateboard ideal for performing cool tricks and riding in skate parks is its shape. It comes with a medium concave deck design that helps me perform tricks well. Not only that, this deck also features hard maple wood, making it suitable for agile skateboard movements.

The truck system of this skateboard is of decent quality. It comes with a pair of trucks made with genuine aluminum for durability. Also, these parts come with carbon steel kingpins and 78a polyurethane bushings, providing a high rebound for the skateboard.

The only downside of this model lies with its grip tape. After a few uses, the board’s gritty layer began to wear out a bit early. Nonetheless, this part is replaceable.
  • ABEC 9 bearings with 52mm 102a wheels for better speed and tricks
  • Smooth-running skateboard with optimum maneuverability
  • Medium concave shape for trick execution
  • Has a hard maple deck composition for agile skating
  • Durable aluminum trucks with kingpins and bushings for high rebound
  • Grip tape began to wear out a bit early
This skateboard for adults is one of my most preferred designs, considering its speed and trick execution. Like most pro skateboarders, I love its rebound capacity.

5. Geelife Pro Complete Skateboard

One thing that makes Geelife a reputable brand is its products’ functionality. This skateboard works well with skate ramps, pools, and streets, regardless of the smoothness of the surface. With this attribute, I can ride this skateboard anywhere I want.

The next aspect I love about this skateboard lies with its deck. This Geelife comes with medium wheel wells that provide enough space between the urethane wheels and the bottom part of the deck. Through these, I can glide and lean on the board confidently without damaging my wheels and board.

Besides being fit for various skating locations, this complete skateboard features unique deck features, making it ideal for ollies. It has a mild concave shape paired with short and steep kicktails. These deck attributes add enough height to my ollies and make the deck a decent skateboard upgrade for better rides every day.

I also find this skateboard easy to maintain. It comes with high-density waterproof grip tape, allowing me to remove mud or soil using only a damp cloth. That way, cleaning the skateboard won’t consume much time. Plus, I feel confident about the deck being safe from moisture because of this grip tape.

On the downside, the bearings of this board did not last as long as I wanted.
  • Works in various locations like ramps, pools, and streets of any roughness level
  • Comes with wheel wells that reduce the risk of damaging the deck and wheels
  • Has a mild concave shape with short and steep kicktails, ideal for ollies
  • Waterproof grip tape that makes cleaning easy and keeps the deck moisture-free
  • Bearings are not durable
Despite that, I am glad to perform tricks well using this skateboard. It has a quality deck, which not all budget-friendly skateboards have.

6. Cal 7 Complete Standard Skateboard

Coming with a 100% maple deck composition, the Cal 7 Complete Standard Skateboard is one of the products I will always choose for its sturdiness. This skateboard features a 7-layer maple board that offers superior durability. And with high-strength hardware, this deck helps me control the board better and ride it consistently.

I find the wheels of this skateboard speedy and versatile. Cal 7 has a set of 99a rollers that provide an easy transition from smooth surfaces to rough terrains. These urethane wheels also come with a 52mm size that helps me gain speed quickly. Having these components on my skateboard gives me a premium-ride feeling every time.

The trucks of this skateboard are also of decent quality. Each aluminum truck comes with 3mm riser pads, offering enough space between the wheels and the deck. And through these, I get to lean on the board and avoid wheel bite at the same time.

Besides protection against wheel and deck scratches, these components also have HR90A bushings that make sharp carving easy. These bushings possess perfect softness, adding to the shock absorption capacity of the skateboard. That way, turning and landing using this skateboard always feels smooth.

On the downside, I received a skateboard with footmarks on the grip tape. It still worked, but it was not the skateboard condition I expected.
  • 7-layer maple deck that offers superior durability and better control
  • 52mm 99a wheels providing enough speed and smooth transition
  • High-quality skateboard trucks with 3mm riser pads that avoid wheel bite
  • HR90A bushings for sharp turns and ample shock absorption
  • Arrived with footmarks on the grip tape
Overall, this skateboard provides ample maneuverability. It allows for smooth and precise rides. Plus, the risers greatly help in keeping the deck and wheels protected.

7. CCS Complete Skateboard

Made with a quality deck, the CCS Complete Skateboard is one of the few brands I always prefer for cruising and doing tricks. This skateboard features a standard shape that helps me control it well. Plus, it comes with a maple wood body, giving it the right balance of rigidity and flex. With these, I can enjoy commutes and challenging rides.

One aspect that sets CCS a cut above various skateboard brands is its trucks. These components come with durable steel base plates and 1″ Phillips hardware that keep the deck and the skateboard’s parts intact. I love these features because they make me feel more confident riding the skateboard.

I also like this cruiser skateboard because of its simplicity. Each skate deck comes with a solid color at the back with the brand’s printed name on it. For someone who likes minimalist and simple layouts, this skateboard is a delight to the eyes.

On top of these benefits, I love the convenience this complete skateboard brings. First, it arrived assembled and ready to use. Second, it came with a T-tool as advertised. So, I got to use the skateboard immediately. Plus, I saved money from buying a separate repair tool because of this skateboard brand.

Like some users on Reddit, I found the bearings of this skateboard a bit slow. So, I bought a new set and saw noticeable improvements in my skateboard’s speed.
  • Comes with a standard deck made with a maple body fit for cruising and tricks
  • Trucks that have base plates and Phillips hardware for more sturdiness
  • Has a simple design at the back of the deck
  • Arrived complete and ready-to-use
  • Comes with a T-tool for quick adjustments
  • The bearings were a bit slow
CCS makes good complete skateboards under $100. They come with classic designs, durable components, and quality rides. For a 100 dollar skateboard, this brand is a good grab for me.

8. Gonex Standard Skateboard

Coming with a sturdy double concave deck, the Gonex Standard Skateboard makes the life of any skateboarder easy. This cruiser skateboard features nine layers of maple wood, making it more durable. Its shape also allows for better control and braking on the skateboard, regardless of the rider’s level.

Besides having an easy-to-control and durable deck, this skateboard also has enough shock absorption and weight capacity. It can load someone who weighs a maximum of 220lbs, which means it’s comfortable for any age and level. With that, I find this brand reliable and a long-lasting one as well.

Aside from basic skateboarding skills like cruising and braking, this skateboard also helps me perform tricks and stunts. With its double-kick shape, riders of all ages can go for skateboarding ramps, bowls, streets, and wherever skateboards thrive.

This skateboard has a durable stepping surface as well. It comes with a wear-resistant anti-slip black grip tape on top, providing steady friction between my skate shoes and the skateboard. Plus, this protective layer is waterproof, which means my deck is less prone to damage from moisture.

I don’t think the bearings that came with the skateboard were as durable as the rest of its parts. After a few uses, the board’s original wheel cores broke. Fortunately, the seller sent me a replacement.
  • Durable 9-layer maple body for better braking and control
  • Loads a maximum weight of 220lbs with ample shock absorption
  • For both basic skills and advanced tricks
  • A versatile skateboard that works for almost any skateboarding location
  • Comes with a wear-resistant anti-slip grip tape for better friction
  • Waterproof stepping surface preserves the deck
  • The bearings broke a bit too early
I love how this skateboard’s form assists me in doing stunts and simple tricks. It carries me smoothly, and its stepping surface feels secure.

9. Scientoy Skateboard

If there’s one item I’d use for tricks and stunts, it’ll be the Scientoy Skateboard. This skateboard features a double-kick concave shape, which provides enough flexibility to the board. This aspect allows me to execute ollies, slides, flip tricks, and a lot more stunts.

One more aspect that makes this skateboard ideal for challenging rides is its deck and truck combination. Besides having a good shape, this Scientoy also has a 9-layer Canadian maple body paired with a set of 5-inch aluminum trucks. I love how these components work together and provide ample toughness and steadiness to my rides.

Another good thing about this skateboard is its 95a high-rebound wheels and ABEC 7 skateboard bearings. With these components, I get better balance and control of my skateboard. Plus, the rollers have enough shock absorption capacity, reducing the impact of skateboard jumps.

This skateboard is also a complete package for me. Aside from not requiring any assembly, it arrived with a couple of helpful tools. The Scientoy board came with a multi-functional repair wrench. But I think what made it more advantageous was its pair of screws for the wheels and trucks. With these, I got to save cash from buying the tools separately.

I don’t think the design at the bottom side of the deck was durable enough, especially when I pulled a decal sticker off it. Nonetheless, the skateboard runs well.
  • Double-kick concave deck shape providing flexibility for tricks
  • 9-layer Canadian maple body with 5″ aluminum trucks for superior toughness
  • 95a wheels with ABEC 7 bearings for balance, control, and shock absorption
  • Complete skateboard with repair tool and spare parts
  • The deck’s graphic designs were not durable
Overall, I love how this skateboard matches my desire for thrilling rides. Its components complement each other well, and I think it’s one of the most convenient brands I have.

10. ToyerBee Skateboard

One feature that makes the ToyerBee Skateboard an ideal choice is its size. With an 8 inches deck width, this skateboard provides ample steeping surface for most riders. I also love its 31″ length because it’s just perfect for my riding style. With these dimensions, I feel comfortable and stable riding this skateboard.

ToyerBee uses an appropriate combination of components that ensures the rider’s confidence and the skateboard’s longevity. First, it comes with a 9-layer Canadian maple deck. Second, it has a pair of 5-inch aluminum trucks. These parts provide the right level of lightness and strength for the board.

Another set of components that made this skateboard safe is its wheel set. It comes with 95a high-elastic PU rollers equipped with ABEC 7 bearings, so I don’t have difficulty maintaining my balance. Also, these parts keep my rides smooth. I can ride streets, skateparks, ramps, and almost any surface safely with the softness these rollers bring.

I think this skateboard has quality aesthetics, too. At the back of each deck are designs made by ToyerBee. What’s better is that the brand used thermal transfer printing to preserve the images of the deck. So, not only are these patterns and layouts made artistically, but they’re also as durable as the skateboard’s parts.

I was looking forward to the skate tool kit this brand advertised. However, not a single piece arrived. It seems to be a delivery problem, as other customers received it.
  • 31″ x 8″ deck size that provides enough stepping surface for comfort and stability
  • Durable maple deck and aluminum trucks for the right mix of weight & strength
  • Safe skateboard with smooth-running wheels equipped with ABEC 7 bearings
  • Quality graphic deck designs printed using thermal transfer for durability
  • Didn’t arrive with the advertised tool kit
Like other quality brands, ToyerBee is a good spend for me. I love its parts, and I always get a stable ride using it.

What to Look for When Buying a Skateboard Under 100


The perfect 100 skateboard setup depends on your riding style. So, take note of the following aspects to make the most of your $100.


A good set of wheels boosts the quality of your rides. Here are a few things we always need to check.

  • Size – A wheel diameter ranging from 50mm to 53mm may be a bit slow, but it fits skateparks well. On the other hand, medium wheels at around 54mm to 59mm are ideal for skateboarders who want more speed. They are also a perfect choice for mastering bowls and ramps.
  • Wheel diameters bigger than the mentioned figures work best on rough surfaces. They also promote better speed than the smaller ones.
  • Hardness level – Determining the wheels’ hardness using a durometer A scale is simple. Low numbers indicate softer wheels. Rollers of this class work well with rough surfaces as they tend to neutralize bumpy parts of the trail.
  • Meanwhile, harder wheels are ideal for smooth surfaces, like skateboarding parks. To specify wheel hardness gauge into two levels, 78a to 87a are considered soft wheels. Any hardness level higher than 87a is hard wheels.
  • Bearings – Speedy rides are attainable for everyone. However, to achieve them, you need a good set of bearings. And with different classes available in the market, it can be complex. A simple tip: look for wheel cores with an ABEC 7 rating as a minimum. The higher you go in the ABEC ratings, the faster your ride will get.


High-quality skateboard decks make a comfortable ride. Check the following aspects.

  • Shape – Common among skateboarders is the double-kick concave deck. This type of deck is easy to control and is ideal for beginners learning how to skateboard.
  • Deck Size – Take note that a longer and wider deck can be hard to control, and those that are too short can be uncomfortable. So, try to look for decks with lengths averaging 31″. For the width, 8 inches width decks provide a decent stepping surface for any rider.
  • Material – The durability of a skateboard largely depends on its components. With that, try to look for skateboards made with decent maple wood. This material features enough toughness and is a famous deck composition among skateboarders.


These parts link your wheels to your deck. The more sturdy your trucks are, the better you perform with your skateboard. To ensure quality skateboard rides, look for trucks made with aluminum alloy. This material has enough shock resistance and is more durable than other skateboard truck alloys.

Also, check their bushings and other hardware inside, as these are vital for a smooth ride.

Grip tape

Injuries exempt no one, especially with extreme sports like skateboarding. So, besides looking for quality skateboard parts, always keep your safety in mind. With that, check for griptape with the right balance of coarseness at around 80S. This grit level is enough to hold your feet firmly without giving you a hard time moving them.

Skateboarding tools

Having a complete set of repair tools and spare parts for your skateboard is a luxury. The good thing is that even $100 can now get you both a quality skateboard and a repair kit. It can be in the form of a T-tool, set of wrenches, bolts, or any hardware. These might look like an essential for some, but it’s more of a convenience for many.

Is 100 a Good Price for a Skateboard


Setting a budget for acquiring a new skateboard is one good way to start things off. You don’t have to settle with the cheapest brand available as it may not yield great results.

With some brands priced at around $50 to $80, allocating $100 for your first skateboard is a wise decision. Skateboards at this price level are not only decent boards but can also be heavy-duty brands that can help you achieve thrilling rides.

How Much Should You Spend on a First Skateboard

Like investing in huge properties, buying a skateboard also entails some risks. But buying skating gear does not mean spending an amount you’re willing to waste without getting any benefit, but it’s buying a product that can give you valuable service.

The average price of complete skateboards goes around $75 to $150. You can also find a skateboard under $50 or a skateboard under 150. And while there are more expensive brands available, there’s no need to bank on them immediately for your first board. All you need is to spend on one that suits your ride and will help you learn better.

Should I Buy a Skateboard Online? Where Is the Best Place to Buy

It is not required to buy a skateboard online, especially if you’re skeptical about its quality and performance. But by going through the item’s specifications, reviews, and comments made by the buyers, you’ll be able to distinguish the best skateboard brands and designs from mediocre ones. And with that, you get more assurance when buying online.

There are plenty of good Amazon skateboards around you. Products on this platform come with reliable features and feedback from experienced users. Also, you can search for the item’s reviews from other sellers and visit stores like Zumiez.


Achieving your ultimate skateboard goals does not necessarily mean spending beyond your means. It only calls for the right pieces of equipment to suit your riding style.

Now, with the best skateboard under 100, not only will you get to save, but you’ll also satisfy your skateboarding needs. Remember the tips I have shared with you to keep yourself guided throughout the shopping process.

Make the most of every penny you spend. Don’t forget to drop your inquiries in the comments section.

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