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Spacers vs No Spacers for a Skateboard (Comparison)

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

spacers vs no spacers for a skateboard

If you have been skateboarding for a while now, we can agree that minimal differences in gear affect our rides. These deviations can be in size, shape, or the inclusion of small components.

Are there optional parts in a skateboard? Yes, the bearing spacers are one of them. For a long time, installing these cylinders or not remained a topic of discussion.

So, spacers VS no spacers for a skateboard? Keep reading as I share the benefits of both options and which of them suits your style best.

When Do We Need and Not Need Spacers?

Like any other variable in skateboarding, spacers have their fair share of benefits, whether installed or not. On the other hand, they may also impose a few drawbacks when added or ignored in a specific setup. Let’s weigh both options.

1. With skateboard wheel spacers

  • Aggressive skating


Do pros use bearing spacers? If we look at the context of pros doing slides, tricks, jumps, and other technical skating skills, we can say pros work with spacers.

To skate aggressively means checking out all the corners of a skate park. It could also mean working on your skateboard fast and hard.

In these instances, skateboard-bearing spacers play a critical role. Your board will have to deal with pressure, especially the trucks. The turns and jumps you make will test the sturdiness of the entire board.

Installing spacers will help keep the axles and wheels intact. These parts will maintain the appropriate alignment of the axle pins, bearings, and urethane rollers, especially on rough skate rides.

2. Without spacers


  • Longboarding

We often use longboards for cruising, traveling, or downhill skating. They are not as active as street skateboards, which means spacers may also be unnecessary.

You likely won’t do sharp turns when longboarding. And add a part such as a longboard bearing spacers is not a requirement.

3. Additional reminders

Whether we’re using bearings or not, there are a few things we need to consider to know if we are doing any good to our skateboards.

  • Caution

Installing bearings and spacers can be challenging because you have to combine all the parts correctly. Otherwise, your trucks will respond less precisely.

The good news is skateboard shops now go beyond selling skateboards, safety gear, and parts. Most stores today offer personalized services to their customers.

And if you happen to be a beginner or a less experienced skater in maintenance, you can ask someone on the crew to install your spacers.

  • Corrosion

Of course, spacers and bearings are also susceptible to wearing out. It could be due to moisture exposure or gunk and dirt build-up.

And this is one of the reasons why some skaters don’t insist on using spacers for skateboarding. The time will come when the bearings will rust, and spacers won’t stop this from happening.

Nonetheless, as long as your spacers remain solid, you can still change your bearings while keeping the old steel cylinders inside. So, you get to keep your trucks and their parts aligned and sharp.

How to Use Bearing Spacers?

Using bearing spacers involves installing them.

To use skateboard spacers, install a bearing on one side of the axle. You can drop one washer on the axle pin, followed by one bearing and the spacer.

Then, put another bearing on the spacer, followed by a washer and a nut to lock everything in place.

Do You Need Bearing Spacers for Roller Skates?


Spacers for roller skates are not popular as only 10% of people in roller skating believe these parts are integral. True enough, these cylinders provide exceptional performance.

But if you are a beginner in roller skating, using these spacers may not be necessary. However, note that some roller skating wheels require these metal parts.

One of these wheel types is the light-up wheel. Spacers are necessary for these rollers to light up.

Are Skateboard Spacers Costly?

No. But that does not mean you’re going to compromise quality. If you plan to buy spacers, you can check out a few famous brands like Bones bearing spacers.

You can also find other popular truck spacers skateboard users prefer in Bronson Speed Co. and Heady Shake Pro.

Others who are tight on a budget may also consider choosing bearings with built-in spacers. These can be a more affordable option, but you still have to ensure their quality.


Spacers offer various benefits. They prolong the life of the bearings, align the trucks and their parts, and distribute the rider’s weight evenly through the skateboard. With these, it’s safe to say they’re doing good things more than not.

So, spacers VS no spacers for a skateboard? It would depend on your setup, whether you choose thrilling skate rides or simple cruising. Be mindful of the drawbacks of poor installation as well.

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