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What Are the Parts of a Skateboard? (3 Main Parts of Skate)

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

what are the parts of a skateboard

Skateboarding is an extreme sport that is well-known in the United States, using sports equipment called skateboarding. The skateboard is a short and oblong-shaped wooden board used by skateboarders to perform tricks and stunts.

What are the parts of a skateboard? Skateboards, in general, have three basic parts. These skateboard parts’ names include the deck, the trucks, and the wheels.

These three major parts consist of essential components in fulfilling their overall function to the skateboard itself. Technically, skateboards have 12 separate components; each has a specific function and purpose.


The Skateboard Anatomy


The Truck

The most important but most complicated part of the skateboard is the truck. The truck supports the skateboarder’s load as he stands on the deck. The truck’s main purpose is to maintain the wheels from rolling on the ground. Click here for more details on the trusted skateboard trucks for the street and the most popular skateboard trucks for cruising.

The trucks are attached to the skateboard deck. It connects the wheels, the bearings, and the deck to one another.

Parts of a skateboard truck

  • Baseplate – A rectangular metal on the bottom part of the truck that is attached to the board. Most manufacturers put their brand names in this part of the truck. It is composed of 4 to 6 mounting holes for the tools to go through.
  • KingpinKingpin is the large bolt nuts that support the truck hanger and the bushing. It controls the amount of pressure placed on the bushing.
  • Hanger – The hanger is the T-shape metal located at the bottom of the truck. It is usually made up of a metal or alloy. It is the heaviest and strongest part of the truck as it endures all the beatings.
  • BushingsBushings are found between the baseplate and the hanger. Its main purpose is to cushion the truck while moving or turning in different directions. Each truck is composed of 2 bushings.
  • Axles – Axles are also known as hanger shafts. It links the two wheels on each truck and holds onto place by an axle nut.
  • Riser – The riser is an optional component of the skateboard. It is usually placed between the baseplate and the deck, preventing the wheels from hitting the board’s underside.

The Deck

The Skateboard deck is also called the board. The deck is the flat wooden board that skateboarders stand on while skating. Most decks are made from maple wood because this type of wood is durable and stable, a perfect material for a skateboard deck.

Parts of a skateboard deck

  • Grip tapeGrip tape is attached to the top of the deck. It has a sandpaper-like sheet surface for better grip function.
  • Bolts – A total of eight bolts are used to attach the skateboard truck to the board or deck.

The Wheels

This is the part of the skateboard that is responsible for rolling and spinning. Wheels are usually made of polyurethane and come in different shapes and sizes depending on the skateboarder’s preference.

Larger diameters allow the skateboard to roll faster while smaller diameter allows the skateboard to get closer to the floor, thus needing lesser force for accelerating. Smaller-diameter wheels are often recommended for street skating.

Parts of skateboard wheels

  • Axle nuts – Skateboard wheels consist of 4 axle nuts that keep the wheels spinning in place.
  • Washers – There are two small washers placed between the nuts on the axle and between the inner bearings of the hanger.
  • BearingsEach wheel has two ball bearings attached to the axle. Allowing the wheels to spin smoothly on the axle is the main role of bearings. You can find eight bearings, two on each of the skateboard wheels.

Important Tip


The skateboard’s major parts and their components were all equally important because the absence of one would affect the whole performance of the skateboard.

Every single part should be taken care of for them to function well. A well-maintained skateboard’s parts will definitely prolong your skateboard’s life span.


What are the parts of a skateboard? As discussed earlier, a skateboard has three major parts- the truck, the deck, and the wheels. Each part has smaller details that have their own specific function. All the parts of a skateboard play a vital role in the overall function of a skateboard. We need to replace and fine-tune these components to maintain the whole board’s smooth functions.

I hope this article gives you enough information on the anatomy of your skateboard. If you find this helpful, please feel free to share and comment below. Skate safe!

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