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Top Mount Vs Drop Through Longboard: Which One to Opt?

Fact checked by Michael Derosier


Longboards are available in different mounting configurations. These are governed by the manner in which the truck is connected. In this article, I will be discussing the top mount vs drop through longboard design. Both configurations have their advantages and disadvantages.

For most skating applications, a top-mounted longboard will provide the best balance of stability and maneuverability. Their mid-sized trucks have the ability to ride higher off the ground and allow for greater stability at high speeds or while carrying added weight.

However, when your preference is for a lower center of gravity, such as when you’re riding technical terrain or pushing yourself around town, the drop through longboard is the right choice. I’ll get into more detail in the next sections.


Top Mount Vs. Drop Through Longboard Comparison

Drop Through Longboards


These boards have an entirely new style, which contributes to the rider’s comfort. A drop through board gives a lot of stability; as a result, it has gained considerable popularity in recent years.

Drop through longboards feature a versatile design, a one-of-a-kind construction, and are also fairly light in weight. Indeed, this skateboard is unlike any other on the market. Drop through longboards have incredible features that allow riders to stay close to the ground.

At high speeds, drop through boards are extremely stable. They are extremely lightweight and maneuverable. One of the primary reasons professional skaters choose drop through boards is this. It has a reasonable amount of reactivity and the best dropthrough trucks, which makes it an ideal choice for many professionals.

Skaters who practice cruising prefer to ride drop through boards. The drop through pintail longboard is specifically built for high-speed cruising.

It features a shallow platform, which enhances stability when skaters ride it at fast speeds. You may simply increase the pace and keep control according to your requirements. Drop through boards are appropriate for all sorts of skateboarders due to their increased flexibility.

This board is also excellent for carving at moderate speeds. It’s a fantastic option for free skateboarders who like sliding on their longboard.

Due to the flexibility of the drop through design, it is not incredibly robust. It is intended specifically for carving and cruising, which means it is not suitable for all riders.

Due to the unusual structural configuration of the drop through longboard, it is significantly drifty. As a result, it is wobbly on several platforms. Drop through longboards’ lower deck shape prevents you from making the sharpest turns.


  • Equipped with a lightweight design
  • Users can ride close to the ground
  • Great maneuverability and stability
  • Excellent for high-speed cruising
  • Nice for moderate speed carving and sliding


  • Not the most robust; slightly wobbly on some platforms
  • Sharp turns are difficult due to its drifting nature

Top Mount Longboards


Another standout type is the top mount longboards, which are also fairly popular on the market. This style of the board features trucks that are placed immediately beneath the board. Numerous innovations enhance the board’s responsiveness and maneuverability.

Believe me, you will experience all of these appealing aspects upon riding the top mount longboard. You’ll be able to load the vehicle with nearly your complete weight. Because of this, the trucks can make abrupt turns as you travel. Additionally, as compared to other boards on the market, the top mount provides a superior grip.

For a beginner, starting to longboard on a top mount deck allows you to master the fundamentals before progressing to something else.

A top mount is often narrower than a drop-through, so a top mount board forces you to focus on your stability and foot positioning – especially because you normally only use a section of the deck area. Additionally, turning this type of board pushes you to locate the greatest leverage points.

In addition, top mounts allow for deeper carving. What’s more, a Top mount’s tight turning radius is ideal for evading people and negotiating traffic.

While top mounts have a wonderful traditional surf appearance and are well-suited to calm cruising, they lack the versatility and functionality of drop-throughs for techniques other than leisurely riding.

Top mounts have less functional foot room and are not nearly as stable due to their elevated position. Additionally, they are usually flatter and lack considerable concaveness for anchoring your feet. All of these make them unsuitable for rapid descents and tricky sliding.

Due to their top mount design, they are not suitable for distance riding, as pushing on top mount forces you to lower your foot to the ground, which causes more tension on your knees and hip area.

In summary, a top mount longboard deck is an excellent board for beginning longboard users since it forces riders to learn how to position and stabilize themselves. When the proper posture and motions are adopted, you are instantly rewarded with a very pleasant cruising performance.


  • Top mounted trucks for good responsiveness
  • Can handle most one one’s body weight
  • Excellent grip; good for learning
  • Deeper carving is possible
  • A tight turning radius is ideal for avoiding obstacles
  • Suits cruising well


  • Less versatile and stable than drop-throughs
  • Not suitable for distance riding


Choosing the proper longboard is important since it has a significant effect on the ride. Thus, it is advised that you pick wisely between top mount vs drop through longboard in order to have an amazing journey. The style of your board is entirely up to you. Also, if you wonder about the difference between drop down and drop through, click here for more details.

If you are a novice, begin with a top mount longboard. If you’re not comfortable with it, you can always switch to a drop through longboard. The wonders knowing the advantages and disadvantages of drop through vs top mount can change your skating experience.

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