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How to Tre Flip on a Fingerboard? (w/ Photos & Tutorial Video)

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

how to tre flip on a fingerboard

Skaters do not get famous for no reason. Tony Hawk, Nyah Huston, and Rodney Mullen are only a few names that inspired generations of skateboard users today.

Rodney Mullen, in particular, is known for his 360 flip. His creation of this trick had led to more professional skaters taking it to different heights. And one of these areas is fingerboard skating. Is 360 possible on a fingerboard? Absolutely!

Today, we will learn how to Tre Flip on a fingerboard. At the end of this tutorial, we will master two finger skateboard tricks incorporated into one solid skill.

What You Need

In this tutorial, we only need a few things.

  • Your fingerboard – Fingerboards vary based on the user’s level, price, and other significant factors. You can choose among beginner, advanced, intermediate, or professional fingerboards. Each has a specified setup suited to your objectives and skills.
  • A flat fingerboard skating surface – We won’t grind on a fingerboard rail, so a smooth, leveled table would suffice.

Steps to Performing a Tre Flip

As mentioned, we are incorporating two tricks: 360 turn around pop shuvit and kickflip on a Tech Deck. Here’s how to perfect the Tre Flip Techdeck move many players find challenging.

Step 1: Tech deck footing


For better visualization, let’s have your right hand control the fingerboard.

So, place the fingerboard in a horizontal position. Put your middle finger behind the rear truck bolts. Meanwhile, your index finger should sit at the back of the front truck bolts; ensure its tip rests at the middle portion of the deck’s width.

You may want to push your fingerboard left and right to have a good feel of it.

Step 2: Doing the 360


Unlike a Varial Flip on a fingerboard that only requires a 180° rotation, this trick needs a 360-degree turn.

This step requires you to jump a fingerboard high enough to complete its rotations in the air. So, start by practicing popping the board’s tail. We need not work on the succeeding procedures until we perfect tossing the fingerboard up.

Once you gain confidence about popping your fingerboard’s tail, proceed to another step, doing the 360 flip wheel trick.

Push your fingerboard forward. With your board in momentum, pop its tail while pulling it toward you. Yes, popping the board’s tail and scooping it inward happen almost simultaneously. Hence, you’d better train your middle finger to perform these movements collaboratively.

Once you execute the pop, your fingerboard’s nose and tail will rotate fully.

Step 3: Adding the kickflip


This step should be simultaneous to the previous one. We’ve only separated it to make things easier.

So, while scooping the fingerboard’s tail toward you, what should we do with the index finger?

Keep it on the front pocket of the nose closer to you and flick the board.

Combine the previous steps and this step. That means we’re scooping the fingerboard’s tail while flicking its nose.

You may not perfect the trick on your first few tries. But controlling your fingers’ movements and force will help.

Step 4: Landing


Landing from a fingerboard trick could be less dangerous than doing the same with a skateboard. But learning this aspect still requires some effort.

So, what’s the next thing to do coming from a successful fingerboard stunt?

Find the stepping surface of your fingerboard using your index and middle fingers. Press on the truck bolts like in the initial position until the fingerboard rests back on your skating surface.

Keep practicing each level of the trick until you’re confident to combine them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to Tre Flip?

Tre Flips are good indicators of your progress as a skateboarder and fingerboard player. But is there a way to master them efficiently? Yes. Let’s discuss how to achieve good Tre Flips for fingerboards and skateboards.

The first thing we should do is have enough height for the board. So, we pop the deck strong enough to toss it high. Additionally, jump higher when doing the step on a skateboard. Leaning on your toe side before jumping might help.

The second and most important is the scoop. And the easiest way to master it is by working out your ankles. Notice how they curl inwards as you flip the board. It may not be as challenging on a fingerboard, but it’s best to remember how the rear finger should move.

What is the hardest trick on a fingerboard?

What’s hard for one may not be for another. But besides the Tre Flip, most fingerboard users would agree that these two insane fingerboard tricks are also the hardest.

One is the Lazer Flip. This trick requires mastering another difficult trick, a heelflip on a fingerboard. Fingerboard skaters also need to master a shuvit before doing the Lazer.

Aside from Lazers, many people also find inward heels challenging.


Tricks on a Tech Deck, like skateboards, require practice to master. You should be patient, confident, and attentive to the moves’ details. By then, your fingers will execute them more naturally.

So, now that you know how to Tre Flip on a fingerboard, you did not only add a new skill to your array. You also understood two fundamental tricks better.

Remember, master each level of the process first. Perfect the pop, followed by the scoop. Toss the board high and land on the wheels right.

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