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What Age to Start Skateboarding? – Things Parents Should Know

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

what age to start skateboarding

When it comes to new inventions or trends, we often claim they’re not our era or only fit for young people. The good news is such ideas do not apply to skateboarding.

In reality, the sport even welcomes kids and young skaters. So, what age to start skateboarding? Most people will be okay with 5-year-olds balancing on a deck.

Keep reading this article as we talk about the experiences of younger skaters and how an early start improved them.

The Best Age to Begin Skateboarding


If kids can start ice skating at three, the recommended age for skateboard beginners is five years old. But why not below it?

As a person ages, improvements in several aspects take place. This progress can be physical, social, or in some other areas.

There are conceptions that skateboarding for kids below five is risky due to their lack of fine motor skills.

Additionally, experts and studies reveal that a four or 3 year old kid cannot protect himself yet in case he falls off the board. This is because he doesn’t have enough physical strength to control the board and his movements.

While medical professionals discourage it, some parents still insist on children skateboarding below five at a skate park or in open space. These instances are only allowable under the following conditions.

  • The boys skate boarding wear protective gear, including elbow pads, wrist guards, knee pads, and helmets.
  • Parents are in full supervision of the skater.
  • The skater uses a quality board with matching skateboard age size.

If you have a 5-year old kid who likes skateboards but lacks the confidence to learn using them, try showing him these few kids who made great progress with the sport at young ages.

1. Brighton Zeuner

Brighton was an 11-year-old girl invited to the X games for her exceptional skating. In fact, she was the youngest female contestant at the event.

2. Tyshawn Jones

Now a pro-skater with sponsorships from Adidas, Spitfire, and more, Tyshawn Jones started skateboarding around age 10 to 13. He emphasized how constant practice made him improve. In an interview with Thrasher Magazine, he shared his motivations for loving the sport and aiming to be good at it.

3. Asher Bradshaw

Perhaps, Asher is one of the few examples that prove tricks don’t pick a good age. He once pulled off a 900, a trick Tony Hawk did when he was 31.

The Best Way Kids Should Learn How to Skateboard

If adult skaters follow a logical blueprint when learning the sport, so should kids. Here are the best practices we can do to help a child learn skateboarding.

1. Equip the kid with safety equipment

These protective pieces include helmets, elbow & wrist pads, and knee protectors. Specifically, you can look for brands like TSG, Triple 8, or Protec because they use quality and effective materials on their gear.


2. Choose the right kids skateboard

Skaters at a young age may not yet know the best skateboard to use. So, what size skateboard should we pick? What components will help a young skater? The most suitable skateboards for beginners are cruiser boards. Cruisers come with soft wheels, so they make the entire skateboard stable.

3. Maintain supervision at all times


Your presence when the kid skates is necessary for several reasons.

First, instructions will help children practice safely. Second, you’re there to help the kid in case of mishaps. And finally, you can encourage the skater to keep going and do better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why younger kids can ride skateboards?

Kids are not exempt from skating accidents, but protection will always help as they progress in the sport. Thus, young kids can learn and manage to ride skateboards if the following safety precautions are taken.

  • There is adult supervision.
  • The skater uses protective gear as a precaution.
  • The kid uses a quality skateboard.
  • Skate rides happen in less crowded spaces.
  • The skating spot is free from road debris and other obstacles.

What age is too late to start skateboarding?

Many might wonder, how old do you have to be to skateboard? Whether you learn skateboarding at 15, 20, 45, or 50, you are still on time. That means age is not a primary factor when deciding to do the sport or not. The more relevant factors we should consider are the skater’s physical capacity and adaptability.

Additionally, the requirements never change. When learning skateboarding, always observe the following.


Skateboards come in different types and components to suit various skating styles, terrains, and age groups. Hence, the sport is inclusive to many.

So, let’s shrug off feeling really young or too old to start skateboarding because everyone has to go through the basics. Knowing what age to start skateboarding can help ensure safety for your kids, but the most important thing is having the proper equipment and exercising caution.

With the proper guidance, supervision, and protection, your 5-year-old kid could be the next big thing in skateboarding.

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