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What is a RipStik? – RipStik Caster Board Explanation

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

what is a ripstik

You might not know that skateboards have several competitors trying to win a skater’s heart. But we know that at the end of the day, any board sport is beneficial in many ways. So, no matter the board type used, we do it for the same reasons as skateboarding.

Perhaps, you might have seen a board that looks tied tight in the middle with front and rear wheels able to move in opposite directions. If so, then you’ve already met a RipStik. So, what is a RipStik?

Find all answers here as we share what this board is and how it’s different from others.

Ripstick Meaning

A RipStik is like a soft skateboard that twists and is tied in the middle with a torsion bar, dividing the deck in half.

It features two stepping platforms for the feet joined by a pivoting mechanism, allowing the plates to move oppositely.

The most common names for this board type are waveboard, caster board, or vigor board.

We don’t see skateboards with two wheels in total except a RipStik. With two smaller decks enjoined by a metal torsion, RipStiks show exceptional flowy motions when riding. Not only that, but its wheels also come with casters.

Such accessories are unlike trucks that drive the rollers in a single direction. Instead, these casters give the RipStik wheels an independent state, making them move differently.

If there is one thing common between RipStiks and skateboards, it’s foot positioning. You can go for the regular footing or the goofy one. However, you’ll press your feet back and forth to make the board roll.



1. When did RipStik come out? When was the RipStik invented?

Unlike a skateboard that has already made its mark in the sport’s history, RipStiks first appeared in the general market in 2007, not too long ago. Then, this board appeared in Toys’r’us store in the US a year after, and until now.

It surfaced because of its fame in the US, initiated by Razor USA, a caster board brand.

2. RipStik Parts


Looking at images of RipStik, we can say it has a more graphic finish than a skateboard. Let’s get into its essential parts.

  • Main traction plates – These plates are the grip tapes of a RipStik, providing sufficient friction between the feet and the board. They are designed to be bumpy.
  • Side traction plates – If the mains sit on the stepping surface, these parts are on the side, serving the same purpose as the main traction with its bumpy structure.
  • Stand-offs – This part is like the axle pin, where the wheels slide to install.
  • Wheels – The wheels are the primary protagonist of the board’s rolling motions. RipStiks only have two of these as opposed to two wheels skateboards only on one side alone.
  • Ball bearings – Allow the wheels to roll smoothly.
  • Casters – These are aluminum wheel holders rotating 30° that make the wheels move.
  • Torsion bar – The torsion bar is where the 2-piece deck rotates.
  • Cylinder – Sits on the torsion bar as the user’s protection against cuts during a RipStick workout.
  • Screws – Of course, we can’t miss out on what’s unique about this board because it comes with 22 pieces of screws.

3. Types and purposes


Looking at various RipStiks in the market, we can classify them through the following types. Also, let’s see where these different styles fit best.

  • Regular RipStiks – These are the boards discussed in this article. They are human-driven and have the essential RipStick skateboard parts. Generally, almost any original RipStik serves us the benefit of traveling from one point to another but with added caution.
  • Electric or Pro – An electric RipStik is the e-skate’s counterpart. It has a battery-powered hub motor near the tail responsible for making the board move. These are the best RipStiks for skaters wanting more speed.
  • Dual-deck – This 4-wheel board yields a 360-degree turn for an exceptional pivoting experience. What’s better is that besides the unique riding motion, these four rollers stabilize the user on the board.
  • RipSurf – RipSurf only comes as a 1-piece board. But it still has two wheels, like a typical RipStik. It aims to make the user feel a surfing motion while on land.

4. RipStik Price


How much does a RipStik cost? RipStik prices may differ because of parts, style, and other relevant mechanisms. Let’s see a few products and their prices.

  • Razor RipStik Brights and Ripster– $55 – 65$ (depending on the style)
  • Razor RipStik G – $90 – $150
  • Razor RipStik Electric – around $125 – $170 (often helmet included)
  • RipStik Ripsurf – over $100

Note that other RipStik models may cost higher or lower than these figures. Rest assured, these prices represent several RipStiks in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is RipStik harder than skateboard?

Yes. RipStiks have a longer learning curve than skateboarding. One of the most salient reasons is their stability. Try to compare skateboard VS RipStik tricks. The former will make stunts feel more feasible.

While many brands innovate new RipStik designs to promote stable rides, skateboards still have the upper hand in such an aspect because of their fixed wheels and steady stepping surface.

Is a RipStik a skateboard?

No. Whether it’s a RipStik mini or not, RipStiks are more of a combination of snowboards and skateboards.

 RipStiks only have two wheels seated on each of the two divided decks. Most of all, this type of board operates differently than longboards and skateboards.

What age is a RipStik for?

Is a RipStik for adults only? Age is a constraint for sports like skateboarding because of safety reasons. And like a skateboard, a RipStik also requires the rider to be at a specific age to use it. As a rule, only skaters at least eight years old or above can ride a RipStik.

Also, check this guide if you want to know how to ride a RipStik properly.


Sometimes, trying new things is the best way to grow. This attention shift encourages us to explore more while staying passionate about our personal goals. And like doing board sports, we should remember that life there doesn’t only revolve around longboards and skateboards.

Instead, let’s engage more on RipStiks and other pieces of board equipment. What is a RipStik? It’s a unique take on skateboards and snowboarding. It has two wheels, two independent decks, and a pivoting structure.

Ready to try RipStiks now? It’s time to head into the store and grab your first RipStik.

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