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What Size Fingerboard Should I Get? 29, 32 or 34mm?

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

what size fingerboard should i get

Fingerboarding consists of all the fun of skateboards packed in miniature decks, trucks, and wheels. Perhaps, what distinguishes them is that fingerboards are less tiring to use.

Let’s say you got to play a friend’s fingerboard a few weeks ago. And now, you decided to buy your own. So, you ask someone, “what size fingerboard should I get?”

Buying a fingerboard could entail intricacy in the selection process. But don’t worry. We’ll guide you through various fingerboard sizes here.

Fingerboard Dimensions and What the Numbers Mean

Like skateboards and their riding styles, fingerboards also have sizes that suit specific types of play you want. Here are various tech deck sizes to check out.

35 mm decks


35mm fingerboard decks are the widest you can get from several stores. Often, they are a perfect choice for users with large fingers. With such a broad surface, the board becomes easier to control.

We found the famous Teak Tuning platform, where these fingerboards also come in various shapes. But the most popular are popsicle-shaped designs.

34 mm decks

Similar to the previous finger skateboard size, 34mm caters to big-fingered users. This board size also has popsicle shapes in its line, along with boxy and cruiser designs. All shapes are available in various colors with cross-grain plies.

33 mm decks


These decks are one of the most selected sizes by many, but the numbers don’t land on the 33 mark directly. Often, these fingerboards go around 33.3mm to 33.5mm, like DK fingerboards. These items make a beginner’s learning process much better.

Teal Tuning also offers 33 mm decks in various shapes, such as longboard and popsicle.

32 mm decks

Many call these fingerboards the standard. This is because it’s one of, if not the easiest to control among all sizes. Like 33mm fingerboards, this size is also the best go-to board for beginners.

32mm fingerboards commonly include boxy, standard popsicle, and pixelated shapes in their array.

29mm decks


Yes! There are sizes below the standard, one of which is the 29mm fingerboard. Reasonably, many users still prefer this size over the commonly used ones despite its popularity declining over the years.

However, one drawback to this board size and large decks like a 36mm fingerboard is doing a kickflip. One user claimed to have over-rotated a 29mm board when doing the trick.

Compared to 32mm and 33mm decks, this fingerboard deck size is inferior when doing kickflips.

What About the Length?

Like skateboards, a fingerboard’s length does not matter as much as the deck width. But for an optimized selection process, the best range for this aspect is 94mm to 100mm.

How Do I Choose a Fingerboard?


We know that size isn’t a sole consideration when buying fingerboards, though our preferences for size change over time. So, how do we ensure we match our size preference with other aspects? Here are a few factors to consider.

  • Deck material – Like skateboards, wooden fingerboards are more poppy. The other material option you have is plastic.
  • Concavity – Users can choose between high or low-concave fingerboards. But for beginners, a high concave is the way to optimum control.
  • Wheels – Fingerboard wheels should also be sturdy and smooth-rolling. So, try to find a set of CNC fingerboard rollers.
  • Graphics – Of course, getting a board of our preferred design represents more of our style. Thus, search for a print that best suits you.
  • User level – One more thing we love about fingerboards is they come in configurations that fit different user levels. Here are these levels and their appropriate fingerboard choices.
  • Beginner – Complete plastic skateboards
  • Intermediate – SYS Team or Bollie Trucks and Wheels tucked against a single deck.
  • Advanced – Berlinwood deck is the key. Pair it with Blackriver trucks and Winkler wheels, and you’ll have a pro fingerboard.
  • Veteran – These users can choose a complete fingerboard or customize using their preferred parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many mm is a normal Tech Deck?

In the past, many brands made 26mm boards. But that stopped being the case when wide tech decks and fingerboards got the spotlight for their improved riding experience. In terms of length, Tech Deck dimensions usually span 96mm.

Can you use three fingers on a Tech Deck?

Yes! Perhaps, what makes a Tech Deck better than skateboards is you can use three fingers as legs on the deck.

A classic move you can do with three fingers is an ollie. You can use your ring and middle finger to press on the rear tech deck handboard trucks. They will allow you to pop the tail better and guide the board.


Almost everything we do with skateboards, we can do with fingerboards. The only difference is the latter’s safer and less tiring. With this reality, there’s no reason we can’t enjoy fingerboards.

And with innovation, we get to choose our designs based on various aspects. So, what size fingerboard should I get? Maybe it’s time to see what 32mm and 33mm boards can do.

Again, it’s not only the size. Consider other factors in the selection process to ensure you’re buying your best fingerboard.

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