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What Size Skateboard Do a 12 Year Old Need? (Sizing Guide)

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Skateboarders who start at a young age go through many transitions. These changes occur in skating style, preferences, the rider’s physical attributes, and more.

With these transformations, it’s not surprising for a skater to experience confusion about what tricks or gear to try. Suppose you know a 12-year-old skateboarder. He may ask you, “what size skateboard do a 12 year old need?”

A mid-size model at 7.5″ will be the best skateboard for 12 year old riders. But that is subject to exceptions. Keep reading to learn more.

What’s the Best Skateboard for 12 Year Old Beginner?

We mentioned that a 12 year old boy should use a skateboard with a 7.5″ deck width. But how did we come up with such a number?

Before digging into different size guides and other factors, let’s first remember that age is not the sole consideration when choosing deck sizes. The child’s foot size and height are more critical in determining the ideal skateboard width.

Skateboard youth aged 12 years have an average foot size of 7-8 and a height of 4’5 to 5’2. And with these figures, a 7.5-inch deck would be the best match.

What a 7.5″ Skateboard Deck is for


We know how each size range in a skateboard size calculator suits a specific skating style. Let’s explore some reasons people pick a 7.5-inch deck.

1. Riding style

7.5″ skateboards suit technical skating. Riders who use these decks do street skating, tricks, and other skills with the same intensity.

2. Foot size

As mentioned, a 7.5″ deck size suits riders with a shoe size of 7 to 8. How? A fundamental principle when choosing skateboard width is your shoes’ fit on the deck’s stepping surface.

And to identify the best deck size, your shoes’ tip and heel should extend only a bit over the deck’s width. Picking an overly broad or narrow design could impose mobility limitations and challenges.

3. Length

If we follow a skateboard sizes chart religiously, we’ll find 31″ decks with a 14″ wheelbase as the perfect complement to 7.5″ skateboards. But again, it’s not always the case. Some 7.5-inch skateboards could be as short as 29″.

Is 31″ a good length for 12-year-olds? Yes! Such a skateboard length makes the board not too big and not too small, allowing for easy steering.

How Do I Tell What Size Skateboard to Get?


How to pick skateboard size is a matter of balancing one aspect with the others. It doesn’t always follow that 12-year-old skaters should opt for 7.5″ decks without considering these factors.

Skater height

What skateboard should I get for my height? It’s good how toddlers or kids enjoy skateboarding early. But we can’t ask them to use teen or adult decks.

Skaters standing below 4’6 could do well with 7.25″ to 7.75″ skateboards. 7.75″ to 8″ designs are for medium-tall riders at 4’6 to 5’6. Finally, users over 5’6 can opt for 8″ to 8.5″ decks.

Wide VS narrow

Generally, broad skateboard decks are stable. They work for vert and ramp skating. On the other hand, smaller boards are for street skaters.

Is a too-wide deck advisable for 12-year-olds?

The answer is, no. It will make positioning the feet harder, and more effort will be needed to maneuver the board during tricks.

Meanwhile, an overly narrow deck makes falls more likely.



This aspect may not be as relevant as the other ones, but knowing about it could be a plus once you find its perfect deck size match.

The wheelbase affects stability. On average, skateboards have a 13″ to 15″ wheelbase. Choosing a figure within this range could depend on the rider’s experience or need for more board response, which requires a higher wheelbase.

Skating style

Some skating styles and their decks are:

  • Street and technical skating – 7.5″ to 8″
  • Pool and park skateboarding – 8″ to 8.25″
  • Vert and cruising – at least 8.25″.

Skater’s age


Will an adult skateboard work for 11 year old skaters? While age is not the most significant aspect when choosing decks, it would be unreasonable for a 7 year old beginner to use a large board. Similarly, giving an older kid a small skateboard won’t yield the expected results.

Skater’s preference

Consider yourself lucky if your child has enthusiasm for skating at a young age. This way, he could identify his technical and aesthetic preferences. Then, he can choose his type of skateboard and its designs.

You could always cater to his needs and help him try out various decks.

Height and foot size


What size skateboard for height below 3ft or foot size below 5? Let’s see this biggest to smallest skateboard size guide for adults and kids.

Micro skateboard – 6.5″ to 7″ deck width

  • Age – Below 5 years old
  • Length – 27″ to 28″
  • Skater height – 3’4 and below
  • Shoe size – 3 and below

Mini skateboard – 7″ deck width


  • Age – 6 to 8 years old
  • Length – 28″
  • Skater height – 3’5 to 4’4
  • Shoe size – 4 to 6

Mid-size skateboard – 7.5″ deck width

  • Age9 year old beginner skaters to 12 years old
  • Length – 28″
  • Skater height – 4’5 to 5’2
  • Shoe size – 7 to 8

Full-size skateboard – 7.5″ to 8″ deck width


  • Age – For 13 year old skaters and older
  • Length – 29″ to 32″
  • Skater height – 5’3 or taller
  • Shoe size – at least 9

Different Types of Skateboard Styles


We mentioned how a child’s preference plays a role in his development. And by knowing the following skateboard styles, he can choose what skills to focus on.

  • Cruiser – Cruisers are for smooth skating. They help the rider travel from one point to another almost seamlessly and over long distances.
  • Shortboard – These skateboards are for the streets. That said, they’re not bad for practicing tricks, either.
  • Longboard – Of course, we can’t miss out on one of everyone’s favorites, longboards. Longboards have a long and low profile. But despite the minimal deck height from the ground, these boards use large wheels.
  • Old school skateboards – Are these skateboards still relevant? It’s a common argument among skaters. One of old school designs’ most popular features is their flat, asymmetrical deck shape.

What is the Best Age to Start Skateboarding?

It’s not unusual for 5-year-olds to have an interest in skateboarding. And while safety is a significant concern for kids in this age group, can a 5-10 year old kid manage to ride a skateboard without support?

Is five an okay starting age for skating?

Yes! The youngest a child can start skateboarding is five. But as we mentioned, safety is necessary. So, for young ones to ride a kid size skateboard, we should equip them with protective equipment.

Additionally, adult supervision is essential to minimize injuries.


Skateboarding isn’t only for the big guys and girls. With continuous innovation, brands and companies have already found a way to reach out to a younger crowd and help them enjoy the sport like everyone else.

So, what size skateboard do a 12 year old need? A 7.5″ mid-sized deck is the answer. Remember the features of this deck width plus the buying considerations we discussed. This way, there’d be less confusion, and you could find the best skateboard choice.

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