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What Size Skateboard for 11 Year Old? – Sizing Guide

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

what size skateboard for 11 year old

Starting to skateboard at 11 could all be early, late, or just in time. But dodging skate parks or riding on the streets at such an age could guarantee better proficiency at the sport anytime sooner.

11-year-old kids could still be at their exploration stage. And if they ever decide to try skateboarding, one of the possible concerns we should respond to is, “what size skateboard for 11 year old should we get?”

Find a 7.5″ skateboard, and we’ll tackle it here.

Skateboards for an 11 Year Old Boy


The age of 11 could be a transition period from kids to adults or teen skateboards. So, besides the kid’s age, consider other external factors when choosing.

Perhaps, many kid skateboard size chart guides differ when designating the age range for specific skateboard sizes. But for 11-year-old riders, their boards mostly fall within the Mid-skateboard category size 7.5″ or anywhere between 7.3″ to 7.9″.

How about the length and other aspects?

What length skateboard is ideal? Most Mid-sized skateboards have an average length of 28″. But the numbers could still increase up to 32″.

In terms of foot size, these boards fit well with 7-8 shoes.

As per the skater’s height, it’s not always proportionate with the kid’s aging. Nonetheless, brands and guides suggest 7.5″ for 4’5 – 5’2 riders.

What Can a Child Do With a 7.5″ Skateboard Size for 11 Year Old?


Whether for beginners or adults, skateboard decks sized 7.5″ to 8″ are always ideal for technical skating. Such a riding style includes skating the streets and popping some tricks on the ground or air.

11-year-olds may not execute tricks as efficiently as adults with this skateboard size yet. However, it’s still wise for them to have a 7.5″ in preparation for their transition to early adulthood in the sport.

7.5″ may be on the narrower side of the chart, but it does more good than bad. With a limited deck width for the feet to cover, a 10 year old boy won’t find it too challenging to maneuver the skateboard.

How Big or Small Are Skateboard Decks?

A mid-sized youth skateboard size is often at the middle of the chart. Let’s see a few more sizes for kids and young teens.

  • Micro skateboards

These boards are for the 5-year-old “toddlers” in the sport. A junior skateboard has an average width of 6.5″ to 7″ and is good enough for a pair of size three shoes.

  • Mini skateboards

There is no more appropriate owner of these boards than a 7 year old beginner and an 8 year old beginner. Mini skateboards are only an inch longer than 27″ micro boards. If there’s one aspect that binds them with the previous type, it’s their 7-inch width.

  • Full-size skateboards

Full-size boards are for early teen skaters with a shoe size of 9. They could be as broad as 8.0″, the maximum size for mid-size decks. Also, these skateboards for 9 year old users have more length gaps, reaching 32″ the most.

  • Oversized skateboards

Is there such a thing? Absolutely.

Oversized boards come with a width of 8.6″. These are perfect for 15-year-old skaters tall enough at 5’7.

Things to Avoid When Buying Skateboards for 11 Year Old


Kids this young may not be wise enough to choose a kids size skateboard for themselves. So, our role as adults is to be mindful of the green and red flags when buying. Here are a couple of things to avoid.

  1. Plastic-wrapped skateboards from shopping malls. These could be unsafe, flimsy, and unworthy of your money.
  2. Thick decks. This skateboard build is a lot denser than a quality model.
  3. Heavy boards. They won’t yield any good performance.
  4. Sluggish wheels. You don’t expect to cruise smoothly with a set of hardly-spinning rollers.
  5. Misleading online stores that don’t present actual item photos.

How Much Money Should I Spend on an 11 Year Old Skateboard?

You might be planning to fulfill your child’s dream of riding a skateboard. If so, one of your primary concerns would be how much to spend.

On average, each complete skateboard costs $100. Depending on the quality, the numbers could go lower, but they won’t guarantee quality performance.

However, suppose you have all the resources and want to give the child the best beginner experience. In that case, there are premium-quality boards you can buy for $200.


Whether big or small, it’s always worth considering relevant numbers in skateboarding. Similarly, while age takes less stake when determining what skateboards to use, aligning it with the rider’s needs will yield more good than bad.

Now that we know what size skateboard for 11 year old we should get, we can finally feel assured of several things; the value for money, riding experience, and overall suitability. And again, to achieve this, our guide is up there for your convenience.

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