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What Size Skateboard Wheels Should I Get? Things to Know!

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

what size skateboard wheels should i get

What size skateboard wheels should I get? Does size really matter? Yes, it does because wheels affect the overall performance of your skateboard. Wheels do not just add up to the overall looks of your board; they can also determine how fast or slow you will go while skating.

Skateboard wheels have different diameters and durometers. Diameter refers to the actual size of the skateboard wheels, while durometer refers to the firmness of the wheels.

In general, the bigger the diameter, the higher the durometer, and the smaller the diameter, the lower the durometer. Skateboarders must know the exact diameter and durometer he needs in order to determine which skateboard wheels will perfectly fit his style and technique.

Best Wheel Size for Street Skating: 50 – 53 mm


The recommened skateboard wheel size for street skating and the most accepted and well-liked size is the medium-sized wheels with a minimum diameter of 50mm and a maximum diameter of 53mm.

It should have a durometer of either 97a or 99a. Wheels with a hardness of 97a are cozier when used in asphalt , while 99a is a popular durometer for skateboarders.

Although smaller wheels tend to have a shorter lifespan compared to larger wheels, wheels with a smaller diameter are recommended for street skating since they are more on tricks and stunts. Technical tricks require much smaller wheels.

The smaller and the harder your wheels, the easier to perform some tricks and to accelerate faster. This size of skateboard wheels also allows the rider to have a more precise turn.

On the beginning question, what is the best size skateboard wheel? You can have the 50mm to 53mm wheel diameters if you are the type of rider who loves street skating.

This size of skateboard wheels is perfect because they are not too big nor too small, and they are also not too heavy nor too light—an ideal blend of momentum and acceleration.

Skateboard Wheels Size Chart


Skateboard wheel diameter is measured in millimeters. You can find this size printed on the outer part of the wheels. Wheel sizes range from 50mm to 75mm, although there is an older size of 48 mm to 49 mm. The higher the number, the bigger the size of the wheel.

The 48mm to 51mm size of a skateboard wheel has lesser speed but offers faster acceleration, while the 57mm to 60mm skateboard wheel has more speed but offers slower acceleration.

The most common skateboard wheels that skateboarders use are between 5 mm and 56mm because of the perfect combination of speed and acceleration it offers.

Take a look at this skateboard wheel chart for more information.

Skateboard Wheels Size Chart
Size Size in Diameter Skateboarding Style Surface/Place
Micro 48 mm This size of wheels was not normally used because it flat spots easily.
Small 50 mm to 53 mm Trick skating

All-around and street skating for small riders

Skate parks

Skating bowls

54 mm to 59 mm Daily transportation

Street skating for bigger riders.

Skate parks

Skating bowls

Large 60 mm to 62 mm Rapid skating

Longboard cruising

Rough surfaces


Extra Large 63 mm and above Speed tricks

Downhill racing

Specialty wheels because they are not commonly used by skateboarders

Rough surfaces

Bombing hills


Skateboard wheel size comparison

Technically, bigger wheels are recommended for beginners in skateboarding. Larger skateboard wheels will give you a faster ride. They are suitable for rough surfaces and can bypass rocks and cracks.

Larger wheels are heavier in weight but it can spin faster and has the better capability of keeping the momentum. Larger wheels also mean a longer life span.

On the other hand, smaller wheels are slower. They are not recommended on surfaces with rocks and cracks. They are lighter in weight. Smaller wheels are easier to control and can make your skateboards flip faster.

In skateboard wheels, the higher the durometer, the softer the wheels. Softer wheels can make your ride a bit slower but give a better grip. They are ideal for longboard and rough surfaces.

Harder wheels have lower durometers, and they can make your ride faster. They are recommended for skateparks and other places with smooth and plain surfaces.


Skateboard wheels come in different colors, sizes, and designs. You have a variety of options to choose from in your local market. It might be a bit tricky choosing the right wheels for you, especially if you are starting your skateboarding journey, but eventually, you will learn it somehow.

What size skateboard wheels should I get? Skateboard wheel size matters, but the durometer and quality of the wheels should also be considered carefully. Most of all, choose the wheels that perfectly fit your style.

I hope this article helps you in choosing the right wheels for you. If you find it helpful, please feel free to leave a comment. We would love to hear your thoughts. Choose wisely.

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