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What Size Wrench for Skateboard Trucks? Here’s Your Answer

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what size wrench for skateboard trucks

In skateboarding, it’s not always about having new or expensive parts. It’s also about knowing their perfect configuration. In reality, two identical parts may have differences in performance because of their setup.

For example, you bought a pair of high-end skate trucks but didn’t know the tightness level suited to your rides. In this case, it’s time to play with a wrench to adjust this aspect.

But before that, what size wrench for skateboard trucks should you use? Find out here.

Skateboard Wrench Sizes for Adjusting Skate Trucks


Various pieces of nuts are present on a skateboard truck. But the good thing is nuts at the same location have the same sizes. So, let’s get into the nuts on each part of a skateboard truck. Also, we’re going to discuss the most appropriate skate tool socket sizes for them.

1. Base plate

This part connects the deck to the rest of the truck’s components. On its flat area is a set of holes to fasten your screws and lock your nuts. It requires a 3/8″ wrench, good enough to tighten the nuts on the deck bolts.

2. Kingpin

Kingpins are responsible for most mechanical movements on the skateboard. The nut for the kingpin is identical across most skateboards. That means you only need one adjustment tool size, 9/16″.

3. Wheels

The wheels may be more of an extension of the trucks, but you also need an appropriate tool for them. If you check from the side of the wheel, you’ll find the nuts that need adjustment. Specifically, 1/2″ wrenches work on these parts.

Skateboard Truck Hardware Size

Skateboard trucks come with a pair of hardware: the nut and bolt. But there is more than one pair of hardware per skateboard truck, and they come in varied sizes.

3/8″ is the kingpin nut size used for a 7.25 deck, an 8 deck, or an 8.5 deck. On the other hand, a kingpin averages 2″ in bolt size. This figure is typical for many skateboards, given that we use standard bushings and other components.

Baseplates, on another note, have a hardware size of 10/32 or 7.94 mm. Lastly, wheel hardware comes with a 5/16″ nut size.

Note that these numbers may change depending on several factors. You may need to downsize or search for lengthier components to maximize your skateboard usage. Also, consider searching for a comprehensive size chart to ease your confusion.

Steps to Adjusting Skate Trucks


Besides having the right skate tool sizes on hand, we also need to master the application of these tools. So here, we’ll share tips to make your truck adjustment process neat and easy.

Step 1: Get the feel of a skateboard truck

Before you move to adjust your skate trucks, it’s best to get a reference. So, take a skateboard you frequently use or one owned by a skate park friend. Tilt the trucks back and forth, and try to calibrate their tightness.

Step 2: Adjust the skateboard truck

Using your 9/16″ wrench, plot the opening against the shape of the nut. Ensure that two of the sides of the nut align with the inner walls of the wrench.

The rule is simple. If you want to tighten the trucks, drive your wrench clockwise. Otherwise, turn it counterclockwise.

  • Pro tip: Be sure not to tighten the nut excessively. You might find it hard to loosen if the truck gets too tight. This process should be gradual.

Step 3: Have a test ride

Of course, your friend’s skateboard might give an impression that’s different from yours. So, after your initial truck adjustment, consider riding the skateboard in your usual style. Then, assess and apply the necessary adjustment to set up the trucks well.

Is a T-tool Still Necessary?


Here are a few reasons why T-tools are necessary and remain relevant to the sport.

  • T-tools are a cost-saving measure. Most skateboard brands today incorporate this item in their packages.
  • It’s a handy and complete tool. There’s no need to bring many tools in your pocket.
  • Having a T-tool can save you time searching for wrenches or other skateboard adjustment tools.


Skateboard tools are integral to the routine of a skateboarder. Without them, no perfect adjustment exists. And thus, riders will experience problems.

Now that you know what size wrench for skateboard trucks you should use, there’s no way you won’t achieve that perfect truck tightness. Be mindful of the numbers we discussed. And then, you won’t have to worry about choosing hardware and tools.

Get your trucks to that perfect level of turn, glide, and bounce. If you have questions, kindly leave them in the comments section.

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