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What to Do if Your Skateboard Gets Wet? Important Things to Know

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

what to do if your skateboard gets wet

Do you love skating so much that you’d do it every day? If the answer is yes, this article is for you.

As you ride, the weather may be rainy, or you might encounter puddles and fail to notice them, resulting in a wet skateboard. Do you know what to do if your skateboard gets wet? Read below and find out.


What to Do When Your Skateboard Gets Wet?

Do not fret now! If you accidentally got your skateboard wet, grab your tools and start dismantling it. You have to be careful because we do not want any injuries or broken parts here. Lay them out flat on the ground and let them dry at room temperature.

You can also opt to wipe them up with an absorbent towel to fasten up the drying process. We do not recommend skateboard parts out in the sun, as some painted components may fade. After everything becomes completely dry, you can now start reassembling your skateboard.

Since you wiped and dried the bearings, do not forget to reapply lubrication like a WD40.

This disassembling-reassembling process not only works when you get a waterlogged skateboard but also when you feel that there is something wrong with your board. You are always free to check because it is for your safety.

If you neglect the drying process, your board is at great risk of forming rust because of oxidation; after all, your gear is still made of metal. Don’t hesitate to allocate your time to board maintenance!

Caution Points


Can you skateboard in the rain? Yes, if you insist on doing so. It may seem cool to skate on wet ground because sure, it will definitely look good if you’re also trying to take photos, but you have to know the risks you’ll face:

1. Warped Board

As your skateboard gets wet, the wooden deck will most likely absorb some or most of that water, which will cause warping and irreversible damage. The glue will start to loosen, and the board will become soggy, preventing you from skating well.

2. Rusty Trucks and Bearings

These are easily the most susceptible parts of your skateboard when it gets wet. Since trucks and bearings are made of steel, they are not totally safe from rust.

When rust forms, the quality of these components degrades significantly, and if you just got expensive bearings and trucks, you don’t want your money to go to waste.

3. Slippery Skates

Skateboarding itself can be dangerous, more so if you’re going to skateboard on water or planning to go skateboarding in rain. The road could be too slippery for you to be able to gain control of momentum and might lead to unwanted accidents.

Can Grip Tape Get Wet?


Yes. After exposure to moisture, it will still give traction to your feet and the board, but it may lose adhesion over time. If this happens, you should replace the now wet grip tape.

Prevention is Best

The best thing you can do is prevent: try not to get wet. Select a route without rain (if possible) to prevent your board from getting wet and having to do extra work and care.

You should also check weather forecasts before going out. It’s better to know when to expect rain than to be surprised by it.


We hope this article helped you know what to do if your skateboard gets wet. That said, it may be better to stay indoors than to skateboard in water and risk damage to your deck.

If you do end up skating in the rain, it is very important that you pay attention to your board’s aftercare. This habit will save you from possible bigger and more expensive repairs and replacements in the future. Alternatively, you can always choose to use an old board.

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