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When Should I Replace My Skateboard Deck? – Advice for Skaters

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

when should I replace my skateboard deck

Nothing lasts in this world forever, and just like other things, your skateboards will not be there forever either. So, have you been using your favorite skateboard for quite a while now? Are you asking yourself the same question as “when should I replace my skateboard deck?’ There are several factors to consider to determine that you already need new skate decks.

You need to know when it is the right time to get a new one, or else your safety will be at risk while using it.

With frequent use, your deck wears out with time, and you may even notice that it isn’t responding as effectively as it was before.

How Long Do Skateboard Decks Last


The answer to this question may depend on how frequently you ride them and how well you are able to use them.

  • If you are a professional skateboarder with several hours of practice every day, your skateboard may last around 3 months or even less.
  • It may last a little longer for amateur skaters, and the lifespan can be up to 6-7 months with proper use of tricks and care. As we all know, skateboard decks that are used for tricks and other performances wear out faster.
  • If you use it daily for transportation purposes, it can last for a year or two. However, all these considerations still depend on how they’re properly cared for and if you don’t ride them too hard. On the other hand, some decks can break considerably faster and need to be replaced at once.

When Should I Get a New Skateboard Deck


Most of you will change your boards if they are already broken. This is the most obvious reason why you already need a skateboard replacement. But, let me remind you that you have to replace your worn out skateboard decks if you notice the following things:

  • Twisted or Bent Deck

Skateboard decks warp over time as the fibers of wood swell and compress because of the temperature changes and intrusion of moisture.

Riding a skateboard with a wrapped deck is dangerous. For more prolonged use, you have to maintain your skating equipment properly.

Hold it upright with the tail on the ground to check if your deck is bent. Then take a look at the tail of your board. Your skateboard deck is warped if it appears uneven or somewhat curved.

  • Deck Soaked in Water

If your deck has been soggy, it should be replaced immediately. Well-conditioned boards have a snappier and crisper sound, while soggy boards have a staler tone than their original color. So, please pay attention to fading, as it is a sign of degradation in the deck’s ruggedness.

Your deck is composed of wood. You should keep in mind that skateboards are meant to be kept out of the water. Therefore, skating over a puddle or under the rain is not recommended. Also, skating over grass should be avoided because it is generally damp.

There are no other options for fixing the issue if the wood has grown mushy and spongy. This condition of the board is not safe for you at all. Keeping your boards dry as you store them can prevent this problem from happening.

  • Skateboard Deck Began to Chip

When you flip quite many times, your deck will start to chip sooner than expected.

Chipping occurs when the nose and tail of your deck bounce off the ground. Chipped boards can also cause injuries if an incident happens.

The worse your deck grows, the more dangerous it will be for frequent riding and doing tricks, so it’s best to repair it immediately. Or, if things get worse, a replacement will be your only choice left.

It’s time to get a new skateboard when the top of your old one starts to chip or shatter. Not only will it give you poor performance, but it can also cause accidents. For safety reasons, you should replace it if you find any pressure cracks near or between the trucks.

When you notice even a tiny crack, it means that you need to take a closer look and check your board even more because this is not a good sign.

  • Lesser Pop

Lesser pop can make your tricks more difficult. Professional skateboarders will be able to notice that they can’t jump as high as before as they lose pop progressively.

Such a decrease in pop will harm every single trick and board performance of yours, thus compromising your safety in challenging tricks.

There is no other way to redeem this. Therefore, it is time to get yourself a new skateboard deck to continue enjoying these amazing experiences.

  • Low-Quality Soft Decks

Poor-quality or cheap boards can bend easily, which usually happens when they are frequently damp. Some skateboarders tend to leave their boards outside, exposed to rain or water.

As the wood absorbs water, it will be easily bent, eventually. When not in use, keep your board safe by maintaining it in a safe setting as much as necessary.

If you can afford it, invest in a higher-quality board. This will not only give you a good experience, but it will also provide you with suitable materials that can last a little longer compared to low-quality skateboard decks.

  • You Will Probably Feel It

As you use your skateboards on a daily basis, you will probably build a strong bond with them. If this is the case, you will eventually feel even the simplest and smallest changes in your ride.

Be sensitive enough to your skateboard’s condition. Being mindful of your ride’s current situation will not only prevent you from possible serious injuries. It will also help them have a much longer life.

The Importance of a Skateboard Deck Replacement

Replacing your skateboard decks when needed is very important for everyone’s safety. There is a higher risk of cracking your deck as you land if you keep using worn-out skateboard decks. It can result in accidents and more severe injuries.

When your tail breaks, you may roll your ankle or fall hard. Over time, your deck’s structural stability starts to deteriorate, resulting in pressure cracks, chips, and sharp edges. You should keep an eye on the physical condition of your decks.

Your safety should always be the top priority at all costs. However, replacing your deck will not only keep you safe but also the people around you as you go on a ride.


There are several factors that you should always take into consideration as you check your skateboards before taking a ride. This article, “When Should I Replace My Skateboard Deck?”, provides you with the things you need to know.

If your deck becomes soggy, twisted, or splinters, it should be replaced immediately. If your tricks aren’t feeling as wonderful as they used to, and you want more pop from the tail, then it’s time to make the switch.

Proper care of your skateboards can prolong their life span. Make sure to keep it in a cool, dry location when you’re not using your deck. Take good care of them, and they will take good care of you in return.

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