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Where to Put Skateboard at College? – Skate Life at College

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

where to put skateboard at college

Skateboarding and college have a common denominator: they are both enjoyable. However, it’s not every day that we are able to bring skateboards to campuses without restrictions. Some schools do not even allow these items at all.

But if you happen to enroll in a school that supports skateboarding as a mode of fun and transport, perhaps, one of the things you would want to know is where to put skateboard at college.

Your campus is massive enough for decks. Often, they belong under the seat or against the wall.

I’m Taking a Skateboard to College, Where Shall I Place It?

As mentioned, lucky are college students who attend schools that allow skateboards. But just because they’re free to bring their boards does not mean they can leave them anywhere.

So, what is the best place to put longboard in class? Consider the following suggestions.

1. Under the seat


It may be hard to generalize how college seats look. But most of them have a foot platform slightly inched from the ground. There, you can put campus cruisers longboards with the trucks facing up.

2. Laid against the wall near the door

It’s like putting a wet umbrella by the entrance of your classroom. However, it’s a skateboard we place standing and leaning against the wall this time. But note that if you opt for this method, ensure it doesn’t interrupt the passageway.

3. Inside the locker


Perhaps, not everyone gets the privilege of a locker. But if you have one, that would be the best place to store your skateboard on campus. You can place it there alongside your skateboarding collage.

4. In a secured parking space

Do skateboards deserve a parking spot? Absolutely! But if you ever leave your skateboard at a parking space, ensure it has a security guard to keep watch.

5. A campus rack


Every college skater’s dream is to have a storage space specially made for skateboards. And what’s good is some schools are already doing that practice inside campuses. You won’t need a security guard to watch over your board because the rack has safety features.

Note that the storage methods may not apply to all campuses. Some only allow skateboards under specific terms. So, it’s best to learn about your school’s policies. From there, you can decide whether to bring your skateboard or not.

Pros and Cons of Skateboarding at College

While skateboarding at college gives us a different level of excitement, it also has quite a few drawbacks.

  • Skateboards are a healthy and budget-friendly mode of transportation.

Between walking and riding a regular or electric skateboard for college, the latter is faster and less tiring. Additionally, skateboard rides don’t cost anything like public vehicle fares.

  • College skateboarding is more fun.

Skating becomes more enjoyable with more skater friends. And if you look around campus, you may see college girls riding on their boards or guys skating to class.

Besides its social benefits, skateboarding is also a perfect way to loosen up or relieve stress after a long day in class.

  • Skateboarding is still a physical activity.

Riding a skateboard to and inside the school still makes us sweaty. Thus, you are likely to enter class with a wet shirt.

  • Not having secured storage inside the campus entails some risks.

Since not all colleges provide a spot dedicated to skateboards, some skaters have no choice but to carry their boards all day.

  • Skateboards don’t thrive well in traffic.

Whether it’s people or bicycles and cars, riding your skateboard or longboard in lanes dedicated to other vehicles can leave you frustrated. Not only that, but you are also more susceptible to damage or accidents.

Tips for Skateboarding at College


Do you want to make your college skateboarder life safe, fun, and fulfilling? Take note of these tips.

  • Bad weather isn’t your friend.

Skateboarding during wet weather exposes you to mishaps because of slippery roads. While slowing down could help, it doesn’t eliminate the risk.

  • Safety is a priority.

Whether inside or outside the campus, it’s still best to wear protective equipment while riding your skateboard.

  • Identify your best route.

No skateboarder wants a bumpy trail. So, before bringing your longboard to college, research less crowded and smooth routes. Avoid places outside a building or an office, where people are often present.

The same practice applies when riding your board inside the school.

  • Don’t ride on hills and steep slopes inside the campus.

The best mindset when riding skateboards inside schools is to avoid injuring anyone. And such a thing is possible by skateboarding around college campus areas that are safe and where roads are flat.

  • Beware of school policies on skateboarding.

Sometimes, no matter how safe you skate, if you do it in a prohibited spot, you will get sanctioned for illegally riding inside the campus. So, the best way to avoid these problems is to be aware of the rules that govern the usage of skateboards inside the school.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are skateboards allowed on a college campus?

Depending on the school policies, bringing and riding skateboards to your campus has limitations. These limitations could be in the storage space or skating spot. But don’t feel sad about these rules.

They are for everyone’s safety. Besides, you have an entire skate park to enjoy your skateboard more.

What type of skateboard is best for college campuses?

If you’re looking for a deck to ride with, here are our safest skateboard for college campus options. They are popular among Reddit users and skaters in real life.

  • Foldable longboards:

These boards are the best choices for portability. For example, you can get a BoardUp foldable deck with a middle hinge, which allows you to flip half of the deck toward the other side.

  • Mini-cruiser longboards

We know cruisers are perfect for taking riders from point A to B. That is why a mini campus cruiser skateboard is also a considerable option to bring inside your school. It’s easy to ride, light, and maneuverable over tight corners and curbs inside the campus.

  • Drop-through longboards

This longboard for college might be larger than the previous examples, but its size should not be a problem if you have enough space for storage. Performance-wise, longboards are comfortable and easy to ride over long distances.


Skateboards serve us in many ways: recreation, transportation, and sporting. And as they become more popular, we see how public establishments like schools welcome them as an alternative to bikes and cars.

With an increasing number of schools and campuses allowing skateboards inside, it’s still best to know where to put skateboard at college. This way, we can abide by the rules and avoid the potential drawbacks of moving skateboards around.

So, find a space under your seat, in a parking lot, a rack, or a locker for your skateboard!

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