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Which Way Do Trucks Go on a Skateboard? – A Beginner’s Guide

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Are you assembling your skateboard? It may have a lot of components, but you might find skateboard trucks on board the most confusing. Having prior knowledge in attaching each part on the skateboard will ensure smooth rides, and eventually, you will be able to make changes to its settings.

If you’re wondering which way do trucks go on a skateboard, read on.

Which Way Do Trucks Face on a Skateboard

The skateboard truck direction should enable the kingpins and bushings to face each other inwards. Kingpins are bolts that attach the hanger and the baseplate. Around kingpins are rubbery rings, also known as bushings.

If you have a skate tool, carefully put the trucks in place. First, insert the screws through the board holes, then put the nuts on the screws and carefully tighten them using a wrench or skate tool.

After that, skate a little and adjust your skateboard truck position accordingly. If they can’t turn properly, you might need to adjust the screws and the kingpin. Doing so will let you experiment to attain your desired preference in terms of turning and mobility on your skateboard.

Things to Consider in Choosing Trucks

Now that you learned which way trucks face on a skateboard, you may consider the following points about these parts, especially to select the truck size suitable for your board and wheels. Also, we’ll discuss ways to maintain trucks for long-term use.

1. Trucks Sizes

There are many truck variations that you may choose, so try to look at each brand’s product chart which indicates the suitable size for your board. But simply, to determine if your skateboard truck’s placement is ideal for your preference, see if your axles are the same width as your skateboard width.

Suppose the trucks are 0.5-1.0 cm wider than they should be; that will give you good stability; these trucks are especially designed if you cruise at high speed.

On the other hand, if your skateboard truck is narrower than your deck, it will become less stable in terms of balancing, but in maneuvering, it will be more effective.

2. Maintenance

The most durable part of the skateboard is the truck, which commonly lasts from 2 to 10 years before it needs to be replaced. Though skateboard trucks are incredibly sturdy, they also need some proper maintenance from time to time, not only to ensure your safety but your mobility too.

The pivot cups and bushings are commonly vulnerable to tear and wear as they receive most of the pressure. It is advised to inspect your pivot cups and bushing on a regular basis to ensure there’s no sign of splitting.

Also, you may use lubricants to protect your trucks from rust and corrosion. And once corrosion is detected, it’s best to remove the rusty parts immediately.


If you maintain your skateboard accordingly, it will serve you for years. Also, if you’re going to assemble your skateboard, always remember that your trucks must be appropriately aligned and facing inwards so that you can maintain your stability and mobility.

Now, you’ve learned which way do trucks go on a skateboard and all the specific points to consider. Please share the article with your friends and fellow skaters if you liked it!

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