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Why Do Bulldogs Skateboard? Is This Their Hobby?

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why do bulldogs skateboard

The sight of bulldogs riding skateboards is probably nothing new to you but it is fascinating for most. Contrary to what people think about their temperament, bulldogs are actually affectionate, fun-loving, and innately athletic.

Bulldogs have a short, stocky, and muscular build with a low center of gravity which makes it convenient for them to maintain their balance and control the distribution of their weight across a skateboard. Check out this article to learn more about why do bulldogs skateboard?


Reasons Why Bulldogs Skateboard


Bulldogs are one of the few breeds that are naturally drawn to skateboarding. With great balancing abilities and the agility to propel and maneuver themselves with their powerful paws, they are a force to be reckoned with at the skate park!

They can also be stubborn and lazy, so this is one of the best ways to encourage them to stay active and get their daily dose of exercise.

Bulldogs enjoy skateboarding because their bodies seem to be built for the sport. With broad shoulders and a low stance, they have distinct frames that allow them to balance efficiently on skateboards and control their weight while doing so. You must admit it’s hard not to be excited over seeing a bulldog skateboard.

Because bulldogs are known to thrive on attention and are confident, the stares and praises they get motivate these fun-loving animals to flex their moves! With continued positive reinforcement, seeing your bull dog on a skateboard will surely make you proud.

Don’t be fooled by their short legs and stocky appearance, their riding skills pack a punch!

Start ‘Em Young

As the old saying goes, you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. Start by teaching your bulldog basic commands such as “stay,” and “sit.” Simple obedience training is the very foundation you will depend on when you eventually teach your bulldog to ride a skateboard.

Aside from being the next skateboarding sensation, a trained pet is disciplined, unaggressive and a joy to live with.

Although bulldogs have outgoing personalities, their large bodies hinder them from doing strenuous exercises. Starting your bulldog early on by introducing him to physical activities such as skateboarding will motivate him to stay active and healthy.

How to Encourage Your Bulldog to Ride


Before you get hyped up, do note that not every bulldog is cut out for skateboarding and can be coaxed into riding a skateboard. Try leaving your skateboard lying around and observe what your bulldog does. If your dog jumps on it, you’re lucky to have a bulldog with an innate ability to skate!

On the other hand, if he’s unfazed, aloof, and seems uninterested, you have some training to do. Start by choosing a completely flat board; this will make it easier for your fur friend to hop on and off it. Start slowly by laying it down on a grass bed, blanket or carpet and teach your bulldog basic commands such as “push” and “go.”

Keep some treats handy and remember to praise your dog for every accomplishment he makes. After all, it’s not every day you get the chance to see bulldogs skateboarding.

Positive reinforcement is the best way to train your dog to do anything, including skateboarding. It builds rapport, allowing you to see the results you want. Thus, it’s imperative that you treat your dog kindly and with respect if you want to see him shred!

Once your bulldog seems comfortable and has the basic commands down pat, take him to the park and put his skills to the test. Watching your bulldog skateboard on his own will surely be a rewarding and fulfilling experience for you.

Other Factors to Consider

While bulldogs are known to be people-pleasers and highly intelligent, they can be strong-willed and fierce, so learn to respect their limitations and boundaries.

Don’t put your safety at risk by provoking your dog and pushing him to the edge. Gentle persistence, consistency, and encouragement spell the difference when training your bulldog to ride a skateboard.

If you simply don’t have the time, patience, and skills to teach your bulldog to shred, look up qualified dog trainers who can get the job done for you. An experienced dog trainer knows the right set of commands and obedience techniques to train your bulldog to ride a skateboard in no time.

Optimize these commands when you get the chance to personally train your future skating champ for best results.

It’s also imperative to ensure your bulldog is in good shape. Look out for persistent stability problems or signs of joint pain as these symptoms warrant a trip to the vet.

Make it a priority to address your dog’s health issues and make sure he’s physically fit before attempting a ride — don’t compromise your four-legged companion’s well-being for a shot at fame!

The next time you see english bulldog skateboards or a bull dog on skateboard, it probably won’t be as puzzling now that you know their innate characteristics. Bulldogs are inherently smart, fast learners that never fail to turn heads whenever they skate.

After all, they rightfully deserve the attention they receive from spectators who just can’t get enough of them.

Check out this video featuring Otto, an awesome bulldog who’s an expert at shredding:


Whether your pet knows how to ride a skateboard from the get-go or requires training, bulldogs have a strong affinity for riding. Aside from their endearing and fun-loving nature, here are the answers to “why do bulldogs skateboard”:

  • Their bodies are built for the sport
  • They enjoy the attention
  • They’re confident
  • They are highly intelligent

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