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Why Does My Shin Hurt When I Skateboard? Here’s the Reason

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

why does my shin hurt when i skateboard

Whether we accept it or not, skateboarding and other physical activities cause at least some pain in our bodies. But we know that the only pain we tolerate is the one coming off sore muscles, not serious injuries because painful muscles often indicate we’re achieving better heights.

So if someone asks, “why does my shin hurt when I skateboard?” that could be a severe issue, keep reading as we further understand these moments of discomfort and how to counter them.

Reasons for the Shin to Hurt When Skateboarding

Is skateboarding good exercise? Yes. But it may come with some pain. Before diving into the solutions to shin pains, it’s best to understand them first.

Painful shins, commonly known as shin splints, originate from excessive use of your legs during physical activity. They manifest as muscle tears and bone injuries on the lower leg.

Generally, runners, football players, and all athletes that need to run often suffer these discomforts.

And no, skateboarders are not exempt from them. Even without sprinting, our jumps and long minutes of cruising on the board can cause a significant amount of pressure on the shin.

How do we know the leg pain from roller skating or skateboarding is a shin splint?

The common signs of shin splints include pain when the heel makes contact with a solid surface like the ground or skateboard.

Another symptom is pain above the ankles. The discomfort may not be great at first, but it may progress until any move that involves the toes or ankles brings hurt.

Finally, shin injuries may also come as aches on the tibia.

What’s worse about these signs is the skating legs before and after rides may not experience them, or the severity of the problems may decrease, but as soon as you get on your skateboard, suffering happens again.

Other Causes of Shin Pains


Besides shin splints, pain in the lower leg may also arise from other factors. Here are a few of them.

  • Stress fracture

Extreme shin pains may come from stress fractures. And these injuries will take more than a month to heal because of minimal cracks on the leg’s bone.

These fractures are more likely to happen to people with a poor training routine. So, the moment you feel pain in your shins during skateboarding, consider having your legs checked immediately.

  • Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

DOMS can happen after the muscles contract during lengthening. Muscles affected in this injury are those adjacent to the shin. If you exercise more than your body can handle, you’re at higher risk of DOMS.

  • Compartment Syndrome

Compartment syndrome occurs if pressure over the shin muscles, nerves, and blood vessels increases. Besides pain, tissues on the shin will lose function if the problem goes without treatment.

  • Cramps

Perhaps, cramps are more well-known because some of them happen even without movements. These injuries feel like tightened muscles, leading to spasms in the legs.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I stop my shins from hurting when I skate?

While the best solution to painful shins is refraining from activities that strain or put too much pressure on the legs, not everyone is happy with such a method. Hence, here are some things we can do to ease shin pains.

  • Stretch shins before skating.
  • Have a fitness professional prepare a strengthening and conditioning routine.
  • Wear sneakers with quality arch support.
  • Take pain-relief medicines should the problem persist.

Why do I get shin splints when skating?

As mentioned, shin splints generally come from the overuse of the legs as a requirement of physical activities.

In the case of a skateboarder who has not stretched before riding, shin splints may happen. But even with stretching before skateboarding, such injuries may arise from excessive pressure from landings, constant pushing, or the simple act of maintaining a skate posture on the board for too long.

I read on Reddit that reasons may include trucks that are too tight or wheels that are too soft, probably like a skateboard for 5 year old. These setups put more pressure on the leg muscles.

How do you fix a sore skating leg?

Sore legs after skateboarding involve stressed bones and working muscles. Like shin splint treatments, sore legs require rest and painkillers to hasten their recovery.

Another method some skaters try is taking a hot bath to relax the leg muscles.

But if you suspect a worse condition on your shins, it’s best to have yourself checked. That way, you will know what makes your legs sore.


For a skateboarder, nothing feels more fulfilling than upgrading in skills. But behind these upskillings are mishaps and unwanted circumstances. Nonetheless, they’re all part of the process. All we need to do is to have our injuries checked and treated.

Now that you know the answer to “why does my shin hurt when I skateboard?” you can finally adopt appropriate solutions to enjoy skateboarding more.

Always remember: Give your legs rest and medication to avoid worsening the situation.

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