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Why Is My Skateboard So Slow? – Discover 7 Reasons Why

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

why is my skateboard so slow

Are you speculating and asking yourself why is my skateboard so slow? We all know it is fun to skate at high speeds, but which factors contribute to the slow movement of skateboards? Aside from the wheels, other components also matter, so it’s better to evaluate each part of your skateboard.

If you are worried about your skateboard, don’t be. This article has all the information you need to consider. So, don’t skip any details below.


Why Is Skateboard So Slow


Slow mobility hinders all skaters. Commonly it’s a side effect of unmaintained skateboard wheels and bearings. We will go over these factors and more in this article. Listed below are the various factors that cause slow mobility on your skateboard:

1. Soft Wheels

Commonly, beginners tend to use soft wheels for their skateboards. Little did they know soft wheels are not good at providing high speeds. Also, under friction, their diameter decreases faster than hard wheels. So, it is advisable to use harder wheels and more rigid materials like urethane.

2. Small Wheels

If you’re just cruising or strolling, it’s advisable for you to use bigger wheels as they will roll faster and gain higher momentum. Also, they are more stable and will give you much control over how fast you go. So, if you would like to skate at a steady but fast pace, consider having this kind of wheel.

3. The Board’s Deck Might be Heavy

There are different types of boards that you may choose, which are different in size and weight. Making sure the deck is light and applicable for your weight and size will allow you to have control and swift movements. Check out a skateboard selection guide before buying one.

4. Worn-out Bearings

Choosing the appropriate bearings for your skateboard may significantly impact how fast you can go. Moreover, routine maintenance is a must because these parts may malfunction from time to time if they are old and improperly handled.

If you see your skateboard wheels not spinning well, lubricate your bearings and remove unnecessary dirt.

On the other hand, if you’ve done the above steps and your new skateboard wheels won’t spin, your last option is to replace your bearings with new ones, as they may allow your skateboard to operate at its maximum capability.

5. Your Skateboard Can’t Handle Your Weight

Make sure that your board is the right size for your weight. Most skateboards can handle around 200 to 300 pounds. There are tables or guides that you can refer to, but the best way is to consult or ask the skate shop.

6. Skateboard Trucks

A skateboard heavily relies on its trucks to perform well. Trucks may slow you down if they are too big or too small, so an appropriate size is necessary. As much as possible, the trucks should be flush against the deck.

7. Overly Tight Axle Nuts

Bolts and nuts are partners, right? But they need to be in balance. It’s not recommended to overtighten your axle nuts; tighten them as much as possible, but don’t let them prevent the wheels from moving.

Extra Tip: Skate on Smoother Roads


Last but not least, you can try this advice to make skateboard wheels spin longer. This one is not related to your board’s setup, but how you use it.

Always avoid bumpy roads; they will not only affect your skateboard’s durability but will also gradually slow you down.

In general, it’s ideal for skating on a smooth or flat road. Also, steeper roads are recommended too because of the gravity that will pull you. We recommend using 60 millimeters to 75 millimeters wheels if you’re going to skate in these kinds of terrains.


There are a variety of possible explanations to the question of why is my skateboard so slow? Applying the tips and tricks discussed in this article will ease your troubleshooting.

Always maintain your skateboard parts to mitigate the risk of having problems on your skateboard. It will also ensure safety, especially when you’re rolling at high speeds. Consider sharing this article with your friends or fellow skaters if you find it helpful!

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