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What Are the Lightest Skateboard Trucks? Things to Know

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

what are the lightest skateboard trucks

As with any part of a skateboard, weight, though unseen, is a relevant figure. It determines the effort you need to push the skateboard or stop it. And since not everyone can ride heavy skateboards, we need to assess its weighty parts, like the trucks.

So, what are the lightest skateboard trucks? If we go over famous truck brands, we’ll find Tensor and Thunder truck pairs. Keep reading as I elaborate more on these components.


What Are the Lightest Skate Trucks


There might be varied interpretations about the weight of skateboard trucks. But after thoroughly checking several brands, I have noted down the lightest models in this skateboard trucks weight chart.

  • Tensor Mag Light Lo – 0.51lbs
  • Tensor Mag Light regular – 0.58lbs
  • Thunder Titanium Lights – 0.62lbs
  • Thunder Polished Lights – 0.70lbs
  • Theeve Tiax – 0.73lbs
  • Thunder Standard – 0.74lbs
  • Bullet – 0.77lbs
  • Royal Inverted Kingpin – 0.79lbs
  • Theeve CSX – 0.82lbs
  • Indy Standard – 0.83lbs

Now, as it’s on top of the lightest trucks list, let’s understand Tensor more.

Unlike most truck brands that use steel, Tensor trucks use magnesium alloy. Some may not notice it, but this material is very sturdy and reliable.

Notably, Tensor trucks have hollow kingpins, which are not the standard among skate gear brands. This difference makes these trucks 29% lighter than the competition.

On the downside, they might be slightly expensive because of these features.

What Light Trucks Do

It’s best to understand the benefits of light trucks before using them. Check out the following advantages:

  • Many users find it easy to lift light skateboard trucks

Besides carrying a skateboard seamlessly anywhere, people also love light trucks because they require less effort to pop. Ultimately, technical skateboarding movements with light trucks put less strain on the user’s legs.

  • They make the skateboard more responsive

Skateboard flips and ollies with light trucks make the rider’s life easy. Several users affirm that they can quickly jump over objects with better height and more confidence.

Why You May Not Need Light Trucks


At some point, you will realize you won’t always need a pair of light trucks. Here’s why:

  • Light trucks are generally expensive

If you have around $50 more to spare, then you might not have to worry about spending on these trucks. However, it can be an added concern since you will have to buy other skateboard parts as well. Thus, the chances of spending too much are very high.

  • You can’t use light trucks if you’re a heavy rider

Of course, you need to give your trucks the benefit they give you. High body weights may damage a pair of light trucks made with some hollow parts. While this theory is unproven, you don’t want to compromise spending beyond your budget to see these parts wearing out too soon.

What Trucks Come With

Skateboard trucks come with various materials, the same as decks. These variations are not only indicative of their durability but also their weight. You’ll often see the following:

  • Magnesium
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Titanium

If you have come across several skateboard brands, you will see that not all trucks come in a single material composition. True enough, mixing two elements usually yields better quality. The most common combinations are aluminum and steel or steel and magnesium.

Final Verdict: Heavy or Light Trucks

Besides your weight, your legs’ strength will determine whether you should go for light skate trucks or not.

As we discussed, lightweight skateboard trucks are best for riders who weigh light. These parts also work best for skating techniques requiring frequent stunts since they will not require extra effort to flip.

On the other hand, heavy trucks will remain as manageable as their light counterparts if you have strong legs.


Checking the skateboard’s weight can help find the best board for your performance.

What are the lightest skateboard trucks? Hopefully, you now know the answer. Before installing Tensor or Thunder trucks under your deck, it’s best to understand the things I shared with you.

Have you decided which trucks to pick up yet? Tell us what you think in the comments section.

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