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The Best Skateboard Hardwares

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

best skateboard hardware

Skateboarding has been with us since the 1950s when surfers used smaller surfboards, wheels out of metal, without bearings to transfer the experience in the ocean to the streets, giving them the moniker “asphalt surfers”.

Now, the skateboarding industry has become so popular because of the digital age, and it evolved from a toy to a sporting gear. Skateboarding is not only a device where you can ride and cruise in the street. It’s now a lifestyle and a passion.

As a passionate rider myself, I can relate to these people. That’s why I put together this guide on the best skateboard hardware and best skateboard hardware brands. To help both advance and beginner riders maximize their skateboarding experience.


Top 1

BESIY Skate Tools

– Affordable skate tool

– Satisfaction guarantee

– Includes a screwdriver

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Top 2

VJ Skateboards Hardware

– Affordable

– Perfect for other boards

– Secure and easy to set-up

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Top 3

Fireball Dragon Skateboard Hardware

– Made from stainless steel

– Recommended by pro skaters

– Can be mounted on any board

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Best Skateboard Hardware Reviews

1. BESIY All-in-One Skate Tools

Besiy makes one of the handiest skateboard hardware in the market. The set includes a screw, a pop-out driver to improve security, and different-sized screwdrivers. This skate tool is great for your skateboarding and longboarding needs. Plus, it’s recommended by professional skateboarders, so the brand has authority in the market.

I have a son who just began skateboarding, and I purchased this skateboard hardware because I want him to learn the importance of safety, including the significance of and always checking if the wheels are performing well. It was easy to use so I taught my son how to tighten his skateboard deck on his own.

Bolts in this set are made from high-quality stainless steel, while the nuts are steel coated with zinc. The pack includes Skate T-Type tools and eight skateboard hardware. The length of the screws is 250 mm by 1 inch, which is just right for your skateboard and longboard. Tools include a 9×16, ⅜, and ½ inch socket and Philipps screwdriver.

If you’re hesitant to buy Besiy’s skateboard hardware because you don’t want to spend too much on it. Fear not! With 100% satisfaction guaranteed, it promises to be useful for your skateboard. If not, you can always return it to get your money back. So far, nobody I know has returned this skate tool yet.

It’s pretty cheap compared to other hardware sets. When I noticed that there was one missing screwdriver, I contacted the supplier and he immediately gave me a replacement. Thus, customer service is a plus when you purchase this set.

The only comment I have for this is if one of the items is unthreaded or broken because of shipment, they might not guarantee refunds. but other than that, it is a pretty solid purchase that cannot be missed in this list of best skate hardware.
  • Includes a screwdriver
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel
  • Affordable skate tool
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • If broken because of shipment money-back guarantee may not be granted.
Besiy’s made this hardware for skateboards easy to store. It is excellent when I tighten or loosen my trucks. Overall, it is a great purchase, and I highly recommend this hardware for skateboards.

2. VJ Skateboards Cruiser Hardware

I wanted to relive my love for skateboarding by moving around the village and seeing if I can still pull off some old tricks, so I decided to purchase a new skateboard hardware. A friend of mine recommended the VJ, and I absolutely loved it.

I have an old skateboard in good condition, but the wheels and hardware needed a replacement. As I mentioned, I badly want to relive my love for skateboarding because I had so much fun while doing it when I was younger, and it was easy to travel from street to street. When my friend recommended this VJ hardware, it instantly piqued my interest because of the logo. I love symbols that are sketched and made into graphics.

When you purchase the item, it comes with eight bolts and nuts in all black, and the screws are made in different sizes so that you can customize them to your liking and fit the hardware to your skateboard deck. They are perfect for street decks, longboards, and cruiser skateboards.

When I ordered this online, it took a week to arrive, maybe because I ordered a new pair of wheels, but I didn’t mind, though, because it was worth it. It was easy to set up after giving it a few spins. I noticed that while I was doing stunts, the skateboard deck was secure despite the pressure of my weight and friction of the wood to the metal. When adjusting the grip don’t tighten it too much, instead, find the right balance.

I felt so nostalgic while skating until sunset, just like in my younger years. I could even do my old tricks! I was scared at first because of the board’s security, and I gained a few pounds. Nevertheless, this hardware set made my experience unparalleled.
  • Customized to your liking
  • Perfect for other boards
  • Secure and easy to set-up
  • Affordable
  • Online orders may take time to arrive.
I highly recommend this because of its versatile skateboard hardware size allowing you to customize it to any board that you have. Moreover, I love the color black. After all, it blends well with any other color!

3. Fireball Dragon Skateboard Hardware

The Fireball Dragon stainless steel skateboard hardware is one of the famous ones because many known skateboarders recommend this.

Unlike cheap ones on the market, this skateboard hardware is from stainless steel, making it more robust and rust-resistant. The nuts are made from the same material but coated with zinc to avoid cold welding. It also comes with different skateboard bolt sizes: Allen, Philipps, and Fireball.

The Allen is placed on top of the decks or trucks. To prevent any damage to the decks or trucks, it comes with stainless steel washers that work perfectly on drop-thru decks as well as top-mounted decks. Philipps bolt makes it easier to install the hardware on the skateboard deck, while the Fireball ensures that if you have other hardware, you can still bolt it down.

If you’re not satisfied with this hardware set, you can always get your money back as it has a 100% product refund scheme in place. Nonetheless, I have never read any super bad reviews about it.

You can never go wrong in choosing this Fireball Dragon stainless steel set for your hardware needs because It is compatible with any deck, riser, or truck. My boys have different boards, and I just purchased a bulk of this because they love to skate all day. The only complaint I have is that the price may be too high if you’re on a tight budget. Otherwise, it is absolutely excellent!
  • Recommended by pro skaters
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Different skateboard bolt sizes
  • Can be mounted on any board
  • Expensive
I appreciate the screws that don’t strip while I do my tricks. When I take a break to adjust it, it’s very easy to loosen up, it doesn’t come with a socket and phillips screwdriver, so you might need to purchase one separately. But, I will definitely stick to this brand despite not being complete with other tools.

4. ELOS Skateboards Hardware

Elos is relatively new in the skateboard hardware market but it is increasingly gaining popularity thanks to its designs. They started as a passion project for friends and family, but upon public launching became a successful start-up that is worth mentioning in this top-rated skateboard hardware list.

What I love about this brand is that you can purchase the independent skateboard hardware separately. Furthermore, the material is rust free, heat-treated, and hardened with stainless steel. These qualities guarantee smooth rides and simple maintenance.

The customized length of the hardware gives you room to add spacers without having to purchase new hardware. The package comes with ten generous bolts and nuts.

When I purchased one for myself, I loved the thought and design that was put into these skateboard hardware. The dark chrome of the screws is the first thing I noticed because I love that color.

The customized wheels and grip on this won’t scuff your floor and clothes. I suggest learning indoors first if you’re a first time skateboard, but if you’re experienced already, you can use this skateboard deck on the streets right away.

It also came with a link to an instructional video perfect for beginners who don’t know how to set it up. Kudos to the hardware’s storage, I can quickly put this in my bag without worrying that the hardware will fall off.

The only downside of this set is that it’s slightly expensive compared to others in the market, but I guess that’s because of the box.
  • Purchase the hardware separately.
  • Rust Free
  • Hardened with stainless steel
  • Customized hardware length
  • Expensive
This is a solid skateboard hardware set. I recommend this top-rated skateboard hardware for your decks and the board as well, especially for your kids.

5. Bones TMPBO100 Skateboard Hardware

What makes this hardware stand out from other products because the head is painted white to help you figure out the head or tail of your board.

The Bones 1-inch skateboard hardware pack has a Phillips’s head and is countersunk. This means that the hardware will sit tightly in the deck. The package includes 8 pieces of bolts and one free sticker. It’s fairly cheap if you’re buying the hardware only.

When I was looking for hardware for my skateboard in the shops near me, I couldn’t find one that matches my colorful skateboard deck. If I put dark colors, you can’t really know where the tail and head of the board are. A sales lady recommended this one because she knew that this had good color options.

Bought it, installed it, and gave it a ride. Not only was it very tight on the wheels you can easily spot the color because of its white head. Plus, at 0.05 pounds, it was easy to place in my backpack.

Be careful with purchasing online because bones have a reputation of being copied by manufacturers that are not licensed. I prefer purchasing at a skate shop. The best way to find a legit dealer is ask if he gets supplies from the Bones, Skate One, Discount Skateboards LLC. These are some of the top manufacturers of skateboard hardware. You can also look on reddit to find out more information.

I read online that some people experienced malformed bolts. I guess that’s because of the shipping courier. Good thing I bought it physically.
  • White head to figure out head or tail
  • Sits tightly on the deck
  • Sturdy and strong
  • Cheap
  • May malformed upon delivery
Some would say they didn’t like the white head because it was too plain. But, it all comes down to personal preference. They are truck bolts, so they will work perfectly for your board.

6. BESIY Longboard Cruiser Hardware

This type of Besiy skateboard hardware isn’t made for skateboards. They are made specifically for longboard skaters, but hear me out! Our list cannot be complete without this set.

Besiy hardware makes bolts, nuts, and other accessories targeting longboard users. But, as I have mentioned other Besiy products above, the company does a good job in making skateboard hardware as well.

It’s made of high quality steel, the package comes with a 16 pc nut and bolts, so that’s two extra parts in case you lost one. The hardware length is 32 mm by 1.25 inch, fitting perfectly on any longboard deck. In regards to its function, it’s pretty sturdy once you set it up on your skateboard deck, making it a notable candidate in this top-rated skateboard hardware list.

The color comes in metallic gray. I have a board with a black deck, so when I employ this hardware, it blends perfectly. If you are not satisfied with the product, you are protected with their 100% product replacement guarantee. Customer service is easy and they talk professionally.

I have two things to comment about this skateboard hardware. First, if you’re a skateboarder that wants one, this one is not for you. It’s made for longboards only. Second, the durability is not that good because some of the heads and bolts themselves are flimsy.

I use this particular brand for back-up only, but I don’t recommend it unless you have no other options.

  • High-quality steel
  • 16 pc nut and bolt set
  • Fits perfectly on a longboard
  • 100% product replacement if not satisfied
  • Not made for skateboard
  • Durability is questionable
This set may not be used for skateboarding but Besiy does produce top-notch materials and have been recommended by multiple pro skateboarders.

7. Ever Skateboard Hardware Bolts

Ever Skateboard hardware is the dark horse contender on this list because it’s not a skateboarding company. You can’t find trucks, decks, wheels, or any skateboard products here, and they won’t probably make one soon, but you’ll be surprised at how versatile Ever brand is.

They make nuts, bolts, and all kinds of hardware tools for men who prefer fixing things on their own rather than asking help from an expert. The company may not know skating or stunts like ollie or 360 backflips, but that does not stop them from being professionals at making skateboard hardware that is effective and functional.

When you purchase this hardware set, it comes with spare nuts and bolts in case you misplace or lose one when you’re riding or working on your board.

The multi-colored design fits perfectly for decks that you want to customize. It’s different compared to other skateboard hardware on this list. Moreover, it’s made of high-quality stainless steel, so it is incredibly durable and sturdy. It also comes with a free hex key attachment that makes it easy to set up on your board.

If you’re a skateboarder that’s meticulous when it comes to skateboard brands, the fact that Ever is a hardware company can be a tough pill to swallow when you’re left with no options. Nonetheless, it is a reliable skateboard hardware set that I am sure you will love.
  • Spare nut & bolt
  • Multi-colored design
  • Free hex key
  • Effective and functional
  • Hardware company
If you don’t mind the Ever brand name, you’re paying for the effectiveness of the product. In fact, you’re paying less, while getting much more, with nine nuts and bolts, instead of the usual eight.

8. Blank Skateboard Hardwar

One of the most affordable on this list of best skateboard hardware is the Blank skateboard mounting hardware that has a lot of colors to choose from. If you want to customize your board then this product is perfect for you. It offers a wide range, including dark blue, light blue, orange, pink, purple, red, white, and yellow.

With that said, when you use it all the time, the paint strips quickly. So, you should handle the hardware carefully when screwing them. It comes in 8 pieces, and a Philips’s head. It’s a little longer compared to other skateboard hardware. Therefore, it is more suitable for longboard users.

The color on this is another thing that I liked, because the red and black fits perfectly with my deck that’s plain black in color with a white grip tape. Also, the ability of this skateboard hardware to withstand pressure is comparable to other skateboard hardware on this list despite being a generic brand.

The powder coating is spot on when I place it on my board. It didn’t strip or damage the nut or bolt at all. Essentially, it looked good with my skateboard wheels.

To my knowledge, it wasn’t a named brand. Usually in advertisements, they would always highlight the deficiencies of the generic brand with the name brand, but this one may give other branded skateboard hardware a run for their money.

The only comment I have with this is when I got the packaged one was defective, but the supplier quickly replaced that, plus one for customer satisfaction!
  • Affordable
  • Customize to your liking
  • Can be used on a longboard
  • Powder coating is spot on
  • May deform because of shipment
Despite this top-rate skateboard hardware not having a brand. I would definitely recommend this to both beginners and professionals.

9. Stoked Ride Skateboard Hardware

This best skateboard hardware is popular with a lot of professional skaters, you can see this at skateboarding events or other sporting events as major sponsors. Any hardcore skateboarder will know of Stoked products.

Unlike other skateboard hardware, Stoked is made with the strongest stainless steel material. It has been proven that their skateboard hardware is much stronger than your typical hardware in the market. It resists stripping, and does not corrode as fast as other products. Moreover, its nuts are coated with zinc to reduce cold welding.

If you’re having second thoughts about this skateboard, be rest assured that they have options for both 1-inch standard hardware and 2-inch hardware. They are perfect for any board length! In addition, this set comes with an Allen to strengthen the hardware, as well as a Phillips that makes installation easy.

I’ve been using Stoked hardware for a long time now because I love to skate and you got to have extra hardware just in case. Fast forward, I have about as many miles as my car with my skateboard, but I still have the same skateboard bearings from the first time I was using it. Okay, I may be over-exaggerating, but you get my point! It’s strong and worth the investment.

If you still question this skateboard hardware, it has a 100% satisfaction guarantee or you can replace it. But, so far you won’t be needing this feature because the skateboard hardware is really good.
  • Popular brand
  • Stainless steel material
  • Comes in various sizes for customization
  • Nuts are coated with zinc
  • Expensive
If you’re contemplating Stoked, they have a program in place where you are either 100% satisfied or you get your money back. For me, this is one of the best hardware for its price.

10. INDEPENDENT Phillips Hardware

Independent or better known as “Indy” has been in the market since 1978, much longer than Trouble. It’s based in Sta. Cruz California and was made because nobody was selling quality skateboard trucks. With its presence in the market for 43 years, Independent has put other products to shame.

The quality of this independent hardware is light. It features a glossy, transparent coated finish for long-lasting functionality.

Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or professional skateboarder, Independent is the best option for you. They have complete products of skateboard risers, nuts, drivers, drivers, wrenches, and many more. If you’re ready to take your skateboarding skills to the next level while keeping your board secure, I suggest purchasing this set.

What I love about this independent hardware is the black matte finish. It matches well with my whiteboard. The grip strength on this is one of the best on this list. I had my elder cousin use this, in spite of the pressure of his weight, the hardware did not loosen up with the deck. I even saw some X-Games athletes endorsing this, so I was compelled to purchase one for myself.

Since it has been in the market for a while now, the price is a tad bit expensive. If you’re a skateboarder on a budget, this hardware set is not for you. On the other hand, if you are willing to invest in skateboard hardware, then this is perfect for you.
  • Long-lasting functionality
  • Stainless steel material
  • Other products to choose from
  • Recommended by professional skateboarders
  • Expensive
I’ve been a skater for 30 years now, and this hardware set is my top choice. It hasn’t changed from that day until now in 2021! I definitely recommend this for beginner riders.


Trouble Skateboards is very popular in the US and Peru because they offer high-quality skateboarding products at affordable prices. Trouble Skateboards has been in the skateboarding industry since 1996. That’s 25 years of providing quality products to pro and beginner skateboarders!

Since they have been on the market for almost 30 years now, they have lots of skateboard hardware choices. The different and unique kinds of decks is something to look forward to, the griptape as well. The various kinds of hardware for longboard and cruiser boards is something they pride their company in. Their products have been spotted at events with professionals sporting them. So, you’re guaranteed they work.

Their hardware is no exception, the skateboard trucks and bolts give your board security and durability for freeride, downhill, slalom, race, drift, or any other track. The color of the hardware made me purchase this! The gold-like finish is out of this world!

Made with high-carbon grade steel, one of the strongest materials to use on hardware, it guarantees that your board is secure and resists rust. When you purchase it, the set comes with one Allen key tool, eight lock nuts, and eight bolts.

The only issue I have with this board is that they strip fast. So, the hardware will get stuck on the board. Other than that, I highly recommend it.
  • Affordable price
  • Gives security and durability
  • Made of high-carbon steel
  • Resists rust
  • Strips fast
This board is one of the best skateboard hardware on this list because of its design, quality, and functionality. Not to mention it has been in the market for over 20 years now. I would say the products are to be trusted.

12. Rabd Skateboard Hardware

Last but not least, the Rabd Skateboard Hardware. This skateboard hardware is, in my opinion, the most versatile one on this list. It comes with a Philips thread, which makes assembling a breeze. Its versatility comes in handy if you want to customize the board to your liking.

Radb has a reputation as one of the most trusted skateboard tools greatly loved by skaters in the market because of its attention to detail and quality. Nuts are made with stainless steel coated in zinc to prevent cold welding. Besides, the bolts are made with high-quality stainless steel. Thus, they are guaranteed to last and deliver smooth rides.

Whether you’re a professional or beginner, Rabd is the best choice for you because it was made with the highest-quality stainless steel. It slows down rust and durability is ensured.

It comes with 1-inch hardware that includes eight threaded nuts and eight countersunk bolts to secure your boards. It is perfect for skateboards that have no risers. I actually purchased another set on top of the set that was already on my board because I skate regularly. I also plan to join the X-Games, so practicing regularly is a must.

The only problem I have is because it’s one of the most purchased skateboard brands, and sometimes they don’t check quality. When I received mine, it was missing one bolt so I had to return it. However, they were quick to replace it and even gave me an extra one for the inconvenience. Plus points on customer service and satisfaction!
  • Versatile
  • Stainless steel bolts
  • Zinc coated nuts
  • Slows down rust
  • Items may not be complete when purchased
One more surprising thing about this skateboarding hardware is its price. Who would have thought that this kind of quality skateboard hardware is under eight dollars?

What to Look for When Buying Skateboard Hardware


When looking for the right skateboard hardware set, remember to prepare a checklist of these five factors:


Of course, you need versatility for your skateboarding hardware because not all boards are made the same, just like not all humans are alike.


Skateboards or longboards have four holes in them, so ensure that your package has eight nuts and bolts in it.

Necessary Tools

Without the required tools that come with skateboarding hardware, you can’t apply it to your deck. Unless you have tools at home, be sure to buy ones that include tools so that you do not have to spend extra time and money in purchasing them separately.

Material’s Quality

If you’re going to buy skateboard hardware for your board, always look for stainless steel material and be sure that they are zinc-coated. This helps prevent rust and cold welding respectively.

Proper Length

There are skateboard hardware lengths that fit a longboard but are not necessarily suitable for a skateboard. Always ask the seller what kind of skateboard deck it is designed for.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is skateboard hardware? How does it work?

Skateboard hardware, better known in the skateboarding community as mounting hardware, connects the deck to the trucks. For every purchase of hardware, there have to be four bolts and locknuts. Some products you can purchase separately, but usually, it’s found in local skateboarding stores.

The length of the screws will depend on whether you install risers, or whether you have a longboard or skateboard. Skateboard lengths come in different sizes. Most of the time, it includes one unique colored bolt, so you can quickly know your board’s nose.

7/8″ to 1″ hardware – no riser

1″ to 1 1/8″ hardware – 1/8″ riser

1 1/4″ hardware – 1/4″ riser

1 1/2″ hardware – 1/2″ riser

For more information, you can check this video on choosing the right hardware length for your skateboard.

What are the different types of skateboard hardware?

There are many skateboard hardware types, but the most popular is the Phillips or Allen head hardware. Besides the Allen hardware, you need a ⅛ Allen wrench to tighten it, but every Allen hardware you purchase always comes with the proper twist.

There is also the dome-shaped hardware also known as “pan head” truss, or button head. This kind of hardware is exclusively for longboards because you can feel them under your feet while riding.

Lastly, regular hardware bolts that you can buy in hardware stores. However, these kinds of hardware don’t work well on skateboards because they are made with weaker metal alloys. Over time, it may be unsafe if you put these on your skateboard.

Why do you need skateboard hardware?

You may think you can just use the nuts and bolts lying around in your father’s garage but actually, you can’t. These kinds of bolts are specifically made for something else. The hardware for skateboards is made to fit perfectly in the holes of the deck and the trucks. Therefore, you need skateboard hardware.

What’s more, the mounting kits that usually come when you purchase skateboard hardware have self-locking nuts, which ensure that the bolts are tight from strong vibration and stress. Before and after using your skateboard, make sure that the nuts and bolts are tightly connected to the wheels. Remember, safety first!

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted skateboard hardware brands?

The most trusted skateboard hardware brands are Fireball Dragon, Diamond Supply Co., Dimebag, Shorty’s Silverado, Sector 9, 4 Ever, and Independent Genius.

What size hardware for skateboarding do I need?

If you don’t want to buy online or if there’s no local skate shop near you, follow this guide and look for some in a hardware store:

  1. 8mm axle Washer
  2. ⅜ inch Mounting hardware nuts
  3. US number 10-32 bolt sizes
  4. 5/16 self-locking nylon axle nuts
  5. 3/9 24 self-locking nylon kingpin

Does skate hardware matter?

Of course, it matters! Like I said above, it’s one of the most important things to consider before buying a skateboard, other than a skateboard grip tape.

How long does skateboard hardware last?

Generally, a skateboard hardware set will last as long as you take care of it. I would say 2-3 years if it is properly maintained and cleaned.

How to set up?

Before setting it up, remember to have the proper tools with you:

  1. Tighten the nut side using a ⅜ inch wrench or socket.
  2. Using a Phillips screwdriver or an Allen wrench, tighten the bolt side.
  3. Make sure that it’s not over-tightened. You still want to remove the hardware as quickly as you can.
  4. Tighten both sides until flush with the top of the deck.
  5. But not too much to the point that the top of the bolt is below the top of the deck.
  6. Time to test your skateboard!

How to clean and care?

Taking care of your skateboard hardware set is very easy. You just have to make sure that it’s very tight. You can also wipe the metal part with a dry microfiber cloth. Avoid using wet cloths because the hardware may rust quickly. Since it can break down over time, it’s best if you always have an extra one with you.

Where to purchase?

To purchase a skateboard hardware set, you can always look on Amazon, eBay, or at a local skate shop. I already linked some above if you need help.

Should I buy skateboard hardware?

Yes! You need skateboard hardware. If you’re a longboard user, this will ensure that your longboard is safe to ride. If you’re a skateboarder, you also need to perform those neat tricks and stunts on the track. Invest in a useful skateboard tool and ask for advice from a professional. Ride safely!


I know looking for a set of skateboard hardware can be difficult, especially if you’re a beginner. But it’s all about experience and just trying out hardware that fits you. Some may be expensive to others but are cheap to you.

Other than price there are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing skateboard hardware, such as nut and bolt length, color, brand, etc. Carefully consider all of these factors, it’ll help you find the best skateboard hardware.

Did you find this article useful? Don’t forget to share this article on your social media platforms. If you have any questions, just leave a comment below, and we’ll respond right away.

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