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The Best Skateboard Waxes 

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

best skateboard wax

If you are new to skateboarding, you may feel that purchasing a skateboard is all you require. Notwithstanding, if you need your board to last and that you want to be able to do all sorts of extraordinary hops and slides, then you should learn how to deal with your board.

Skateboard wax is utilized both on the boards as well as to oil a rail. Truly a skateboarder’s best companion indeed. The best skate wax won’t disintegrate when applying it.

In case you haven’t considered, dive into this article on the best of the best skateboard wax with my honest review. You will be astonished by how these waxes make it simpler to slide and pound your stunts without stressing a single bit.


Top 1

Dimebag Skateboard Wax

– Eliminates Squeaky sounds

– Big enough to wax up a curb

– Can be used for a long-time

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Top 2

CCS Skateboard Wax

– Good for its size

– Can fulfill its job perfectly

– Long-Lasting Product

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Top 3

Bones White Wax Cup

– Smells wonderful

– It doesn’t melt easily

– Fix the squeaky trucks

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Best Skateboard Wax Reviews

1. Dimebag Hardware Skateboard Wax

To most skateboarder’s surprise, this wax for skateboards can make it to the list of the best skate wax. The Triple Slick Curb Wax from Dimebag Hardware is the perfect addition to any skater’s must-have kit. In truth, this curb wax is a tough and well-made product.

The efficiency of this product comes to its size. Not to mention, Triple Slick wax is small enough to fit in your pocket and cheap enough so that anyone can buy. This product allows you not only to be able to make your board smooth but as well as to bring it anytime and anywhere.

The product quality is spot on, apart from its cheap price. I can assure you that the quality of this curb wax can not equal any of those high-priced goods. This grinding wax is specially designed to spread smoothly without creating a big mess of crumbs on the ledge and the surface, making it the best type of wax for skateboarding.

Another attribute of this wax that I love is its scent. Offering a total of 4 unique fragrances: refreshing blueberry, soft-fruity rose, waxy raspberry tropical apple, clean citrus smooth lemon, and tart cherries.

The only thing that the manufacturers should work on is the size of the photo ads. Some might assume a bigger size than the actual size.
  • A travel-friendly aromatized wax
  • Eliminates Squeaky sounds
  • Easy to use and can be used for a long-time
  • Big enough to wax up a curb
  • Affordable with high-end quality
  • Some might expect a bigger size than the actual size
Due to its great volume and quality, I would highly recommend this product. Each piece is pocket-sized, individually wrapped, affordable high-quality, and easy to use. With the surplus of specs and features the item comes loaded with, the Dime Bag Hardware Triple Slick Skateboard Curb Wax is a decent option.

2. CCS Skateboard Wax

The CCS Skateboard Wax, being the cheapest price among my recommended waxes, is another product that I would like to add onto the list of best types of wax for skateboarding. This product will satisfy your needs as much as the other curb waxes. Due to its consistency, price, and durability, I became a devoted fan of this product.

Despite having one of the cheapest board waxes available, the quality of this item justified its price. Selecting effectiveness over price means saving money, which implies less hassle. It is almost always a sustainable choice because it eliminates waste, improves efficiency, and supports value-prioritizing enterprises, which I assure you are provided by this product.

In terms of color, only one is supplied by this wax; specifically, blue. ‘The key to success is simplicity,’ right? The suppliers of this brand have adhered to what is easy. Simple is nice. Simplicity is about clarity. Simple lets you be agile with it. Other features are recommended, such as its size, which was based on the size of a bar soap which is a perfect size.

The only problem with this product is its packaging, which should have given this wax its place in cases or pouches. Nevertheless, its quality aces this commodity.
  • The durability of this wax is commendable
  • Designed to accumulate nicely
  • Good for its size
  • Long-Lasting Product
  • 100% effective and can fulfill its job perfectly
  • Price itself can be purchased by anyone
  • No Case or Pouch to store it in when it isn’t used
This skateboard wax is the ultimate best choice that you can get off the list of best skateboard waxes, filled with features such as consistency and simplicity. There’s no doubt, it’s a must!

3. Bones White Wax Cup

I was searching for skateboard waxes that could find a particular spot on the curb or board, in which I have found the Bones Rat Wax II Vato White Wax Cup by Bones Wheels. With 60 grams of buttery paraffin wax, which gives more slide-ability to every board and is a very high-quality wax. This chunk could last you a while.

I can see that in its appearance, this wax was specialized. Round-shaped wax is much more efficient and easy to use. Application-wise, it is fantastic because of how well it blends with the surface, it can sense or identify particular areas.

This wax’s compatibility is a great feature. It is suitable for metals, plastics, timber, and concrete. Whatever you want to wax, it will wax. It is mostly used to make the board more waterproof and to remove squeaky trucks. It acts like a magic skateboard wax, right?

I have to admit that I am very shocked as I can not find a single detail about it.. Without any complaints, the wax itself can be used every day and can be spread quickly without leaving unwaxed spots.
  • Good amount of quality product for the money
  • It doesn’t melt easily
  • Can be used on anything you think you can slide on
  • Fix the squeaky trucks
  • Has good size and fits well in a pocket
  • Smells wonderful
  • There are almost no defections found so far
Overall, I’m more than pleased that I’ve been able to find a flawless skateboard wax. Quality-wise, this product was well-made and designed. This is a commodity that is worth purchasing.

4. Spitfire Skateboard Curb Wax

A well-known product from a popular company, The Spitfire curb wax, is next in line on my list. For years, the Spitfire clothing-wheels business has been recognized for its quality skateboard accessories. Spitfire wheels are based in the United States, however, it does ship goods to various states.

Moreover, this skateboard wax is the perfect small wax to conveniently take around when skating. This can be attributed to its ability to grind buttery-smooth performance during the day while retaining a compact size to be easily transported.

Just like a flame with a face on it, this skateboard wax is molded into a Spitfire bighead. Besides, various colors such as red, yellow, and green are available for this skateboard wax. The product weighs just about 4 ounces and is easy to rub on your longboards. This wax is small and lightweight yet it has a good output on your skateboards.

The compatibility of this current wax is an extraordinary feature. In metal, plastic, wood, and concrete, it is ideal for application. Anything you like to wax will be waxed. This wax is normally used to make the board more resistant to water and remove noisy trucks.

Given that they have provided the sizes of the wax themselves, those who are unable to assess the accuracy of the scale should also provide a basis for the sizes for comparative purposes. Some buyers didn’t think that the size would be smaller than they thought it would be. In contrast, the wax itself is a high-quality product that you will certainly enjoy.
  • Maintains slick curbs and rails for grinding
  • Reduces friction that can cause your board to suffer damage
  • Applied on the curb or rail surface will be thoroughly protected
  • Can help you grind on any surface
  • 3 color choices: red, yellow, and green
  • Others may assume a larger size than the actual size
In the end, this Spitfire wax is a perfect item for you and your friends when it comes to street skating. Not only is it made by a renowned company that has been manufacturing top-quality skating products for years, but it also has a compact size which means you can take it with you everywhere!

5. Santa Cruz Skate Wax

The Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Curb Wax, the perfect skateboard wax for street skating, is next. This is because of the original blend that has been used since the 1990s, which has a premium patented blend that gives you no trouble grinding through curbs!

This Santa Cruz Skate’s super tacky, friction-killing wax is just the kind of wax you need to quickly get the job done. This amazing wax is a perfect gift for beginners or veteran skaters due to its weight that can easily be recognized as a premium product. It smells like fresh bubble gum and fits in your back pocket.

The compatibility of this current wax is an incredible component. In metal, plastic, wood, and cement, it is acceptable for usage. Anything you like to wax will be waxed. Usually, it is used to make the board more waterproof and to suppress those irritating squeaks.

This wax is used for skateboarding or even surfing on the deck of a longboard. It helps to provide the users and the board with good traction at the feet. Numerous wax forms are very tacky, rapid humps, and navel wax.

In addition, this wax has a dimension of 4.0 x 2.0 x 4.0 inches and a weight of 106 grams, making the wax large enough to grind on large curbs. The wax will definitely last a long time because of its size and will accompany you on your skating journey.

The wax used in this product lacks any bear parts or by-products and is easily the second option, not only because of the wax’s durability but also because it is supplied by a trusted skating company.
  • Last long enough for you
  • Created by a popular skating company
  • Possible to use on metal, wood, concrete, and plastic
  • Made from high-quality ingredients
  • Easy for all to use
  • Some produced waxes are not sufficiently molded that can cause a loss of surface stickiness, particularly on rails
Ultimately, if you’re looking for the best wax that can be held in a jacket pocket for street skating, then your dream product in the Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Curb Wax. Tested and proven by myself. In addition, Santa Cruz is a reputable brand you can trust, as they have been at the top of the industry for more than 30 years.

6. Spitfire Skate Wax

Spitfire Bighead Swirl skate wax is the perfect little wax for productive transporting when skating around with you. This can be attributed to its ability to provide you with rich smooth truck granules during the day while retaining a compact measurement size to be easily moved.

A flame with a face on it was formed into the wax itself just like its twin wax. Also, the combination of color attracts the eyes of the consumers. The object is just around 4 ounces in weight and is easy to rub on your longboards. This wax is tiny and lightweight, but once applied your skateboards will have a strong performance on gliding and more.

A great quality of this wax is its color mix. A great mix of colors such as orange-pink, pink-blue, and lime-green. Besides, its ability to store characteristics such as easy-to-use, fair price, can be applied to anything and gives you a performance worth gliding to is an excellent attribute that can be said to be a curb wax top-notch product.

Because of how underrated this product is, there have not been any downsides so far. However, due to how underrated this product is, buyers like me were shocked at how well this skate wax works. Not to mention the attributes this brand provides. It is indeed a product worth your time.
  • Preserves slick grinding curbs and rails
  • Reduces tension that can lead to damage to your board
  • Thoroughly covered on curbs or rail surfaces
  • On any surface, it will help you grind
  • Slick color combination
  • Underrated wax.
Overall in terms of road skating, this is an excellent wax for you and your partners. It is manufactured by a well-known brand that has been producing excellent skate goods for a long time and has a compact size to ensure you can take it with you all over the world!

7. Element Skateboards Wax

The Nyjah Wax would be as radical as the first choice for the best skateboarding wax from yet another trusted brand in skating. Look no further for those interested in a classy looking wax with incredible skills. In particular, it is designed to minimize friction on grinding surfaces, such as rails, curbs, ledges, or anywhere you shred. Reduce the damage your board has sustained and nail those grinds with Nyjah Skate Wax

One of the characteristics that made me love this product is that it is made of very high quality wax, this chunk can last you a while as well. It can smooth and reduce friction on any surface. The durability of this wax is at its finest. This wax is fantastic and can do the job as quickly as the rivals.

The durability of this current wax is a remarkable element. In metal, plastic, wood, and solid, it is ideal for application. Anything you like to wax will be waxed. This wax is ordinarily used to make the board more impervious to water and to eliminate those boisterous trucks.

Its presence is one of its main points. These are the ones for those individuals who love classy things. Built to attract customers with its crown form look. Not to mention, with a shimmering gold color that gave it an expensive look which certainly shines above others. However, despite its expensive look, this item offers a fair price on the market.

This product only comes in one color, unfortunately. Some people have diverse preferences. I could consider adding more colors to offer consumers a wide range of options.
  • Maintains slick curbs and rails for grinding
  • Diminishes contact that can harm the board
  • Directly apply to the control or rail until the surface is deliberately fixed
  • Has a costly look
  • Offers only one color
Overall, the Nyjah Huston Crown Gold Skate Wax is a reliable wax for skating that you can depend on. Moreover, with the price tag, the value for money is unrivaled!

8. Shorty’s Candy Wax Stash

The Shorty Skateboard’s Curb Candy Wax Stash is another product I want you to look at. Not only does this wax keep curbs and rails slick for grinding, but it also removes the friction that can cause your board to damage. Durable quality and ease of use make it one of the best buys when applying skateboard wax for the first time.

Thanks to its inclusion or 4 blocks of wax, it is suitable for beginners who want to know and see for themselves the results of a skateboard wax while supplying them more for potential use.

This 4-piece skateboard wax is available and comes in various shades, such as blue, red, violet, and purple. For grinding, the wax helps to keep the rails clean as well as help reduce friction and create a comfortable ride on your longboard.

The product weighs about 4.8 ounces and measures 1 inch. Just like a deck of cards, it is contained in a cardboard casing, which makes it unique to other Curb Waxes out there. In real life, it’s probably small, but I assure you that this skateboard wax molds its purpose.

These skateboard waxes are about 2.1 inches/ 5.4 cm in length and about 1.5 cm in thickness. They can easily fit into your pockets and bags. Being lightweight, small, and portable, they are great for outdoor activities, games, travel, etc.

The look is not that polished like the other choices of the best skateboarding wax in my review. However, it’s certainly a wax that won’t fail you. Only apply directly to the curb or rail until the surface is fully coated and enjoyed.

I’m a little frustrated with sellers who don’t just supply the wax containers as they did in the picture commercial. Advice for those who want to use this brand, to avoid fraud, choose the shop wisely, and read feedback. Nevertheless, the wax itself surpassed my standards.
  • Rough ground can be smoothed and fractions reduced
  • Easy to carry
  • Can be given to skateboard enthusiasts as a wonderful present
  • Durable product: a small amount of it daily, it’s durable and useful
  • The containers for this wax will not be provided by some sellers. Make sure the seller is verified and validated for legitimacy
Ultimately, this is a great skating wax, because this item has great properties, which means that when it comes to grinding on curbs and pipes, it will give you incredible results while being at a fair price.

9. Stuntstick’s Skate Wax

The Stuntstick’s Skate Wax is another product worth shopping for. Each object is handmade with the utmost quality. A scented product which after grinding, gives the consumer a relaxing scent. The product is pocketable and has a mix of colors that is attractive to the user’s eyes.

The fragrance after grinding is what I like the most about skate wax. This item was designed to give the user preference for such fragrance. Not only does this product provide consumers with such a service, but also gives priority to each of the users. The product itself shows interesting colors after grinding, which provided me with a fascinating expression.

On the other hand, another thing to consider is the process of this product. Any wax that was created by this company was done by hand, which implies that any object was made by the efforts of the staff. Furthermore, the product’s quality remains the same. Keeping a product consistent with no production errors ensures that the staff is well-skilled. Ultimately, that makes this brand strong.

In this one, I can’t find any flaws, which makes this item one of the best-created curb wax. The substance itself performs as it should, smells, and lasts for a long time. In addition, this skate wax molds itself so that the spots you grind can be completely covered. This wax has total caution in producing, despite being made by hand. There are not many wax skateboards that are almost entirely made like this one.
  • Can fit in your pocket
  • Smells good
  • Maintains slick curbs and rails for grinding
  • Reduces tension that can damage your board
  • So far, no defects
Ultimately, if you’re looking for a wax that will give you incredible sliding performance and other quality attributes such as a scented smell and pocketable size, then this is the perfect candidate for you!

10. World Industries Skateboard Wax

The Flame Boy Curb Ledge Wax by World Industries is next in line. A curb wax that can repair those squeaking problems on your longboard and retain that smooth touch. Not only does this wax have this great function, but also has a fascinating look. This is the one for you if you’re looking for a wax that will inspire you!

It’s an excellent pro-skateboard wax that professional and accomplished skaters like to use. This is because it is an amazing wax mixture that suggests a small amount of wax needed in order to offer premium sliding output as other skateboard wax. Additionally, this curb wax will meet your gliding needs. In terms of consistency, since it is easy to use and does not affect your health, the wax itself is recommended for beginners and children.

Another thing to recommend is the presentation of this wax. If you are going to offer this product to children, then this wax is right for them. The wax itself is crafted to shape like a very fascinating flame boy character. This wax has color-pigment, giving you a much lighter and darker shade of color. Its shape and color catches my attention, which is why this product is one of my favorite products.

On the downside of this wax, due to its 3D representation, this item can easily be broken, leaving small bits of crumbs. Also, does not have clear levels. The character’s head is not equal to his or her body. This can leave an unintended separation between the head and the item’s body. Moreover, the wax is often recommended for kids, and I know for sure that these children will enjoy them as much as I do.
  • Appearance is in 3D
  • Recommended for kids
  • Wax’s quality assurance is spot-on
  • Color-pigmented wax, which offers a lighter shade
  • Can easily be shattered
  • Color of wax can fade with time
In general, when it comes to a great wax for street skating, the Flame Boy Curb Ledge Wax by World Industries is an excellent alternative. Great for collectors and even better for someone on Curb Wax looking for a decent price. The high-density wax is formulated to make grinding on curbs and rails incredibly easy!

11. Nuanchu Skateboard Wax

This is another product to review. It can also be used on boards or other boards, such as surfing. It is easy to spread on your board. This product will help to keep your foot on the board while you are using it securely. In contrast to other skateboard brands, it has 10 times the amount of stickiness. In contact with the body, it is non-toxic and safe to use. It is biodegradable and from all-natural products are made from it.

I like this wax because you will get 2 pieces of skate board wax. You can apply it to the skateboard, so it can travel effortlessly when slipping over rough and rocky roads. To gain smoother motions, you can add this to your skateboard.

These skateboard waxes are about 2.1 inches/ 5.4 cm in length, and about 1.5 cm in thickness, making it easy to carry; I guarantee you that this wax is lightweight, compact and portable, easy to fit into your pockets and bags; perfect for outdoor sports, games, travel, etc.

This light and small skateboard wax, as you use a small amount of it every day, is durable and useful; 2 pieces can be applied for a long period of time.

The only problem with this product may be its presentation. Due to its simple color, some might suggest that this wax is dull. Nonetheless, the wax itself, despite being dull, certainly works as described.
  • Light, thin, durable, and useful
  • Reduces the friction that can cause your board harm
  • Easy to carry
  • Protects the surface of your board once applied
  • Maintains slick curbs and rails for grinding
  • Offers only one color that lacks consumer choice
The look is not that smooth as the others pick the best skateboarding wax in our study, but it is certainly a wax that will not disappoint you. Only add it directly to the curb or rail until the surface is fully covered and enjoyed.

12. Shake Junt Skateboard Wax

Finally, you may want to try Shake Junt’s Skateboard Curb Wax as well. The Non-Cracking and Odorless wax feature comes with this wax. In addition, this wax has a good color scheme: green-yellow. Also, much like other skate waxes, this formula often lasts as long as it, it is easy-to-use and has that shiny finish once applied to it. I enjoyed waxes that are special and have a great attribute in my skating journey.

For skateboard enthusiasts, this skateboard wax can be given as a wonderful present; it can also be given to family members or friends who enjoy skateboarding. It is covered in plastic and the surface of your longboard can be easily rubbed. Professional skaters or even beginners most often use this.

I like that rough terrain can be smoothed and fractions minimized by this skateboard curb wax. It can help you speed it up as you slide over a hard surface. It will also help to complete the sparkling action while retaining the fluidity in your body.

It is really important to practice skateboarding skills with the finest skateboard wax that can stop action lag. This skate wax keeps curbs and rails slick for grinding. This chunk can also last you a while. It operates as described, can smooth any surface and reduce friction. This wax’s longevity is at its best. This wax is amazing and can do the job as easily as the competitors.

The only thing I can say is that rather than this item being underestimated, they should market this product more. The product itself can be used for your everyday needs, and not investing in it is such a waste. However, when it comes to its visual, this product may not be your style because you have no options, it will certainly serve its sole purpose.
  • It’s got a decent size that’ll last you for a long time
  • It is easy to use and can be used by adults and children
  • Built to make it slick for your gliding
  • Those distracting sounds can be removed
  • A fair price for skaters
  • Underrated commodity
Overall, this is the perfect match for you if you are looking for a cool skateboard wax style! Be sure to try one now and the next time you want to be able to enjoy skateboarding.

What to Look for When Buying Skateboard Wax


There are a few things to remember when looking for the best skateboard wax before selecting the best kind for you. It should have the following attributes to be the best skateboard wax. 

First, cost—the price always in consideration when you pay for a product. Let’s be frank that we really can’t afford to pay over the odds for anything that’s not worth it in this day and age. Next is the simplicity of being applied. It should be easy to use and appropriate for all, from children to adults. 

The brand is also important to look into. Check for those trusted brands that manufacture products of high quality. Furthermore, to produce the best results, its quality and performance are critical. To make your gliding slick and smooth, each portion of the wax must perform its purpose. 

It would be better if we seek a wax that can last longer as well. We do not want a product that runs out after several uses, and it will be costly in this term.

This review looked at some of the finest skateboard wax in the industry. Based on those reviews, I hope you can understand that what you were using is not just some gimmicky birthday candle conglomeration, but rather a high density and quality formulated wax. The longevity, effectiveness, pricing, and additional features that make the wax special and quality have been taken into consideration in doing this review.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is skateboard wax for?

Skateboarding wax is normally made from a base of paraffin, and as you slip or grind down rails, curbs, and other hard surfaces, it helps reduce the friction you get. Slides and grinds inherently generate friction, which can slow down your trajectory’s speed, making it more difficult to execute. This is where it comes in for skate wax. To smooth out the surface of what you are grinding on. The wax can fill in tiny cracks and imperfections so that you can pull off your 50-50s without stopping short.

You will need a paraffin wax skateboarding that covers your board and keeps it sliding as easily as possible, whether you’re buying your first board or getting into tricks for the first time. Just bear in mind that when you add skate wax, smoother surfaces appear to be slicker, so it’s a good idea to test the places that you skate so you don’t find it too slippery.

How does it work?

To make them skate-able, you can use wax on a lot of things. With the addition of a little wax, most metal edges can slip with almost no friction. When you wax them up various concrete curbs and ledges will also grit, especially if they have been painted. Painting with wax is super slick. Wipe away any dust and rub the wax on the place you intend to slip, which is loose debris.

Be sure to do so in all the areas where it can hit the board. Grab the top, corner, and sides where the wheels are going to strike. The darker, rippled areas where you need more wax can be seen here. To get it to work well, it will take a few slides or grinds. You’ll start seeing grooves and lines where the surfaces are more touched by the floor. When you need a touch-up, wax up certain spots.

What are the different types of skateboard waxes?

Skate wax, skateboarding wax, curb wax, ledge lube all refer to the same thing: a wax substance to prepare the skating surface for tricking, slipping, grinding, and boosting traction.

Why do you need skate waxes?

Skateboard wax can make the sliding and grinding of your tricks easier. To decrease friction, you can rub it on the corners of several surfaces. On a rough surface, the wax fills in the holes and imperfections. It also makes it possible to slide along a smooth layer. This makes it possible for you to slide, land, and learn more tricks. That means more fun!

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted skateboard wax brands?

  • Spitfire Inc

Spitfire Inc. is one of the most trusted producers of skate wax companies out there. Spitfire manufactures goods of high quality, which is why they climbed to the top. Besides, they look at the point of view of the consumers to create goods that will help the buyers.

With the Spitfire Curb Waxes, juice up your desired ledges and rails. A classic can’t go wrong, and this will encourage you to boardslide and slap until your trucks are content. Santa Cruz Skate Wax

For over 40 years, Santa Cruz Skateboards has been an industry-leading maker of lifestyle products for board sports. Established in 1973, this skate wax company described a generation of revolutionary products and eye-popping graphics that continue to resonate with tastemakers, professional riders, and younger generations. They have some of the most popular graphics in the history of skateboarding. Santa Cruz is a mecca of skating and surfing culture and has been here since the beginning to describe the look and feel of these activities.

Santa Cruz Skateboards offers a unique combination of legendary, old-school graphics and designs with the latest and greatest deck constructions and a team of top professional skaters.

  • Dimebag Hardware

Since the early 2000s, DimeBag Hardware has been on the market. Dimebag Hardware makes sure no skater feels left out, whether you’re a skater who wants some colored hardware to add more flavor to your setup, or a downhill longboarder who needs some pan-head bolts with drop-through washers. They produce top-notch quality skateboard waxes.

What can you use for skateboard wax?

There are several skateboard wax alternatives to use if you can not access ready-made skateboard waxes. These items had been used for decades as skate wax alternatives, it has been proven and tested by professional skaters. Some of the curb waxes that are being produced comes from these items.

  • Candle Wax

The candle wax is very light, so it’s not going to last long. In addition, this skate wax alternative works well for skateboarding. Candle wax, in comparison, is cheaper than skate wax.

  • Liquid Washing

We all know someone who inherently enjoys freedom in street skating but hate the idea of rolling around in filth for hours trying to land a trick at the same time. It will soften the ledge, but it will ensure that each slam will make them cleaner rather than dirtier.

  • Bananas

After running out of ready-made waxing items, we tried this the other day on our ledge. It went way too well, honestly.

  • Soap

This wax substitute was used by a friend of mine when he had no money to buy ready-made skate wax. This choice is also very convenient, particularly for those who can not afford waxes.

Is candle wax good for skateboarding?

YES. Indeed, in recent years, most skaters use candle wax because of its components before the skate wax was invented. Tough for layering on base, then it’s soft, which is a little stickier, so it’s less slick! Skate wax is generally more reliable, but candle wax works just fine.

The skate wax recipe is commonly contained in candle wax. That’s why it’s a perfect choice for skaters who don’t have usable skate waxes.

How to make skateboarding wax?

Buying skate wax regularly can be pricey but using a variety of different techniques, you can make your own. Here are the steps for using crayons and leftover candles:

  • Preheat your oven to 150 degrees Fahrenheit

For 5-10 minutes, let your oven warm up. The majority of waxes have a low melting point, so try not to let the temperature of your oven get warmer than 150-180 degrees.

  • Collect your supplies

Pick any remaining candles or crayons you have, like those rusty, broken ones you just knew you would eventually have a use for, and break them up. Remove any wicks and any files. You’ll also need some olive oil or vegetable oil.

  • In an oven-safe bowl, place your wax pieces in

To keep the melted wax, the container you use should be large enough. Glass bowls are oven-safe and excellent choices for melting wax, like the Pyrex brand.

  • Pour the oil in

To the wax, add one teaspoon of vegetable oil or olive oil. This makes applying it to your board more pliable and simple. However, don’t add more than a teaspoon or your wax is going to be too soft and crumbly.

  • Put your wax in the oven

For 10 minutes, melt your mix. Watch your wax melt to ensure that it doesn’t burn. Take it out of the oven until it’s melted and place it in your refrigerator to harden. You can remove it from the jar until the wax is solid and use it on the surface that you want to smooth.

What can I use if I don’t have skate wax?

The candle wax is the most effective alternative to use instead of being inexpensive, due to its quality and how slick your gliding would be this alternative is often recommended by skaters.

Where can I buy it?

At present, with the true Skate Wax review, Lowes, eBay, Home Depot, Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart are the most trusted places on the market. Check the online sites for distributed skateboard wax dealers to ensure that you do not buy a rip-off at a high price.


In conclusion, skateboarding is a sport enjoyed by people of all ages. More kids will participate in this activity in the years to come because it not only builds camaraderie, but it gives them an experience they will cherish for their lifetime.

Skateboard wax is required for skateboarding. With the best skateboard wax, it makes the longboard smooth and avoids the stumbling of the user. If you’d like to give your children or friends skateboard wax as a gift, don’t forget to check out the above items. Make sure to reflect on the general characteristics so that you have an idea of what to buy in the future.

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