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The Best Skateboard Trucks for Street

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

best skateboard trucks for street

Considered the heart and soul of a skateboard, trucks attach the wheels to the deck. Without trucks, you can’t go very far. The brand, materials, type, height, and quality of the pair are what you are paying when buying trucks.

There are some factors to keep in mind when selecting the best skateboard trucks for street that suit your needs. First, the width of the trucks’ axles should match your deck and vice versa. The hardness of the bushings, the pivot cups, and washers also spell the difference.

Here are some of the best choices available in the market today. Keep on reading to help you decide which skateboard trucks to outfit your board.


Top 1

Gullwing Trucks

– Has the right amount of clearance

– The patented carve-specific design 

– 89a barrel bushings

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Top 2

Core Skateboard Trucks

– Easy to install

– Durable construction 

– Offer superior quality

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Top 3

CCS Skateboard Trucks

– Durable

– Lightweight and stable

– Allows effortless maneuvers

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Best Skateboard Truck for Street Reviews

1. Gullwing Sidewinder II Trucks

If you’re in for some exhilarating turns, these sidewinder trucks are your best bet. These trucks have been phenomenal head-turners since their launch – credit goes to their one-of-a-kind design. This set, the Gullwing Sidewinder II Trucks, is even made better as it is an upgrade of Gullwing’s much-coveted double kingpin carving truck.

These trucks have two revolutionary pivot points with premium cone and barrel combo bushings. This double-stack geometry allows them to carve twice as sharp as a standard truck. The 89a barrel bushings and the bushing seat included give a relatively traditional set-up, yet they will instantly provide you that carving feels straight out of the box.

I get much more genuine surf glides with its impressive lean and carving at significantly higher yet controlled speeds. Carving has been so flowy and smooth, like I’m riding in water, snow, or clouds. I get both the stability and pace needed, specifically when tightening them down. Plus, I no longer dread riding on pedestrians and obstacles.

I set it up with my pintail and 70mm wheels, and I feel satisfied with the height. It has the right amount of clearance, so I did not have to consider installing riser pads for wheel bites.

Since this truck has a particular carve design, you have to choose the appropriate deck and wheels to ensure that your set-up will work properly and seamlessly. I also do not suggest using this for downhills as it might be quite tricky.
  • The patented carve-specific design allows sharp and quick turns effortlessly
  • 89a barrel bushings & the bushing seat included offers a traditional set-up
  • Allows leaning and carving effortlessly
  • Stable and smooth ride on pedestrians and obstacles
  • Has the right amount of clearance to prevent wheel bites
  • Not recommended for downhills
Engaging in sharp turns has never been this effortless with these trucks that have a precise and quick response. Without exaggeration, it’s the best carving truck I’ve ever used! I wish I had installed these sooner.

2. Core Skateboard Trucks

Core Trucks is a top-rated brand among professional and newbie skateboarders. Due to the brand’s over 20 years of providing high-quality trucks at a reasonable price, you can rest assured to get value for money when purchasing these. I’ve had these trucks on my board for several months now, and so far, they’re holding up well.

I like how quick and easy they are to install and assemble onto my wheels. The baseplates have six holes, making them compatible to mount on any new deck.

They work just as fine even when you mount them on vintage boards as they come with an additional set of longer mounting holes. They are versatile and are suitable for almost all types of deck.

These trucks significantly reduced wheel bites too. They improved my riding experience seriously as they provide that excellent clearance for grinds. I find that they cruise well on both concrete and pool. They are pretty solid for street, freestyle, and ramp. Since I skate mostly on the road, these definitely fit the bill.

This pair of trucks are made of aluminum alloy hangers, hardwearing baseplates, high rebound bushings, and pivot cups. The aluminum alloy makes it strong, sturdy, and lightweight, although it is not as lightweight as the other trucks I’ve tried. Popping takes a bit more effort because of its weight.

But overall, these trucks consistently provide responsive and smooth rides. Plus, they come in a wide variety of catchy colors, so it’s easy to pick one that suits your style.

  • Offer superior quality at a reasonable price
  • Durable construction of aluminum alloy hangers, hardwearing baseplates, high rebound bushings & pivot cups
  • Easy to install due to six-hole baseplate
  • Versatile and suitable for both skateboards and longboards
  • Provide ideal clearance for grinds
  • Comes in various catchy colors
  • A bit heavier than other trucks
You will not go wrong with these trucks, especially if you are assembling a budget skateboard. So snap one up!

3. CCS Skateboard Trucks

As one of the vital parts of the entire skateboard set-up, it is a must that trucks receive enough attention. Any skateboard enthusiast would agree that a good set of trucks must be durable, lightweight, and stable while allowing flawless rolls and turns.

In that case, CCS certainly did not disappoint. With over 30 years of providing high-performance skateboarding goods, you can play your ace with this brand.

Throughout the years of skateboarding, I have gone through quite a lot of trucks already. One of my favorite trucks is the Independent silver 139mm, but when trying this CCS 139mm pair, I was stoked to find them at par with, if not better than, my Indys.

In truth, the superb high rebound bushings allowed me to maneuver impeccably. My pops are even much higher, and my flips are just as cool. These trucks gave my board a spanking upgrade!

I specifically like the non-slip kingpin of these trucks. Having an axle that will not slip and a hanger with ample clearance will benefit both beginner and pro skaters. These trucks have indulged me with great grinds, no matter how much use and abuse it has got. They are robust enough to carry on full weight and tolerate intense frictions.

Another thing to love about these trucks is that they match most of their competitors’ performance without the same price tag as they cost much less. Such a wise buy! I can tell that they are made of high-grade metals and long-lasting components. I’ve had them for more than six months, and no squeaking so far.

I could think of the only booboo was its thick black paint, which made it quite hard to install the hardware screws on.
  • Durable, lightweight, and stable
  • Trusted and reliable brand for over 30 years
  • Allows effortless maneuvers with the superior bushings
  • Has non-slip kingpins, and axle and a hanger with good clearance
  • Competitive price without compromising durability
  • Thick black paint made it quite hard to install screws
Decent trucks for the price, I recommend this set if you need an upgrade but do not want to splurge. Cop them now!

4. Independent Skateboard Trucks

On the hunt for a new pair of skateboard trucks? Then look no further than the 129 Stage 11 Silver trucks from Independent, one of the leading manufacturers of trucks. These pieces rank among the best trucks for street skating out in the market.

With a perfect combination of features and geometry, these trucks will satisfy all types of skateboarding needs.

In detail, these trucks come with no Hang-Up-Yoke for grind tricks; thus, superior turning and stable landing are guaranteed for every ride. These trucks also grind well and leave no wheel bite, even without the risers.

Besides, they are fitted with Chromoly steel axles, which have a high strength-to-weight ratio and are more durable than traditional steel. These certainly will last for years.

It is nice how these trucks fit my 7.75-inch board perfectly. What I loved most about the product is the bushings, which make my skateboard turn better and smoother. This classic is the real deal!

The only downside of these trucks is the weight. Weighing 1.55 pounds, these are not the lightest available offerings. That is why it might take a little getting used to because of the weight, but overall these are a great pair of trucks.

Since these are made in the US, the quality of construction is guaranteed. These trucks are definitely a bang for your buck!

  • No hang-up-Yoke for grind tricks for stable landing and turning
  • Offers less wheel bite, even without risers
  • Features Chromoly-steel axle for durable use
  • Quality bushing for smooth turning
  • The superior construction of a USA-made product
  • On the heavy side (1.55 pounds)
Whatever your skateboarding level is, you can never go wrong with these pairs of trucks. These will elevate your ride without digging deeper into your pockets.

5. Paris Street Skateboard Trucks

Without a doubt, trucks can make or break your ride, and the Paris Street Skateboard Trucks have given me a whole lot of different experiences. I can say that this set is one of the best trucks for street skating. I immediately felt the difference on my first ride – these trucks are stable and easy-to-turn.

Made from gravity molded virgin aluminum which is known for its superior durability and resilience, these trucks are hardwearing. No wonder Paris guarantees that their trucks last a lifetime.

Their manufacturing process, like the secondary T6 heat treatment, makes their trucks heavy-duty and sturdy. The steel axles, pressed-in kingpins, speed washers, and locknuts are of premium quality too.

These trucks’ 57.15mm axle height creates clearance that helps prevent the dreaded wheel bites. They have a taller profile than standard conventional trucks, which spells the difference.

Plus, I didn’t feel the need to add skateboard risers. They’re suitable for fishtail and popsicle boards, but I find them perfectly fit for my smaller deck and street cruising.

I am also impressed with the response and rebound of these trucks. The urethane bushings are rad – they provide effortless and smooth rides. Also, they are quick and easy to install as the 6-hole baseplate is suitable for old-school and new-school mounting techniques.

I just think that the axle is slightly bent upward, but it’s not that noticeable and hardly affects its overall performance.
  • Very stable and easy-to-turn trucks
  • Materials are of excellent quality, known for superior durability and resilience
  • Taller axle height provides more clearance for lesser wheel bites
  • Great bushings that offer nice response and rebound
  • Comes with a universal baseplate for easy installation
  • Axle is bent slightly upwards but does not affect the overall performance
These street trucks are pro-level trucks that can take your skateboard to a whole new level. They undeniably offer fluid turns, smooth and effortless rides!

6. Paris Skateboard Trucks

I have used the V2 trucks for quite some time to feel the night and day difference with the V3s. I can say that the V3s are much smoother, livelier, and incredibly stronger. They’re worth the wait. My skateboard’s got its much-deserved revamp!

Built with Paris’ patented alloy-forming method, the Paris V3 applies its techniques such as the T6 heat treatment to create a structure, unlike any other truck you could find. They are much more heavy-duty down to the minute level, able to withstand rough use.

This one is by far among the best street trucks for skateboarding I tried, considering its price. The set comes with a pair of trucks, hangers, axle nuts, speedrings, baseplates with kingpins, bushings, small and large cup washers – definitely a wise investment.

The base plate of 50 degrees angle provides absolute fluidity to make deep, diving, rail-to-rail carves. These trucks make pumping a dream with their precise rebound switch and response timing. The added urethane to the top conical bushings widened hanger shoulders and bolstered base plate support beam can reduce stress and enhance overall performance.

However, such an ideal choice if you’re riding a 9-10″ wide board but not fit for smaller cruisers.

These trucks are also suitable for downhills as it features a more lean-oriented geometry. I like how I can take more control at faster speeds with the baseplate’s angle and bushings.

Besides, the no-frills design of these trucks makes them so versatile – easy to match with your choice of board. You can also add a pop of color to your board with its multiple color options. But if it’s something that you do not fancy, you will never go wrong with matte black.
  • T6 heat treatment to create a structure standing up too rough uses
  • A value set: hangers, axle nuts, speedrings, baseplates with kingpins, bushings, …
  • Nice geometry which allows greater fluidity
  • Precise rebound switch and response timing
  • Versatile design; offers a variety of color options
  • Suitable for 9-10” wide boards but not fit for shorter/smaller boards
I love how I can make unparalleled curvy moves at every turn. I also like the balance of stability and agility in freerides. These trucks are all-around!

7. Independent Standard Trucks

Independent trucks have been one of the household names in the skateboard trucks business since 1978. Thus, it is not surprising that the company churns out some of the best products you can find in the market today. Among those is the Stage 11 Hollow silver, a lightweight version of the regular Stage 11 trucks with a hollow axle and king.

I recently needed to replace my old trucks, and I was so glad to go for these to be my first pair of Indys. I love how their forged baseplates are molded, making them lighter, stronger, and more impact resistant. Also, the hollow kingpins further cut the weight down while maintaining strength in this critical area.

One of the cool things about these trucks is how they fit with my 8.25-inch board—they just mount upright and go. For your information, this pair will also fit great on an 8.50- inch board.

The hollow lights produce a sharper turn and feel more “carvey” compared with my old trucks. I also like the stock bushings included in the pair. Notably, they are compatible with shock pads from the same brand. Make sure to check the labels to determine other compatible risers from other companies.

I heard that some users noticed that the axles bent a little after a few weeks of hard skating, but I am fairly sure that these trucks are well-made. This pair comes with a lifetime guarantee against breakage defects in hanger or base materials.
  • A lightweight and updated version of regular Stage 11 trucks
  • Forged baseplate for strong and impact-resistant trucks
  • Hollow kingpins further cut the weight down without strength compromising
  • Allows sharp turns and carvings
  • Compatible with shock pads from Independent
  • Risers from other brands are not compatible with their baseplates
These trucks are good as advertised. If you’re running on some old trucks, this is the best replacement you could get at a reasonable price.

8. BYBAIZ Skateboard Trucks

Bybaiz is renowned for making high-quality products that satisfy the needs of both beginners and seasoned skaters. Combining functionality and aesthetics, its trucks are arguably one of the best trucks for skateboarding you can find these days.

Upon receiving my orders, I immediately noticed these solid trucks’ construction. As they are made of aluminum alloy, these accessories are lightweight yet strong enough to handle rough skateboarding and different trick performances.

I was thinking of getting the silver variety, but settled with the black one, which added a certain flair to my board. I am happy with the green hemp icon, as it suits my personality. It highlights my character!

Measuring 5.25 inches, these trucks fit my 7.75-inch board perfectly. I see no problem with these pieces fitting decks up to 8.25 inches. I like how my first rides in these trucks went smoothly.

Skateboarders will not have to break the bank with this purchase. You can save a few bucks by buying these trucks over the same model from other brands.

My older brother, who grabbed these trucks a couple of months ago, noticed that a little part of the paint was chipping off. I bet this is the result of his aggressive style of riding. Hopefully, my pair will not suffer the same fate. If it does, that will not bother me a lot.
  • Comes in black or silver version with a green hemp icon
  • Made of lightweight yet durable aluminum for perfroming tricks
  • Fits a deck measuring 7.50 inches to 8.25 inches
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • The paint might chip off after a while
I have only two words to describe this pair of trucks: solid and affordable. For those looking for reasonably priced trucks, these are for you. This pair is highly recommended for all levels of skaters, too, beginners, intermediate, or novice.

9. Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks

Having a hard time finding tensor trucks that you can both use in skateboard and longboard molds? I finally found the answer in my new Havoc 5.0 skateboard trucks, which are suitable to use in standard size for any decks and wheels. There is no doubt that these trucks are among the best lightweight trucks for skating available.

These trucks are skinny and will make your board light as a feather without missing any important functions. In truth, this pair is constructed of aluminum alloy, which makes it strong and lightweight at the same time.

Plus, assembling these trucks is so easy. Thus, I recommend these trucks to those who are beginning to embark on their journey in skating.

Another positive thing about this pair is that the bushings work so well every time I take a turn and prepare for my landing. I always get excited executing my styles and drifts when I am out on the streets. These are indeed the best trucks for street skating! Surprisingly, you can avail it in the market for a reasonable price.

My only gripe is that these trucks do not come with mounting hardware, which is a bummer.

Nevertheless, the availability of seven color varieties, including white, pink, green, compensate for the lack of tools. This feature is perfect for people who enjoy designing their board decks.

  • High-quality aluminum alloy for a tough and lightweight build
  • Easy to assemble, ideal for beginners
  • Standard size for common decks and wheels
  • Affordable for those tight on budget
  • Bushing works well for turning and landing
  • Available at a reasonable price
  • Mounting hardware not included
If you want to show your true colors while riding in style, this pair of trucks suits you most. These are excellent and no-frills options for tensor trucks.

10. Thunder Polished Trucks

Getting bored with your current pair of trucks? Then try these polished trucks from Thunder, one of the most respected skateboard truck manufacturers in the world.

This high-technology-designed pair consists of hollow axles, hollow kingpins, and light forged baseplates. Thunder trucks are suitable for all types of skateboarding and can withstand beatings from every ride.

For your information, trucks must consist of hollow axles to make the deck lighter. Hollow kingpins reduce weight while still maintaining strength in this critical area. Meanwhile, lightweight forged baseplates can afford more robust and impact-resistant trucks than cast or poured-mold baseplates. These characteristics are all present in this pair, making it a good choice for an upgrade.

These trucks redefined value-for-money because they’re durable and light for breezy maneuvering. I experienced no twitchiness and enjoyed a great turning. Likewise, I dig the height, which is perfect for mid trucks.

These trucks come in clean and straightforward silver color, which I love because I can partner them with decks’ color and style.

My only complaint is the quality of the bushings. Mine broke after just three weeks of use. But I must say that this is an isolated case because my previous thunder trucks lasted for a couple of years. I will definitely repurchase a similar pair soon because these are my favorite trucks.
  • High-technology designed trucks for all types of skateboarding
  • Comes with hollow axles and kingpins for lightweight yet strong trucks
  • Forged baseplates mean more robust and impact-resistant trucks
  • Allows easy maneuvering, no twitchiness
  • Features clean and simple silver color
  • Bushings are not as durable
A top-notch product that delivers quality and better performance, these trucks are a must-have. These are solid all-around trucks for everyone looking for the best upgrade.

11. Tensor Skateboard Trucks

Trucks are more than just an accessory to your arsenal, and I learned this the hard way. My grinds and turns back then were just too lousy. So when I decided to have an upgrade, I made sure to do thorough research, and luckily, I stumbled upon Tensor trucks.

As they are built with the finest aluminum alloy and stringent manufacturing process, these trucks noticeably improved my grinds and carving. It seems that I am one with the board whenever I throw it around. I pop, flip, grind all over the streets without a glitch with these bad boys.

They are also remarkably lighter than my previous trucks. Their lightweight hollow kingpin and axle shred off the burden, helping me pull through carves in the bowl. I can also feel the strength of the baseplate and the hanger without the added weight. What an all-around that can endure wild rides and harsh grinds!

What’s best, Tensor offers a lifetime guarantee for all their trucks that covers overall craftsmanship and factory defects. Pretty insane, right?

There was just a little mishap on the delivery as they sent only one truck instead of two, but they could resolve it quickly, so no biggie.
  • Built with the finest aluminum alloy & stringent manufacturing process
  • Ideal for grinds and carving
  • Lightweight hollow kingpin and axle
  • Durable and robust base plate and hanger
  • Lifetime guarantee for all trucks
  • A slight mishap on delivery can happen
If your trucks make lousy rides, this set is a solid choice for an upgrade. They will get you back in action in a jiffy. I felt the astounding difference with my rides!

12. Venture Skateboard Trucks

Bloom into the best skater you are with this beautiful pair of Venture trucks. These are crafted with a well-molded baseplate with stiffened hollow steel kingpins and top-grade bushings to allow the finest turn radius for every rider. Sold in even number sets, these take inspiration from Japanese-born up-and-coming athlete Yuto Horigome.

I wanted to complement my board, so I went with these trucks when I needed to replace my old pair. This set comes in a shiny metallic finish with a touch of cherry blossom illustration. These trucks provide a youthful touch on my board. I love how it made mine stylish and trendy.

Aesthetics aside, these trucks are reasonably priced and are guaranteed well-made, durable, and produce a smooth ride. With a hollow kingpin and standard axle, these are among the most stable trucks you can get. It saves you a couple of grams, but they are just as strong.

These are very snappy and give an incredible pop, given that you ride a medium kicktail deck. I would say these are a great upgrade from the standard varieties.

I do not consider this a major flaw, but these trucks cover two of the bolt holes, so it is impossible to use a normal T-shaped bolt. Yet, this is an easy fix with a wrench. Other than this hiccup, everything about these trucks is pretty cool. These trucks are perfect if you are on the tight to the medium style of riding.
  • Features well-molded baseplate, stiffened hollow steel kingpins & top-grade bushings
  • Allow the finest turn radius
  • Aesthetic look of the shiny metallic finish and cherry blossom illustration
  • Lightweight and stable for a safe turning and landing
  • Ideal for a medium kicktail deck
  • Cover two bolt holes, thus not allowing the use of a normal T-shaped bolt
When you are looking for a pair that feels broken-in from the get-go, these trucks are for you. These are undoubtedly perfect for beginners and experienced skateboards who want an upgrade.

What to Look for When Buying Skateboard Trucks for Street


There are plenty of skateboard trucks for the street out there, but some are above the others. Each grind and turn will heavily depend on your choice, so make sure to pick the best and most appropriate for your board.

Generally, there are two main types of skateboard trucks: the skateboard trucks (standard kingpin) and the longboard trucks (reverse kingpin). The best skateboard trucks for street are considered to be the most versatile for any style of skateboarding.

Most skaters consider these trucks ideal for street skating, bowls, and skateparks. They are also easy to adjust, by tightening or loosening, so you can tailor fit the way your board maneuvers.

On the other hand, the longboard trucks are more apt for cruising, carving,and skating downhill. These trucks usually are wider and taller than standard kingpins. Just like the standard skateboard trucks, these are also easily adjustable for various riding styles.

The width is also worth noting. The width of the truck axle should match the width of the deck. Wider trucks provide a more stable ride due to large surface coverage. However, they are less responsive compared to narrow ones.

Some riders say that it is fine if the axle’s width does not precisely fit the deck’s width or if they are a little bit off. While this does not significantly affect your overall set-up, it is highly recommended to maintain a difference of less than ¼”.

The construction and type of material used affect how the board rides, flips and grinds. Trucks are usually diecast from a combination of metal, steel, brass. Some types incorporate aluminum parts and hollow axles to reduce overall weight. Never buy plastic ones because these types are too risky to ride on.

Are High Trucks Good for Street Skating

High trucks produce a more responsive turn and clearance, which allows skateboarders to use bigger wheels. The majority of skateboarders feel more comfortable with high trucks.

High trucks create better turning because the trucks can pivot further as the different geometry creates more room for movement. High trucks are perfect for mini ramps, bowls, and vert, making them suitable for street skating.


Skateboards trucks generally look similar but spotting the subtle yet essential differences goes a long way to ensure a smooth and stable ride. Choosing a lightweight pair is one way to go, but it also important to check the construction of the trucks that you are planning to buy.

Apart from the price, make sure to dig deeper into the technical side of the trucks. Speed translates into momentum, and momentum means an easier and smoother ride.

If you are keen on upgrading your skateboard trucks, make sure to consider these reviews to help you seal the deal. Having the best skateboard trucks for street is a surefire way to enjoy a smooth ride.

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