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The Best Skateboards for Bowls Every Skater Should Have

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

best skateboard for bowl

Sometimes, long roads and one-sided ramps ain’t too good for skateboarders. And if you’re someone who enjoys thrilling rides and playing with your skateboard often, you may find these setups a bit boring. So, you head to a dynamic skatepark and try something different, like riding on a skate bowl.

But before you try riding this challenging skateboard obstacle, we need to secure the best skateboard for bowls first. Here are a few bowl skating setup criteria you should remember.

  • Wheels: The first aspect you have to consider is the wheel’s hardness. On a durometer A scale, pick a set of rollers within a 97a to 99a range. In terms of size, it’s best to have wheels with a diameter of around 54mm to 60mm. You may also want to consider getting wheels with broad contact patches. All these features will help you obtain enough speed and manage your trajectories, given that bowl-skating can be tiring.
  • Deck width: If you are new to bowl skateboarding, you will always want to enjoy riding the obstacles safely. Thus, let’s tackle the deck size. Choose a deck width of at least 8.50″. This width will be enough to keep your feet stable throughout.
  • And for someone who struggled to balance on a narrower deck, I’ll always prefer more space for this skateboard component.
  • Skateboard trucks: Your trucks share the load on your skateboard deck. So, it needs to be durable and of the perfect size to carry enough weight, especially on the curvatures of the skating bowl. If you use an 8.5-inch deck, you should get a pair of trucks whose axle width is at 8.5″ as well. Also, an aluminum-made skateboard truck is superior to all other materials.

Let’s go over the top 7 bowl skateboards in this article. Also, don’t miss out on the buying guide at the latter part to serve as your reference in picking your skateboard.

Top 1

Minority Skateboard

– Medium concave deck shape

– Genuine aluminum trucks

– Smooth and speedy rides

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Top 2

ToyerBee Skateboard

– ABEC 7 precision bearings

– Comes with a tiny bag 

– 5-inch solid aluminum trucks

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Top 3

 Krown Rookie Checker Skateboard

– Industry-standard aluminum trucks

– 52mm 99a high-rebound wheels

– Comes with an 80 grit grip tape

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Top 7 Skateboard for Bowls Reviews 

1. Minority 32-inch Maple Skateboard

The first thing I like about the Minority 32-inch Maple Skateboard is its medium concave deck shape. This deck form may be the simplest of skateboards, but it’s the most versatile for almost any trick. With this, I get to do anything I want comfortably.

This skateboard runs through corners smoothly. It has passed a maneuverability test on pool skates, ramps, and even on the streets. That means this board has enough controllability in it. Wherever I take this board, I’m sure I’ll get through corners and do sharp turns easily.

I believe speed is a vital factor in mastering tricks and skills like bowl skating. This Minority board features hard 52mm 102a durometer wheels that are not only big enough but are also added factors to the speed it makes. Plus, it comes with ABEC 9 bearings that help the wheels roll with ease.

The trucks of this skateboard are of premium quality. They are not the usual trucks I see with other brands. This skateboard comes with 5-inch casted aluminum trucks plus carbon steel kingpins. These two features ensure that my wheels and deck remain intact no matter how much I slide, ollie, or do anything with the skateboard.

However, a portion of the grip tape started to peel off after a few trick practices. I know this part is replaceable, but I was expecting it to last longer before replacement.
  • A medium concave deck shape, ideal for any trick
  • Has passed a maneuverability test on different skateboarding areas
  • 102a durometer wheels and ABEC 9 bearings for smooth and speedy rides
  • Genuine aluminum trucks and carbon steel kingpins for added durability
  • The grip tape started peeling off too soon
This skateboard does not only look good because of its deck design. It’s also ideal for a bowl skateboard setup.

2. ToyerBee Skateboard

What makes bowl skating easy is the skateboard’s design, like that of the ToyerBee Skateboard. This skateboard features a double-kick deck with a mild concave shape ideal for any rider. These deck attributes make the skateboard fit for almost any trick, like sliding, ollies, and even making sharp turns.

This product comes with solid aluminum trucks. These 5-inch skateboard components ensure high performance by holding the board and wheels firmly. Also, these trucks come complete with riser pads that help reduce vibrations. Thus, not only do I get a pair of sturdy trucks, but quality performance as well.

One more factor that adds to the stability of this skateboard is its wheel bearings. This ToyerBee comes with a set of ABEC 7 stainless precision bearings that make the board simple to ride. Plus, this type of wheel core adds some speed when riding. That way, I don’t have to push the board too much, like when I go for the bowl’s ramp parts.

This brand does not come with a T-tool, but it has a unique feature other boards don’t have. This skateboard for bowls comes with a repair kit, as the brand calls it. This set consists of a wrench, truck screws, a hexagon key, and wheel screws. These pieces come in a tiny bag, letting the rider bring them anywhere should the skateboard get into trouble.

However, I think the board needs adjustment before using. I have also seen other users sharing the same issue because it causes wheel bites. After tightening some parts, the skateboard was ready for use.
  • Double-kick and mild concave deck shape perfect for several tricks
  • 5-inch solid aluminum trucks with riser pads for quality performance
  • ABEC 7 precision bearings that add speed and make the ride smooth
  • Comes with a tiny bag of repair kit for quick adjustments
  • Some parts were loose
I think this skateboard is one of the simplest in terms of design and build. But overall, it gives me a quality performance, and I get to ride it smoothly.

3. Krown Rookie Checker Skateboard

The first thing I like about the Krown Rookie Checker Skateboard is its stepping surface. This skateboard features an 80 grit grip tape that holds my feet well, especially when I lean on it. It’s not too coarse, and it’s smooth enough for my feet to change positions.

I seldom get particular with a skateboard’s hardware, but this brand is of good quality. The Rookie skateboard comes with a set of high tensile Phillips screws that hold the trucks and the deck firmly. I find this aspect significant because I change motions and directions frequently on the board, and I need to keep the components intact.

The wheels of this skateboard brand are also perfect for bowls. This brand features a set of 52mm 99a high-rebound wheels. Plus, inside these rollers are ABEC 7 precision bearings. These two components make bowl skating feel like a walk in the park because they’re smooth, grippy, and are fast-rolling.

On top of these features, this brand is also an ideal choice for bowl skating because of its full maple deck and heavy-duty aluminum trucks. These two, along with others, are industry-standard parts, which means they’re good quality and are popular options for most skateboarders.

The only problem I had with this skateboard is its sticker design peeling off at the bottom of the deck. It’s not much of an issue, but I was hoping to see a solid deck design. Nevertheless, it’s a great skateboard.
  • Comes with an 80 grit grip tape to hold the rider steadily
  • Phillips hardware set that keeps the deck and trucks intact
  • 52mm 99a high-rebound wheels and ABEC 7 bearings
  • Industry-standard aluminum trucks and full maple deck
  • The sticker design on the deck peeling off
I am happy about having this skateboard because of its quality parts. Not every day do I get to see skateboards like this. So, I think it’s a good grab for me.

4. Magneto SUV Skateboards

I find the Magneto SUV Skateboard an ideal board for bowls because of its deck’s natural strength. This brand comes with a 7-layer Canadian maple deck that’s not only durable but also gives an extra pop when I pump on the board. With these, I get to build some speed smoothly and efficiently.

I think another factor that adds to the overall durability of this skateboard is its trucks. With a pair of gravity-cast aluminum trucks, this skateboard remains stable, especially on weight shifts. And since these are aluminum truck bodies, I feel comfortable bringing them on the roads because of their resistance to debris and other objects.

Not only is this skateboard fit for the bowls, but it’s also a versatile one. It comes with a weight capacity of 275lbs, making it ideal for skateboarders of all ages. Plus, its 60mm wheels are wide enough to go through almost any riding environment.

This skateboard brand serves me convenience. On top of its 31″ x 8.5″ size that makes it easy to bring, it also comes with a T-tool. Not all brands come with this essential tool, so I think it’s an advantage for this skateboard. That way, I get to make adjustments anytime and without having to spend more.

On the downside, the grip tape had a bubbly part near the board’s tail. Other buyers also experience some issues on this skateboard part. Nonetheless, it’s not much of a problem. I only had to replace the tapes.
  • 7-ply Canadian maple deck that’s durable gives extra pop for pumping
  • Gravity-cast aluminum trucks for better durability and stability on bowls
  • Versatile skateboard with a weight capacity of 275lbs and 60mm wide wheels
  • Convenient to bring and comes with a T-tool for immediate adjustments
  • Bubbles on the grip tapes
Bowl skating feels like a breeze with this skateboard. It has user-friendly components, and I think even first-timers won’t have to struggle to ride this on skating bowls.

5. Powell Golden Dragon Skateboard

One of the best parts I love about the Powell Golden Dragon Skateboard is its wheelset. It comes with 99a high-rebound hand-cast wheels that roll perfectly and provide enough grip. Plus, it has a 54mm width, making the board roll farther on the bowl. With these, riding on the skate bowl feels smooth most of the time.

Powell features a grippy stepping surface, which is not present on some skateboards. It holds my feet firmly, and I think even beginners would opt for this brand because it feels safe and stable to ride. It’s not too coarse nor too fine, but I think it’s perfect for skating bowls.

I’m not picky in skateboard aesthetics, but I think this brand has one of the best. This Powell model does not only come with a printed golden dragon design on the deck but also its wheels. Plus, it arrived assembled and ready to use. So, there’s not much to do, and all I needed was to bring it to the skatepark.

As a skateboarder who has gone through different skateboard types and brands, this brand is one of the most affordable. It’s not too pricey, nor is it too cheap, but its parts are of high quality, giving the brand a good value for money.

The trucks that arrived with the board were plastic, and I’m unsure how well they’ll perform with other users. But on my end, they worked well, and it looks like they’re of quality plastic.
  • 99a high-rebound 54mm wheels that roll perfectly and smoothly
  • Grippy stepping surface for more safety and stability on deck
  • Comes with a nice design and arrived ready to use
  • Affordable quality skateboard
  • Trucks made with plastic
Overall, this skateboard is worth my money. I get to ride it with enough comfort and style. Also, I think it’s one of the top-rated skateboards for beginners since it’s easy to use.

6. Landyachtz Dinghy Skateboard

The Landyachtz Dinghy Skateboard is one of the sturdiest pool skateboards I ever had. With a 7-layer deck made with 100% Canadian maple wood, this skateboard ensures not only quality rides but reliable durability. It also has an 8.5″ deck width, so my rides feel comfortably poppy and stiff.

This skateboard knows how to mix aesthetics with deck shapes, too. It comes with a nice finish at the bottom of the deck, which looks clean and pleasant. Also, it has a low concave deck shape that helps me obtain better control of my skateboard. I felt like I hit two advantages when I bought this board.

The Landyachtz Dinghy comes with 60mm wheels wide enough for skating bowls and other tricks. Plus, these rollers have fender wheel wells that help prevent wheel bites. And for an adult riding this board, I think these features are significant factors in mastering bowl skating while keeping the wheels and deck at an acceptable gap.

One more aspect that keeps my rides controlled is the widened portion of this skateboard’s deck. This Landyachtz comes with an extra width near the nose of the deck and a significant taper. These two features help me direct the board with ease, and I think it’s more stable than some of my other skateboards.

On the downside, I had to replace the bearings sooner. I usually pop the shields of these parts to grease or clean them. But on one occasion, I found a few of those bearings’ crowns deformed.
  • Made with an 8.5″ Canadian maple deck for stiff and poppy rides
  • Aesthetic finish with a low concave deck shape for controllability
  • Wide wheels perfect for bowl skating
  • Fender wheel wells that help prevent wheel bites
  • Extra width in front & a taper for setting the board’s direction
  • Bearings deform a bit quickly
Overall, I like this skateboard because it’s easy to use and is supportive of my kind of ride. It also comes with unique features, making it a must-have on my list.

7. FlyFlash Skateboard

The FlyFlash Skateboard comes with solid features, which made me love it more than other brands. This skateboard has a 9-layer full maple deck, durable enough for bowl skating. Also, it features a pair of 5-inch reinforced aluminum trucks that maintain the balance between the board’s toughness and a weight capacity of 220lbs.

I think this skateboard a flexible one. With its double kick deck design, doing basic tricks look easy. Even kids and teens won’t have a hard time mastering tricks and bowl skating. It also comes with an anti-slip surface that keeps any rider safe, whether doing tricks or casual rides.

This skateboard for tricks is also one of my best boards in terms of speed and smoothness. It has a set of 55mm 100a durometer wheels that fit almost any riding environment because of their hardness. Plus, inside these rollers are ABEC 3 bearings that keep the wheels rolling smoothly.

I love the convenience this skateboard gives me. On top of its user-friendly deck design, it also has a set of repair tools and replacement parts. It comes with a multi-functional wrench, two large screws, and four small screws I can bring inside my pocket should I need to make adjustments.

I had some issues with the packaging of this skateboard. The plastic seal only covered the deck, leaving the trucks and wheels free. Nevertheless, I received a good one without damage, but it would have been safer to have a bowl skateboard complete in packaging.
  • 9-ply full-maple deck fit for skating bowls
  • 5-inch reinforced aluminum trucks for weight and toughness balance
  • A double-kick deck design ideal for basic tricks and young riders
  • Anti-slip surface
  • 55mm 100a durometer wheels and ABEC 3 bearings for smooth and fast rides
  • Comes with a set of repair tool and extra screws
  • The packaging did not cover the trucks and the wheels
Overall, I think this is one of the easiest skateboards to ride. It has quality parts that skateboarders of all ages will find comfortable.

What to Know Before Buying the Skateboard for Bowls


Sometimes, it’s easy to pick a skateboard you just saw from the store without assessing the kind of board you need. So, here are a few things we need to consider to achieve a perfect skateboard setup for pool riding.

Deck size

Like most professional skateboarders, everyone has to start with the safest skateboard first when going for bowls. And one way to achieve this is by checking the deck width.

Whether you are a teen or an adult making your first bowl skating attempt, you should look for a broad deck. Bowl skateboard decks go around a width of 8.5″ and up. There may be some skateboards narrower in width, but they may feel unstable for the bigger riders.

And as for the length, skateboarding is less particular with it. But if you feel unsure about your deck, you can go for lengths of around 32″.


There are many considerations we need to take note of for your wheels. The first is the wheel hardness. While soft wheels may work for bowls, they may not be the best options as they roll slower than the harder ones on the durometer scale. So, if you need speed, grip, and bounce in one, it’s best to select skateboards whose hardness range from 97a to 99a.

Next is the size. Wheels of a bigger diameter are perfect for skating bowls. These wheels should have diameters of 55mm to 60mm. Picking these wheel sizes means you get to reduce pushing the board too frequently.

Last is the bearings. A vital aspect to the performance of the skateboard lies with its wheel cores. These wheel components are not only relevant for the smoothness of your ride but also for your speed. Picking a set of ABEC 7 precision bearings meets the standards.


In bowl skating, you will have to do endless pumps, pushes, slides, and other tricks to reach one point of the obstacle to the other. That means quality skateboard trucks should be present under your skateboard’s deck.

These components are of aluminum alloy but may differ as some are gravity-casted while others are die-casted. Your skateboard trucks are not only responsible for holding your wheels, but they also balance the rider’s weight on the board.

Grip tapes

Another safety factor you need to ensure is your board’s grip tapes. As a skateboarder, you always want to remain firm on top of your deck, no matter how much you lean. So, it’s best to have quality grip tapes on your skateboard. Grip tapes of around 80S grits are ideal for a bowl riding skateboard, but anything less coarse than that might not hold the rider well.

Repair tools

Before you head to the store to get your bowl skateboard, you have to realize that some brands come with T-tools and repair kits in their packages. These tools are necessary when making adjustments with the skateboard or doing repairs in the middle of the ride.

These instruments might include a universal wrench, a hexagon key, and various Phillips head screws. So, it’s ideal to buy this kind of package for convenience and lesser cost.

What Size Skateboard is Best for Bowls

The dimensions of a pool skateboard setup do not matter significantly due to several factors, like the rider’s weight and size. But if you’re an average-sized rider, you can have a deck width of 8.5″ or up and a length of 32″. Take note that some skateboard brands have weight restrictions. So, it’s best to check them too.

How Do You Skate Around a Bowl


Bowl skating is not just moving forward and backward on the bowl. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Position your board from the edge of the bowl with your foot on the tail at the coping.

Step 2: Step on your front bolts using your other foot and begin to slide downwards.

Step 3: As soon as you’re close to reaching the edge of the bowl on the other side, shift your skateboard’s directions.

Step 4: Whether you’re moving left or right, it’s best to keep pumping on the board. This step leaves you riding the skateboard at an almost sideward position.

Step 5: Be sure to keep enough speed to be safe from falling on the board.

Step 6: Shift your board’s direction to the flat surface of the bowl should you want to stop riding the bowl.

Btw, Are you looking for the right skateboard for yourself? We’ve rounded up some of the most popular today, including the top-rated cruiser skateboards, carver skateboards and the most popular pop skateboards and decks. Hope these options help you.


Skateboarding is always a fun activity. Without skateboards, summer would be less enjoyable. So if you’re planning to buy one, make sure to consider the factors I have shared with you.

The best skateboard for bowls is simply around the corner, and you’re close to finding yours. Learning bowl skating is not only an additional skill for you, but also a milestone on your skateboarding journey.

Be the best bowl skater you can be. Drop your questions in the comments section, and we’ll be glad to answer them. Ride safely!

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