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The Best Double Drop Longboards

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

best double drop longboard

For beginners, stepping into the wider world of skateboarding is a daunting prospect. From choosing the right deck for your style to selecting trucks and wheels, and from learning kickflips to rock drops, there is a lot to learn. Then there’s choosing your first set of longboard trucks.

The best double drop longboard offers stability and control. Great dedicated downhill longboards are very stable, but they might not be the most fantastic idea for experts or just starting. A good double drop-down longboard will also have massive wheel wells that allow for maximum clearance between the wheels and the street.

We have put together this guide to help you get on track and choose the best double drop-through board for your needs.


Top 1

Playshion Drop Longboard

– Lightweight

– Its bearings are classified

– Weight capacity of 250 pounds

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Top 2

White Wave Bamboo Longboard

– Classic wooden design

– Specialized rubbery hooligan wheels

– Protection against water

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Top 3

MINORITY Maple Longboard

– Great for non-technicians

– Employs a modern and stylish design

– Wheelbase measures at 37 inches

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Best Double Drop Longboard Reviews

1. Playshion Drop Through Longboard Skateboard

This drop-through longboard is made for drifting, sliding, and freestyling. In detail, the deck is built of eight-ply hardwood maple that is both strong and flexible. Due to the drop-through installation, the board only has 4 inches of ground clearance. As a result, it is simpler to halt and accelerate with our feet.

Longboarding is more stable and simpler to turn owing to the sturdy 7 inches of reverse kingpin aluminum alloy trucks. The user could also adjust the tightness of the trucks and kingpin. Tightened trucks are preferred for stability, whereas loosened trucks are excellent for corners.

Hence, this longboard is ideal for beginners, adults, and children aged eight and up. Besides, these longboards come with a large set of wheels with a 70 mm x 51 mm diameter and a hardness of 78A. Its sturdiness comes from the Polyurethane wheels and ABEC 9 rated bearings.

The board is approximately 7 pounds, making it easy to transport. Anyone would be likely having a good time riding this product. So, We can grab one for our grandchild, significant other, and other family members. This Longboard can provide them with a lot of enjoyment.

The board’s maximum weight capacity is 250 pounds. It’s a pre-assembled longboard that’s ready to ride right out of the box. However, the closer you get to the maximum limit, the more the board flexes.
  • Ideal for beginners, adults, and children aged 8 & above
  • Lightweight to commute with at only 7 pounds
  • Has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds
  • Its bearings are classified as the highest possible rating at ABEC 9
  • Upon purchase, the drop board is ready to use
  • More flexing can be expected as rider weight approaches maximum
This longboard is absolutely worth it for what we are paying for, and it has quite a capability and range of handling heavier users. I give this one a thumbs up!

2. White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

This White Wave Longboard reveals a classic design that any enthusiast would want to own. This is the longboard everyone’s been waiting for! Made of eco-friendly bamboo, it’s lightweight and strong, making it perfect for beginners.

Bamboo wood gives the board more strength and durability. It comes with a better control response and an easier learning experience. Its Hellion 2 bearings are durable and reduce a proper amount of friction when in use.

Some advantages of bamboo longboards are that bamboo boards are 100% waterproof, due to the lack of pores in the natural bamboo deck. Bamboo is also more resilient than other woods and much stronger.

It has a greater shock absorbency than other woods. A bamboo board dries faster than wood due to the tightness of its cellular structure, but will still need to be occasionally treated with oil or wax.

Hooligan wheels are lightweight, with high strength, and durability. The unique design of this type of wheels utilizes different materials at different places on the wheel to provide the best performance.

The rolling surface of a hooligan wheel is made of a special rubber that is very durable, and also prevents sliding. It is designed to be cheap in price but good in quality.

This is a great board, but it is not perfect. I have seen reviews of some people having experiences after a few weeks or months with the product. Some have complained from random cracks suddenly appearing to loose screws.

Whether this is a manufacturing error or not, I highly recommend everyone to properly observe the status of the board from time to time.

  • Protection against water due to the waterproof nature of bamboo
  • Structured with resilient Hellion 2 bearings
  • Made with specialized rubbery hooligan wheels
  • Comes with a classic wooden design
  • May require high maintenance from users
If you are the type of person that prefers minimalist designs over those that catch everyone’s attention, the White Wave Bamboo Longboard is the way to go!

3. MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard

This is a fantastic entry-level cruiser board. It has a nice appearance and employs high-quality bearings. The classic downhill drop model is used in the construction of the 40-inch longboard.

Its reduced gravity design makes it perfect for any speedy excursion. A sturdy 8-ply maple deck, a 37-inch wheelbase, and an expansive 10-inch-wide deck all attributed to its stability.

Because it’s designed low to the earth, paddling is a breeze. Because of its large size and wheelbase, I used to believe that longboards were difficult to control. Riding this longboard requires less technical skill than riding a short skateboard or a regular skateboard, so it is ideal for first-time riders.

Inspired by the wider deck of surfing boards, it features a deep concave and mellow radial nose that turns easily in small spaces. The deck is made of lightweight wood, so you’ll feel comfortable pushing your limits at any age.

As this is an entry-level board, this may not be advisable for riders who weigh over 200 pounds, as the deck may flex and the overall life expectancy of the product may significantly shorten.

Overall, this looks to be a promising drop board considering its value for the price. It is also pre-assembled for those who do not want to get all do-it-yourself on their boards. It comes very inexpensively as it is manufactured overseas.

  • Can be bought at an extremely competitive pricing
  • Wheelbase measures at 37 inches
  • The 8-ply deck has a width of 10 inches
  • Employs a modern and stylish design
  • Assembled as purchased, great for non-technicians
  • Might not be suited for people over 200 pounds
I would definitely recommend this for people who are tight on budget but would still want to enjoy the feeling of riding longboards.

4. Atom Drop Deck Longboard

The Atom Drop Deck Longboard – 41 Inch is a stable champ. Its deck is entirely created out of a 9-ply maple laminate and measured at 104 centimeters long. The wheels of this drop board measure a diameter of 70 and 51 millimeters wide each.

The ABEC 9 frees the skateboard wheels from harmful friction and allows us to ride faster and longer than any other skateboard bearing system. And, it comes with proper lubrication, too.

I was delighted to know that this drop deck board was ready to use when I got it. Beginners would not need to worry about assembling many parts and pieces, as the product comes readily installed.

Beginners and experienced board riders can enjoy using the 41-inch longboard from Atom in casual rides. It comes with 80s grip tape for a stable stand on the boards, so it’s safe for teenagers learning skateboarding.

Furthermore, the front design looks minimalistic and clean with a black overlay and orange accents. Still, its rear design may look outdated to some people due to its glossy and asymmetrical design.

Aside from the Atom Dropthrough longboard, the Atom Longboard is an all-around downhill racing machine. With unmatched glide and smooth carving capabilities, the Atom is built to make pushing long distances effortless.

  • A 9-ply maple laminate deck measures 104 centimeters long
  • Wheels measure 70 x 51 millimeters
  • Promotes quick ride with ABEC 9 bearings and proper lubrication
  • Comes ready for use right away, ideal for beginners and experts alike
  • Comes with 80S grip tape for a stable stand
  • All-round board with smooth glide and carving
  • Minimalistic design with a bit outdated rear look
If the company took a little more time in designing and manufacturing the boards, they would be even better. However, at the current version, it is already a well-made board.

5. Retrospec Tidal Longboard Skateboard

This drop-style power longboard is crafted from responsibly harvested Canadian maple. Notably, Kingpin trucks incorporated in it are reactive and smooth gliding. They have precision ABEC-7 stainless steel bearings for less exertion. Thus, our feet are mounted on the board to keep it close to the ground and improve balance.

The 70×51 millimeter 85A durable wheels are made of polyurethane, and the high-rebound bushings absorb a lot of the impact.

Furthermore, the spokes are silver in color and fit perfectly. And, the concave is ideal because it allows us to see our feet on the board.

This board gives us plenty of space to move our feet while standing on the board and is available in many different designs and colors. Its two-toned combination of clean pattern and wooden design gives the board a nice contrast when taking it out for a ride. The front is a clean black design with a small logo punched into the drop board.

I have a friend who owns this board and weighs over 200 pounds. Not a problem at all! However, when he first opened the package, the grip tape was not entirely fastened to the tip of the drop board. It’s not a dealbreaker, but you should always inspect your boards before trying them outside.
  • Made of a sustainable source of Canadian maple
  • Kingpin trucks are reactive and smooth gliding
  • High-rebound bushings for great impact absorption
  • 70×51 millimeter wheels from durable polyurethane
  • ABEC-7 certified bearings for less exertion
  • Contrasting design to stand out from other boards
  • Grip tape may not be completely fastened
I can definitely endorse this board for those who may be starting out using drop deck longboards or those who have not used a board for years!

6. Atom Drop Deck Longboard – 39 Inch

The 39 – inch Atom Drop Deck Longboard comes fully assembled, including the trucks and wheels. So all I had to do was to pick my color! With all of its gentle curves, it feels springy, not rigid under our feet, which will reduce fatigue if we are riding it for a longer time.

The optimum steadiness of the Atom drop deck longboard renders it ideal for cruise travel, while its simplicity makes it suitable for long-haul skating around the neighborhood.

Besides, with the functionality of this board, we receive a whopping 9.5′′ of leverage through the turn.

The 39-inch deck is just the right size, not just for balance but also for convenience, regardless of the operator’s weight. It is also relatively lightweight and easy to handle, particularly when commuting.

Furthermore, the wheels and bearings ensure a silky and smooth ride. One thing to keep in mind is that the bolts are a little too stiff from the manufacturer. The longboard was racing after the simple modification!

The longboard features a maple-based deck that is built to endure with a laminated coating to shield it from harsh weather conditions better. With all the features packed, it is still a worthy purchase even though it is not the cheapest board available in the market.
  • Has a portable-sized 39-inch deck
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Comes with proper lubrication and ABEC-9 certified bearings
  • Turning leverage goes up to 9.5 inches for guarantee
  • Drop board is readily installed when bought
  • Durable maple deck with a weatherproof laminated coating
  • Might need to loosen some bolts for optimum performance
Just like its 41-inch counterpart, this Atom board is worth every penny! I would highly suggest this to anyone who does not want to carry a bigger board.

7. DB Longboards Double Drop Longboard

The Mini Cooper is an excellent double drop longboard deck complete for traveling and riding. The lower solid base is beneficial for everyday length hauling. Plus, these 90-millimeter high Cloudride Hurricane wheels can help beginners through practically any gap or obstacle in their route!

Whatever we would need to traverse the roads in elegance and ease is included with this longboard like the Atlas 180-millimeter Ultralight Truck and Lightning Bearings. The initial premise is to chase excitement while enjoying the finest boards imaginable, inspired by the slopes, seas, coastlines, and peaks surrounding nature.

All of the debris produced by DB Longboards is recycled into essential commodities. The remnants are made from one of their longboards, resulting in no landfill trash at all. They seek to employ water-based solutions in parallel to their recycling system to maintain our planet and customers healthy and satisfied.

Still, this is one of the most expensive boards on our list, so take that note in mind. Nevertheless, it remains a fantastic option for anyone who wants to use a proper longboard.
  • Comes with a lower solid base for everyday length hauling
  • Comfortable 90-millimeter-high wheels
  • Ease of use with the Ultralight Truck and Lightning Bearings
  • Has a street art-inspired design
  • All debris by the brands are recycled
  • Its price point is on the higher end compared to other units
For people who want to ride their parts with convenience, they will not regret the decision to get this board! Not to mention that they will be helping the environment by doing so, as well.

8. MBS All-Terrain Longboard

The MBS all-terrain longboard is the ultimate piece for all types of terrain, with integrated trucks to easily switch from street to off-road riding mode. Remarkably, it has a solid construction that makes it sturdy, while its width and shape make it easy to balance and handle. In addition, the versatile longboard is fun, flexible, and lets us explore our world!

This product introduces longboarders to a modern paradigm, one that lies somewhere outside the main asphalt road. Its 100-millimeter treaded longboard wheels have exceptionally high rebounding. Accurate steering is assured with the robust 10 ply maple drop deck and 190 millimeters navigator drone trucks.

This rugged longboard can get us where we have to go whether we’re a skilled longboarder seeking a fresh obstacle, a novice having to look for drop boards that will move over anything terrain, or a cruiser prefers to save time using a board rather than walking. Either we live in the US or UK, this board works for multiple environments.

The ride on this is super comfortable! I’ve tried several boards, and because of the huge all-terrain wheels, this one is the smoothest. I was a little nervous riding this for the initial time over a rocky landscape with many fissures, but it was nonetheless as smooth as butter. The ABEC 9 bearings are protected with rubber protection, too.

Despite being labeled as an all-terrain board, I say try to avoid skating on soft areas like grassy terrain and soil patches. It may still suffer traversing those types of land.
  • Solid construction making the board sturdy and durable
  • Available to use in rough conditions like rocky areas
  • 190-millimeter drone trucks allow precise navigation
  • ABEC 9 bearings are protected with rubber
  • Built and ready to go as soon as the purchase has been settled
  • Can be challenging to use on grassy and soiled areas
For people who want the most coverage of terrain types while not being concerned about whether their board might break, I recommend the MBS All-Terrain Longboard in a heartbeat!

9. Playshion Drop Through Longboard Cruiser

The width of the wheels is 51 millimeters, which is a skateboarding fan’s favorite feature because it gives them more leverage. With such a design, the board makes it simple to handle various types of road variations. Maple is the main choice of wood used for the deck, while aluminum is used for the trucks; both show unparalleled durability for long-lasting use.

When bearings constructed of “bearing steel” are in use, they are more rigid and more discreet. As the gears revolve, nylon ball cages minimize resistance.

Furthermore, the middle of the deck has a little dip that attaches your feet to the board, making turning easier. And, we should note that this board has a weight capacity of 250 pounds, which is enough for kids and adults who love skateboarding.

It ended up taking my nephew around half an hour to become used to the board and another half hour to figure out where he wanted to put his feet, how to push the board, and how to do curves. This may have been the fastest new skill he’s ever learned, and I credit it primarily to this board!

This is a steal, but for anyone that has already ridden double drop through longboards before, I suggest looking at other alternatives to suit the preferences more.
  • Tougher protection through bearing steel utilization
  • Large wheel width of 51 millimeters allows various road variation use
  • Can be used by a rider of up to 250 pounds
  • Nylon ball cages are in place to reduce friction
  • Upon purchase, the drop board is ready to use
  • May be too basic for more experienced skate-boarders
This is a great board for those who want to chill with this baby around town without worrying about it breaking down if we are on the heavier side.

10. Landyachtz Battle Axe Longboard

For anyone wishing to get a board for the first time and learn to ride, the standard pintail shape and lowered platform might be the most incredible combo available.

The grip tape gives us a better footing and can improve our general riding experience. With the Battle Axe, first-time skateboarders can go outside and tour their neighborhood in style!

This Landyachtz drop deck longboard has a decent level of flex thanks to its 8-ply maple deck. Maple is the greatest substance for a longboard for carving and cruising because the elasticity permits us to sense the deck beneath our feet and experience it responding to our actions.

Each wheel has a polyurethane force ring that provides better performance and increased dampening. The Bear Spaceball ABEC 7 bearings ensure fast, responsive turning, and laser-etched graphics add unique style to your ride. The Battle Axe is 9 inches broad at its widest point, which leaves plenty of area on the deck for our feet.

This is one of my favorite boards, and I use it frequently. It catches the eye of the crowd and operates admirably. I especially like the board’s design and flex, which are ideal for my everyday riding around town and other enjoyable moments when I need tight mobility amongst multiple people.

I’ve mentioned price throughout this guide repeatedly, but this one gets the gold medal for being the most premium.
  • Its 8-ply maple laminate gives the board great ergonomics
  • Bear Spaceball bearings are standardized ABEC 7
  • A 9-inch broad makes it spacious for anyone’s feet
  • Nylon ball cages are in place to reduce friction
  • Good traction is guaranteed with a well-gripped tape
  • This board is the most expensive on this list
First-time skateboarders who love to experience premium products for their new experiences should definitely check this double drop longboard landyachtz out.

What to Look for When Buying a Double Drop Longboard


Many first-time buyers for a double drop longboard don’t know what to look for in a board. It’s important to realize that there are many ways to set up a board and many variables which affect how the board rides.

The double drop longboard design is the newest trend in the longboarding community. These boards have a unique design that includes an extended deck and shorter trucks to create a lower center of gravity. Such features make the board more attractive and appealing to beginners and intermediate riders.

The double drop deck longboard is the preferred deck for most downhill skaters. It allows you to push and control the board better than the single drop longboard.

When checking out these awesome pieces, make sure you pay attention to the balance of the board’s weight and durability, which allow both easy and long-lasting use. The product materials and designs are essential features as much as the trucks and bearings. Furthermore, make sure you consider the board’s impact absorption, balance, and other functions to enjoy a good ride.

So what are the differences between a double drop longboard and a drop deck longboard? I will also discuss some double drop longboard pros and cons to help you make your decision faster and better.

There are two main differences between the two designs. First, the drop in the deck refers to how high up your feet sit above the board’s base. The second difference is how wide your board will be at that particular point.

A double-drop longboard is perfect for both commuting and carving. Furthermore, it is fairly easy to learn how to ride one, especially if you already know how to ride a longboard. The comfortable concave deck will provide plenty of space for both your feet and your hands.

The right longboard will be easy to control and have features that allow you to express your style. For anyone who is confused about what kind of longboards to choose, these reviews will help them evaluate double-drop longboards.

Can You Slide on a Double Drop Longboard


One of the most difficult things for beginner users to do is choose the proper type of board from the vast selection. For example, it’s tough to tell the difference between a drop-through and a drop-down deck since they appear so similar. However, after you grasp the purpose of each shape, deciding on one becomes a lot easier.

There are distinct differences and similarities between a drop through vs double drop longboard. Both dropdowns and drop through longboards feature lower decks. It would be harmful if the wheels rubbed against the deck during a rotation.

When they stomp on the brakes, this is known as wheel bite. Both decks almost always have some gaps above the trucks to avoid biting. Without danger of wheel biting, the rider can recline much further on the trucks.

Since your body weight is spread equally on the trucks, the drop-down deck is an excellent board for precision riding. On the other hand, drop-through decks are better suited for the cruiser type of riding. They are also effortless to control and move.

The drop-down is ideal for sliding skateboarders as well as newcomers who are certain they want to perfect the freeride activity. In comparison to any other shape, their fluidity of sliding is incomprehensible. There is also less of a tendency to overturn during slides than on other downhill board styles because of the lower center of gravity.

Are Double Drop Down Longboards Good for Beginners

The important aspect of evaluating is your reason as to why you are purchasing a longboard. Many custom double drop longboards are very novice-friendly because of their extra width and length and their larger wheel and truck sizes. I began my skating journey with a longboard, and many others have progressed faster thanks to its ease of use.

The drop-down and drop-through decks use the reverse kingpin trucks. This feature makes them extremely stable at high speeds, which is why they’re ideal for amateurs. Even though other boards can provide better mobility, these longboard with high-speed stability is excellent for someone starting out with these items.

Fortunately, the guide and all products listed above are more than enough for beginners to start learning and should help you make your decision even faster. Longboards are easier for beginners to ride than typical skateboards. Don’t forget to wear the proper safety equipment to protect yourself and your surroundings from harm!


That concludes our comprehensive guide on how to choose the best double drop longboard this 2021. I hope this hyped you into getting into the massive community that keeps on increasing over time.

The days of walking are over. I hope that this guide will help you with your adventures even further. Now that you’ve learned about the technical details of double drop longboards, it’s time to get an actual unit and ride for yourself. Remember to always stay safe, no matter where you go or what board you ride. Enjoy the ride!

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