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Are Superior Skateboards Good in 2023?

Fact checked by Michael Derosier


Perhaps, the age of a skateboard brand will be an advantage to any buyer. But sometimes, it’s the founder of the brand that pushes skaters to try it.

Have you heard of a brand established by the legendary Rodney Mullen and Steve Rocco called Superior? Are Superior skateboards good? Besides having a credible background, it’s the features of these skateboards that matter. Let’s check them out below.

About Superior Skateboards

Mullen and Rocco backing Superior is no joke. But it’s the brand’s solid decks and consistent quality that made it successful.

Though starting as early as the 90s, Superior also had competitors in brands like World Industries. Nevertheless, the manufacturer worked on its strengths, such as using eco-friendly methods of making skateboards to stay competitive and remain relevant until today.

Specifically, some of the brand’s remarkable achievements were having the best water-based adhesives on their decks and various deck graphics and sizes.

What Makes Superior Skateboards Stand Out

Many factors can bring a skateboard brand to the limelight. Let’s see what Superior has.

1. Performance and Design

There are no questions about Steve Rocco and Rodney Mullen’s skills. Can their boards perform as well as them? Here’s what skaters say about Superior Skateboards.



Riders want a responsive deck. It makes them feel like they have springs on their feet, making stunts and tricks more efficient. This aspect is one good thing about Superior Skateboards.

Superior deck reviews will reveal that they have enough pop. And not just pop for a few jumps, but one that lasts beyond weeks.



How is Superior beginner-friendly? This brand features skateboards with a mellow concave level, a broad nose, and a slightly shorter tail. These make the skateboard comfortable, especially for skaters learning the sport for the first time.

Also, many skaters have already affirmed that these skateboards work best on flat grounds, where beginners often begin and master skateboarding routines.

Latest graphics


Despite appearing ‘dated’ because of its early 90s launch, Superior made efforts to keep up with current trends. Design-wise, this brand continues to deliver unique and appealing deck graphics to the public.

2. Components and Specifications

Decks are Superior Skateboards’ specialty. Here’s a list of Superior board’s components and their features.



The deck of a Superior skateboard comes with a 7-ply maple body like many top brands. If there’s one aspect about these decks that we should commend, it’s their construction.

Superior uses Stiff Glue Xtra, a water-based adhesive that makes the deck sturdier and stiffer. And with the creation process happening within the brand’s factory, buyers can expect these boards to cost less.



Most, if not all, Superior Skateboards use Compound Polished Silver skateboard trucks.

Many skaters love these trucks because of their polished stainless steel body that gives boards a sleek, classy look. But another factor that makes these trucks a worthy choice is their deep pivot cup setup.

This configuration should make riding the board adequate in its designed skating style.



Mercer is one of the wheel brands often paired with Superior. Are these wheels good? Like most skateboard rollers, this brand’s set also has a urethane body.

But if the deck has a unique construction process, so do these wheels. Mercer wheels feature a body resistant to flat-spotting, making each roller more durable while working fast and smooth.



Adding to the riding smoothness of Superior Skateboards are Spitfire Cheapshot bearings.

These wheel cores have an ABEC 3 rating guaranteed by the brand’s testing team. Each bearing has a removable shield for added gunk protection and fits almost any skating style.

3. Price

So, how much does a Superior board cost? Let’s see some figures below.

Superior Complete Skateboards


  1. Superior Lynx – $104.09
  2. Superior Abstract – $104.09
  3. Superior Floral Pink – $104.09
  4. Superior Floral – $104.09
  5. Superior Stillness – $105.09

Superior Skateboard Decks


  1. Superior Ment – $44.95
  2. Superior Floral – $44.95
  3. Superior Abstract – $44.95
  4. Superior Switch – $45.95
  5. Superior Stillness – $45.95

4. Pros and Cons

Here are the areas we may or may not commend about a Superior skateboard.

  • Reliable skateboards made with quality components
  • Responsive performance
  • Good for beginners
  • Up-to-date graphics
  • Not the best options for advanced skaters as the decks aren’t resilient enough

Is Superior a Reliable Skateboard Brand

Followers of Mullen and Rocco will agree. Do we? Yes!

Superior Skateboards are reliable in construction, performance, and overall quality, just as the brand highlights. Several skaters have shared their experiences with these boards, and many have positive ones.

Overall, the brand’s unique approach to creating skateboards makes it a name worth checking.


One thing about our top skateboarders is they don’t only share their skills and experience by performing on ramps or obstacles. Instead, they lead the creation of quality skateboard brands that aim to help others start riding too, like Superior.

So, are Superior Skateboards good? Absolutely! This brand has produced some of the best skateboards in build and performance by banking on reliable methods of manufacturing.

Although they’re not suitable for everyone, beginners and intermediate learners will probably find them useful.

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